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The Voice US Rankdown (Winner Reveal pg. 117)


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The Voice (Australian TV series) - Wikipedia



Season Winners:





Top 15:




The Rules:

- We will have a predetermined amount of rankers that will embark on a mission to collectively rank every reality star.

- At the beginning of the round random.org will determine the order the rankers will nominate.

- Whoever is chosen to nominate first will nominate a predetermined amount contestants and the other rankers will have 24 hours to save one contestant and eliminate one. To eliminate and save once the nominations have been revealed, it's first come first serve so get to it fast!

- Since this is a ranking you should have a writeup prepared for whoever you're cutting to explain your reasoning (they don't have to be too long, I expect just a minimum of 100 words).

- After decisions have been made on those contestants, the next ranker on random.org will do the same thing, nominate a predetermined number of contestants (you can not nominate anyone who was just saved in the last set of cuts though) and the other rankers will save one and eliminate one.

- We will cycle through all the rankers until they have nominated and then the round will end.

- At the beginning of each new round I will reveal a pre-planned twist to the round, and we will also create a new nominating order from random.org

- Once the nominations are posted you will have 24 hours to make your cut and save. If you do not make your cut in time (unless you tell me you're going to be away) you will get a strike and whoever made the nominations can make the cut and save. Three strikes and you're out and I get to name a new ranker in your place.  These rules will be strictly followed.

- If you want to get your cut in right when you see the nominations and wanna take time for your write-up, you can post who you're cutting and saving and then you'll have half an hour to make a new post with your write-up. However, the contestants is back up for grabs if you take too long to edit. When I say half an hour, I mean 30 minutes. If you make your cut and save at 12:15, you have until 12:45 to post your write up. Another ranker cannot swoop in and take your cut and save until 12:46! AS HOST I WILL ONLY ACCEPT 2 REFRESHES.

- Make sure all your nominees are within the confines of the twists and the rules of the game (i.e. no one who has already been eliminated or was saved last round are among your nominees). If this rule is broken, I'm afraid the round resets and you will have to completely renominate.


- My game, my rules, my final say.  




To Play:

- You don't have to have seen every season of the show, but I am expecting a broad knowledge of the show to participate. 

- Every time I have seen this game get played people will inevitably go for the big dogs and it WILL get cutthroat. If this does not sound like your kind of game don't sign up. DEALS ARE ENCOURAGED.

- I expect you to be active enough that you can write about 100 words about 1 contestant every 24 hours. If you don't think you can log on once a day to do at least that, don't sign up. If you plan on going on vacation or being away for a while, just let me know and I can get a substitution for you while you're away.

- There will be an application you have to fill out so I can make sure every ranker doesn't have the same preference. However, I do plan on choosing rankers who have seen the most seasons to participate.

- My rankdowns are run at a faster pace then most.  If you don't feel like you can keep up with the pace at which it's run, this might not be the right rankdown for you.



The Judges:


Adam Levine (QK)


adam levine GIFs - Primo GIF - Latest Animated GIFs


Alicia Keys (TheVoiceistheTop)


Season 12 the voice alicia keys GIF - Find on GIFER


Christina Aguilera (Chris)


christina aguilera the voice danser dancing Image, animated GIF


Jennifer Hudson (Lily)


Best Blind Throws GIFs | Gfycat


Miley Cyrus (Elliott)


Happy Miley Cyrus GIF by The Voice - Find & Share on GIPHY



Nick Jonas (Andrew)


Latest Voice GIFs | Gfycat



Usher (MJ)


Shoes of the voice nbc button pushing with swag GIF on GIFER - by Kagrinn



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Season 1

Dia Frampton

Frenchie Davis

Casey Weston

Raquel Castro

Javier Colon

Vicci Martinez

The Thompson Sisters


Beverly McClellan




Season 2

Juliet Simms

Jamar Rogers

Ashley De La Rosa

Chris Mann

Jordin Unga

Tony Lucca


Jermaine Paul

Nicolle Galyon [WC]

Lindsey Pavao



Katrina Parker



Season 3

Cassadee Pope

Amanda Brown

Cody Belew

Dez Duron

Loren Allred [WC]

Terry McDermott

Mackenzie Bourg [WC]

Michaela Paige

Melanie Martinez

Sylvia Yacoub



Season 4

Caroline Glaser [WC]

Sarah Simmons

Amber Carrington

Sasha Allen

Judith Hill

Danielle Bradbery

Michelle Chamuel

Christian Porter [WC]

Holly Tucker

The Swon Brothers

Josiah Hawley



Season 5

Jacquie Lee

Will Champlin

Tessanne Chin

Brandon Chase [WC]

Matthew Schuler

Kat Robichaud

Ray Boudreaux

Caroline Pennell

Grey [WC]

E.G. Daily [WC]




Season 6

Kat Perkins

Josh Kaufman

Sisaundra Lewis

Christina Grimmie

Tess Boyer

Jake Worthington

Bria Kelly

Dani Moz

Clarissa Serna [WC]

Kristen Merlin

Audra McLaughlin



Season 7

Luke Wade

Matt McAndrew

Ricky Manning

Craig Wayne Boyd

Chris Jamison

Reagan James

Jessie Pitts

Anita Antoinette

Taylor John Williams



Season 8

Kimberly Nichole

India Carney

Meghan Linsey

Koryn Hawthorne

Deanna Johnson

Joshua Davis

Mia Z

Sawyer Fredericks


Season 9

Barrett Baber

Jeffrey Austin

Zach Seabaugh

Amy Vachal

Emily Ann Roberts

Korin Mukowski

Shelby Brown

Jordan Smith

Madi Davis

Viktor Kiraly [WC]

Mark Hood



Season 10

Hannah Huston

Mary Sarah

Ryan Quinn [WC]

Alisan Porter

Shalyah Fearing

Tamar Davis [WC]

Owen Danoff

Laith Al-Saadi

Maya Smith [WC]

Nick Hagelin

Bryan Bautista

Paxton Ingram


Season 11

Billy Gilman

Ali Caldwell

Josh Gallagher

Michael Sanchez [WC]

Brendan Fletcher

Aaron Gibson

Sundance Head

Christian Cuevas

Simone Gundy [WC]

Courtney Harrell

We McDonald




Season 12

Lauren Duski

Stephanie Rice

Chris Blue

Vanessa Ferguson

Lilli Passero

Brennley Brown

Hunter Plake

Jesse Larson

Felicia Temple [WC]

JChosen [WC]



Season 13

Chloe Kohanski

Noah Mac

Keisha Renee

Janice Freeman

Addison Agen

Adam Cunningham

Red Marlow

Ashland Craft

Hannah Mrozak [WC]

Brooke Simpson



Season 14

Dylan Hartigan [WC]

Brynn Cartelli

Spensha Baker

Christiana Danielle

Kyla Jade

Britton Buchanan

Kaleb Lee

Pryor Baird

Jackie Verna

Jackie Foster

D.R. King


Season 15


Kameron Marlowe [WC]

Kennedy Holmes

Kymberli Joye

Abby Cates

Lynnea Moorer

Reagan Strange

Sarah Grace

Kirk Jay

Dave Fenley

Chris Kroeze

MaKenzie Thomas

Chevel Shepherd

DeAndre Nico



Season 16

Presley Tennant [WC]

Maelyn Jarmon

The Bundy's [WC]

Gyth Rigdon

Andrew Sevener

Dexter Roberts

Kim Cherry

Jej Vinson


Season 17

Marybeth Byrd

Will Breman

Jake Hoot

Cory Jackson [WC]

Gracee Shriver [WC]

Katie Kadan

Ricky Braddy [WC]

Max Boyle

Rose Short

Zach Bridges [WC]

Kat Hammock

Myracle Holloway

Hello Sunday

Ricky Duran


Season 18

Todd Tilghman

Toneisha Harris

Allegra Miles

Michael Williams [WC]

Zach Day [WC]

Thunderstorm Artis

Micah Iverson

Joanna Serenko



Season 19

Cami Clune


Sid Kingsley [WC]

Julia Cooper [WC]

Ian Flanigan

Carter Rubin

John Holiday



Season 20

Corey Ward

Cam Anthony

Victor Solomon

Pete Mroz [WC]

Gihanna Zoe

Zae Romeo [WC]

Kenzie Wheeler

Pia Renee

Rachel Mac

Savanna Woods [WC]

Dana Monique 

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~  Final Ranking ~

1. Cassadee Pope

2. Chloe Kohanski

3. Kimberly Nichole

4. Barrett Baber

5. Jacquie Lee

6. Amanda Brown

7. Lauren Duski

8. India Carney

9. Billy Gilman

10. Meghan Linsey

11. Corey Ward

12. Caroline Glaser

13. Sarah Simmons

14. Todd Tilghman

15. Kat Perkins



~ The Blood Bath Cycle ~


16. Hannah Houston

17. Josh Kaufman (Bonus Write-up)

18. Jeffrey Austin

19. Juliet Simms (Bonus Write-up, Part 2)

20. Ali Caldwell

21. Amber Carrington

22. Dia Frampton

23. Sasha Allen



~ The Instant Save Cycle ~


24. Koryn Hawthorne

25. Luke Wade

26. Jamar Rogers

27. Sisaundra Lewis

28. SandyRedd

29. Kameron Marlowe (Bonus Write-up)

30. Kennedy Holmes

31. Mary Sarah

32. Dylan Hartigan

33. Zach Seabaugh

34. Toneisha Harris

35. Marybeth Byrd

36. Stephanie Rice

37. Noah Mac

38. Cami Clune

39. Presley Tennant



~ The Lives Cycle ~


40. Cody Belew

41. Chris Blue

42. Will Chaplin

43. Kymberli Joye

44. Keisha Renee

45. Ryan Quinn (Bonus Write-up)

46. Will Breman (Bonus Write-up)

47. Josh Gallagher

48. Michael Sanchez (Bonus Write-up)

49. Tessanne Chin

50. Jake Hoot

51. Cam Anthony

52. Matt McAndrew

53. Frenchie Davis

54. Ashley De La Rosa

55. Deanna Johnson

56. Maelyn Jarmon


~ The Playoff Cycle ~


57. Victor Solomon

58. Janice Freeman

59. Cory Jackson

60. Brandon Chase

61. The Bundys

62. Dez Duron

63. Judith Hill

64. Gracee Shriver

65. Katie Kadan

66. Allegra Miles

67. Christina Grimmie

68. Alisan Porter

69. Matthew Schuler

70. Tess Boyer

71. Brynn Cartelli

72. Spensha Baker

73. Danielle Bradbery

74. Shalyah Fearing

75. Michelle Chamuel

76. Kat Robichaud

77. Michael Williams

78. Pete Mroz

79. DeSz

80. Vanessa Ferguson

81. Ricky Manning

82. Lilli Passero

83. Christiana Danielle

84. Addison Agen

85. Brendan Fletcher

86. Amy Vachal

87. Ricky Braddy

88. Zach Day

89. Casey Weston

90. Abby Cates

91. Brennley Brown

92. Sid Kingsley (Bonus Write-up)

93. Raquel Castro

94. Aaron Gibson

95. Gihanna Zoe

96. Max Boyle

97. Ray Boudreaux

98. Lynnea Moorer




~ Knockout Cycle~


99. Chris Mann

SAVED. The Bundys

100. Reagan Strange

101. Hunter Plake

102. Rose Short

103. Jordis Unga

104. Thunderstorm Artis

SAVED. Kennedy Holmes

SAVED. SandyRedd

105. Sarah Grace

106. Joshua Davis

SAVED. Christina Grimmie

107. Micah Iverson

108. Zae Romeo

109. Javier Colon

SAVED. Shalyah Fearing

110. Craig Wayne Boyd

111. Kyla Jade

112. Caroline Pennell

SAVED. Jake Hoot

113. Adam Cunningham

114. Britton Buchanan

115. Gyth Rigdon

SAVED. Matt McAndrew

116. Chris Jamison

117. Tamar Davis

SAVED. Cody Belew

SAVED. Brendan Fletcher

SAVED. Cam Anthony

118. Pryor Baird

119. MaKenzie Thomas

120. Christian Porter

121. Mia Z

122. Vicci Martinez

123. Emily Ann Roberts

SAVED. Noah Mac

124. Korin Bukowski

125. Zach Bridges

126. Loren Allred

127. Tony Lucca

128. Jackie Verna

129. Pia Renee




~ Battle Cycle~


130. Andrew Sevener

131. Ian Flanigan

132. Jake Worthington

133. Red Marlow

134. Jesse Larson

135. Kaleb Lee

136. Dave Fenley

137. Chris Kroeze

138. Kirk Jay

139. Kenzie Wheeler

140. Laith Al-Saadi

141. Dexter Roberts

142. RaeLynn

143. Reagan James

144. Owen Danoff

145. Holly Tucker

146. Chevel Shepherd

147. Jermaine Paul

148. Terry McDermott

149. Kat Hammock

150. Grey

151. Jackie Foster

152. Joanna Serenko

153. Bria Kelly

154. Sundance Head

155. The Thompson Sisters

156. Sawyer Fredericks

157. The Swon Brothers

158. Ashland Craft

159. Shelby Brown

160. Jordan Smith

161. Nicolle Galyon

162. Xenia

163. Madi Davis

164. Felicia Temple

165. Lindsey Pavao

166. Rachel Mac

167. Jessie Pitts

SAVED. Maelyn Jarmon

168. Hannah Mrozak

169. MacKenzie Bourg

170. DeAndre Nico

171. Julia Cooper

172. Dani Moz

173. Savannah Woods

174. Christian Cuevas

175. Carter Rubin

176. John Holiday

177. Viktor Kiraly

178. Simone Gundy

179. Mathai

180. Myracle Holloway

181. Dana Monique

182. Courtney Harrell

SAVED. Ashley De La Rosa

183. Maya Smith

184. Anita Antoniette

185. We McDonald

186. JChosen

187. Sa'Rayah

188. Clarissa Sterna

189. Beverly McClellan

190. Nick Hagelin

191. Brooke Simpson

192. Bryan Bautista

193. Cheesa

194. E.G. Daily

195. Kristen Merlin

SAVED. Ray Boudreaux

196. Katrina Parker

197. Pip

198. Michael Paige

199. Hello Sunday

200. Ricky Duran

201. Kim Cherry

202. D.R. King

203. Paxton Ingram

204. Melanie Martinez

205. Sylvia Yacoub

206. Mark Hood

207. Jej Vinson

208. Josiah Hawley

209. Taylor John Williams

210. Audra McLaughlin

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Cycle 7: The Bloodbath/Final Cuts


The Voice' bloodbath: Who was most robbed of spot in Top 9? [POLL]


IDF has come up with the term The Bloodbath.  This refers to the mega cut round that happens right before the finals in most seasons.  This final cut stage will be a little different then previous rankdowns.


There are 15 spots available in the Final Ranking.  You each get your coaches save which is due at 8 PM CST tonight.  Then you will each cut one of the 16 left vulnerable.  This will leave 9 left.  One more person must still leave.  How will this work?  You will each advance one of the remaining 9 to the Top 15.  The last 2 remaining will face off in a final battle (because we haven't had enough in this rankdown!) 


This will take us to 15!




1. 7 Coaches Saves

2. 7 Cut

3. 7 More Coaches Saves

4. Final Battle (1 Saved, 1 Cut)



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I’ll follow this but I won’t be playing due to not wanting to write 100 words about people I don’t give a crap about. 🤣


Amanda Brown, Sasha, Koryn, Michelle or MaKenzie can take this though. :wub:

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2 minutes ago, Zoey said:

I’ll follow this but I won’t be playing due to not wanting to write 100 words about people I don’t give a crap about. 🤣


Amanda Brown, Sasha, Koryn, Michelle or MaKenzie can take this though. :wub:


I will be dropping the word count for the first real cycle  as I find it really hard to write 100 words on someone whos only had a couple performances.

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4 minutes ago, Solaris said:


I will be dropping the word count for the first real cycle  as I find it really hard to write 100 words on someone whos only had a couple performances.

I’d find it difficult to find 100 words for most of these bland country females.

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