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Favorite Voice episodes


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For me, NOTHING can top Season 20 Knockouts W2 (slayages of Rachel, Zae, Cam, Zania, Gihanna, Anna, Savanna W)


Season 17 Blind Audition Premiere (Katie, Rose, Jake, Will, Kat, Kyndal)


I also LOVED Season 19 Blind Auditions Ep 2 (Taryn, Madeline, CAMI, Ryan, Sid...Liam & Chloe were solid as well)


Season 16 Battles Week 1 (Jej vs Beth, Matthew vs Shawn, Maelyn vs Savanna, Trey vs Domenic, Rod vs. Gyth ik i actually liked that battle)

Season 15 Blind Auditions ep 4 (Mackenzie, SandyRedd, Reagan, Chris...solid hour of talent)

Season 10 Blind Auditions Premiere (Paxton, Mary Sarah, Bryan, Allison, plus many other SOLID auditions). Same with S9 & S8 premieres...S11 too (Jason, Riley, Ali, Christain, Dana)


All S13 & S9 eps 😉 

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Season 20 Knockouts 2 (Best Knockout episode ever)

Season 20 Premiere

Season 18 Taped Playoffs (It’s cheating but I loved 1/3 of the performances)

Season 18 Knockout 1 (the eliminations)

Season 17 Finale

Season 17 Knockout 1

Season 16 Premiere

Season 15 Knockout 2

Season 13 Top 11

Season 13 Auditions 3

Season 10 Top 10

Season 9 Knockouts 1

Season 6 Premiere

Season 5 Playoff 2

Season 5 Top 12 (Best Live Show episode)


Trying to go backwards. There are probably more but I don’t remember them

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  • Most of S17's audition episodes were really good, but my particular favorite was Night 6 of the auditions, featuring Myracle, Ricky Braddy, Damali, Steve Knill, Destiny Rayne, and Khalea Lynee. Not a single flop in that group (at least in terms of their auditions...)
  • S15's KO's were amazing. Night 1 of the KOs had Makenzie, Zaxai, Natasia, Kymberli, RADHA, Funsho, and Reagan's excellent performances, while Night 3 had Chevel and Deandre's breakout moments. 
  • Night 1 of S16's battles was AMAZING. Matthew Johnson vs. Shawn Sounds, Mikaela Astel vs. the Bundys, Gyth vs. Rod, Maelyn vs. Savannah Brister, and Jej vs. Beth were all some of the best performances we've ever had.
  • Lastly, the iconic Halloween KO episode of S11. The performances weren't anything too special (besides Sa'Rayah and Michael), but it being on Halloween made it a really memorable night. 
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