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Which type of singer do you prefer?


Which type of singer do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • Someone who has both great and bad performances (excellent but inconsistent)
    • Someone who is consistently just above average / mediocre (only okay but consistent)

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I’d go with someone who is more inconsistent because I will remember their run better. I generally like the contestants that have performances that stick out. If someone is never bad, but never has moments, I will not get into them. However, if someone has a few duds, but a lot of great performances, I will find them more interesting. I can’t think of too many contestants that alternated between great and bad but some contestants alternated between great and meh (Ex: Chloe and Jake Hoot. I loved a few performances from them but didn’t care for some others). The biggest example of okay but consistent to me is Chris Kroeze. I didn’t hate his performances, but I didn’t find them interesting.

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6 hours ago, Someone648 said:

I stan Will Breman so my vote goes to "inconsistent"

Taste 💙


Voted for “inconsistent” because most who are less consistent don’t go between great and terrible (and the really great performances are memorable, as are the really terrible ones).

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