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SCD Series 19 Discussion Thread


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Final Overall Leaderboard
1. John and Johannes: 39 (6 points)
2. AJ and Kai: 36 (5 points)
3. Rhys and Nancy: 35 (4 points)
4. Rose and Giovanni: 33 (3 points)
5. Dan and Nadiya: 31 (2 points)
6. Tilly and Nikita: 30 (1 point)



Hmmm, it does look very likely of a Tilly vs. Rhys Bottom 2, as they are the only ones to have land in the Bottom 2 multiple times. I am wondering how long Dan's fanbase can hold up. He could likely be safe, but I wouldn't be surprised if he were to land there but kinda doubt it. But then if he lands in the Bottom 2, I fear the judges would save him. But yeah mostly thinking Tilly will go this weekend. 

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20 minutes ago, ungodlyhour said:

i can confirm that cynthia’s scoring is ATROCIOUS tonight omg. AJ’s dance was lowkey 40-worthy and dan’s was a 7 at best :dead:  i am beyond frustrated at dan getting a 9 and AJ an 8

Lmaooo I've been so puzzled and questioning her scoring, just from reading them. :wacko: Def can't wait to see the show to see what I really think, lol.


1 minute ago, *Lily said:

John killed it! AJ had another great night too - not sure yet if it was one of my main favourites of hers but obviously not worse than Dan @CynthiaErivo.

I’d be very shocked if this wasn’t a Tilly/Rhys bottom 2 this week.

Yeah I think this too at the Bottom 2.

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Just now, *Lily said:

Lmao Motsi is just commenting her scores under all of the Instagram posts of the dances…she gave AJ a 10 so I’m choosing to believe she was there tonight ❤️ 

Her scores for all the dances:


8: Tilly, Rose, Dan

9: Rhys

10: AJ, John

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1 hour ago, *Lily said:

Lmao Motsi is just commenting her scores under all of the Instagram posts of the dances…she gave AJ a 10 so I’m choosing to believe she was there tonight ❤️ 


1 hour ago, *Lily said:

Her scores for all the dances:


8: Tilly, Rose, Dan

9: Rhys

10: AJ, John

OMGG I just went on the Strictly instagram and saw all of her scores. :dead: I'm crying and loving how she did this. :dead: 



So that means taking account her scores (and removing Cynthia's).... they would be:


Rose - 8/8/8/9 = 33

Dan - 6/8/8/8 = 30

AJ - 9/10/10/9 = 38

Rhys - 7/9/10/9 = 35

Tilly - 7/8/8/8 = 31

John - 9/10/10/10 = 39


So the only differences would have been: AJ would have had 2 more points, Tilly one more point and Dan one less point. The Top 4 spots would have been the same on the leaderboard. But Tilly would have been 5th and Dan would have been 6. Yikes, this sounds like this would have made a lot more sense. :haha: 



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Week 10 Thoughts!



Rose & Giovanni - Paso Doble: I was intrigued to see how Rose would tackle the Paso. She says it's not her, but she has done well with selling the moody/angst type dances. This is such a different and unexpected song choice for the Paso, so was also curious how this would all work. I thought this was good/decent but not one of Rose's best. She committed to the character and sold the attitude of the dance well. The partnering and footwork was good as a whole. I did feel there was a lot of stiffness in her upper body/movements here and her posture seemed stiff too. It lacked the flexibility and Spanish lines that was needed for the dance. The ending looked like it kinda went wrong there too? Aww Rose apologized and felt bad about it but sweet of Giovanni to reassure her it was okay. I did agree with Anton on how her shaping was held which restricted some of her finishing lines. Kinda surprised Craig gave an 8 as he gave so many negative critiques. My score: 32.



Dan & Nadiya - Rumba: Lol Tess mentioning that Dan is the only celeb to yet to top the leaderboard as if he'll do so with his Rumba. :dead: i really feared for Dan doing the Rumba but it is really nice learning this is Nadiya's favorite dance style and how she lights up talking about it and talking about her she won World Championships for it. ❤️ I guess with me having such low expectations, I didn't think Dan was a trainwreck here so yay for that. :haha: I still don't think he quite mastered or was too good in this dance. He was stiff and lacking hip action nd needed to exaggerate his movements more, but he did try and put in effort. He did partnered and showcase Nadiya well. I did feel a little awkward seeing them getting all close up like that, lol. And speaking of Nadiya, wow...... she was dynamic and breathtaking in this dance! :omg: She looked SO gorgeous and danced so beautifully! You could tell this is her dance as she looked like a star. Was hard for me to focus on Dan. But he did alright, but really is lasting longer than he should at this point. These judges overpraising this like whoa, but at least Craig is there to tell it like it is. omg Craig marking one point up for his involvement & commitment, so he was supposed to give a 5? :dead: My score: 25.


AJ & Kai - Couple's Choice (Commercial/Jazz): Aww this was a really sweet VT of AJ talking about her family and them being featured in this. ❤️ And aww at all of them getting emotional about her.... so lovely! Aww her comments of how her parents couldn't afford for her to take dance lessons but she can do so now! 😢  I was very excited for this Couple's Choice as I love the song choice and think it could lend itself to a fun sexy routine. And yes, this was a very stylish, fun and sexy routine. It took a little time to get it started but I take it as setting the mood for the dance. AJ had great style, musicality and had the swag & attitude down in her character, and danced it all wonderfully. She owned it, and she looked sooo gorgeous and stunning here too. :wub: They had some crazy lifts in there, especially that big moment where she threw herself at Kai? That was an insane moment! :omg: Craig did point out how technically difficult this dance was and how she could have made things poppier and arms were a little messy, which I can get but ehh didn't really bother me. I thought she did really well technically and performance-wise, even if it may not have been her very strongest. Hmm Cynthia gave all positive comments (and I was waiting for the critiques) so I am puzzled on that 8? My score: 37.


Rhys & Nancy - Waltz: I was super curious to see how Rhys would slow it down and perform the Waltz because goodness knows, he needs a slow dance like whoa. :dead: Oooh the scenery where they were rehearsing their Waltz in the VT was very pretty. Aww I thought this was a very lovely and beautiful Waltz from Rhys. He is really showing good progress and improvement in ballroom. His posture was good but was a bit off at one point I noticed (with the bottom sticking out which Craig mentioned), but he did have a very good frame and footwork throughout the dance. He was controlled in his movements and leading of Nancy. They had lovely believable chemistry in the dance. He does have moments of  Oooh wow at how emotional Rhys got and was crying a bit after that dance. That came out of nowhere, but aww. OMG dangg that crowd went in hard booing Craig with his comments.... WTH? :dead:  I was surprised with Shirley's 10 but it makes up for Craig's 7 so I can live with that. Omg then they gave him a video message from his grandparents? Rhys is gonna be crying forever. My score: 35.


Tilly & Nikita - Samba: Omg Tilly's "oh dear" reaction at getting the Samba. :dead:  A rollerskating theme is very interesting. Now I would have been even more impressed how they done the Samba in roller skates, lmao. This is a very challenging dance for Tilly - both with the dance style and the character she's got to sell. I figured this dance would be a struggle for Tilly, and sadly it was. I do think she performed this well and had a lot of great fun with it. The Tilly from the first few weeks wouldn't have performed this like this. So it was nice seeing her let loose. She did struggle with the technical aspects of it. She didn't really nail the footwork and the dance did come off a little hectic and messy. And there was some Samba partnering move at the end of the stage where something looked a little off and messy. But I do love how she threw herself into this and had fun with this. She gave a good effort on a hard dance but don't really see her surviving this. :( My score: 29.


John & Johannes - Argentine Tango: Aww it was nice seeing Johannes visiting John at his day job/TV show he's apart of. Oooh I was really looking forward to their Argentine Tango. I do know that the AT originated from two men dancing that style together, but never really got to see that.... so it's really cool how we get to see this on Strictly! But wow this was an amazing and really outstanding dance from John & Johannes. These intense and powerful dances really work best for them. They had so much intensity, power and passion in how they danced and performed this. Loved the start with their side by side dancing and then how they got into the intricate AT partnering! John did really well leading and controlling the dance, and wow Johannes really threw himself into all of those lifts! I loved the intricate footwork they did with all of those kicks and gaunchos. Johannes did have more of those as the follower, but I loved where they had this intense battle of their footwork! That part where John was hooking his legs onto Johannes, specifically. The last sequence of lifts they did really powerful. :omg:  This was the dance John really needed, after the comments he got last week. Aww how sweet how John got a message from Mary Berry of the Great British Bake Off. My score: 39.




1. John & Johannes - Argentine Tango

2. AJ & Kai - Couple's Choice (Commercial/Jazz)

3. Rhys & Nancy - Waltz

4. Rose & Giovanni - Paso Doble

5. Tilly & Nikita - Samba 

6. Dan & Nadiya - Rumba 

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Some thoughts on the Week 10 Results!

- The Futuristic group routine was a lot of fun. It starred Neil & Dianne, and both did really great in here (especially loved Dianne in this). The dance had this fun futuristic street/commercial style to it. It def feels like something you'd see from SYTYCD.

- OMG wow at Dan & Nadiya being saved first. That just killed all of the intensity of who would be apart of the Bottom 2. Or at least I hope it would have. 

- Rhys & Nancy were the first couple to land in the Bottom 2. His 3rd time down there. I expected that but I do feel really bad for him once again. :( It's interesting how they did all of the male celeb's results first and left it down to the women for the next half.

- Nice performance from Years & Years with Karen & Luba dancing to it! Not sure which dances they were doing but looked like some Latin dances, Jazz, other various styles in there.

- Tilly & Nikita were the 2nd couple to land in the Bottom 2, and also her 3rd appearance down there. Expected and not surprised about this. I do think it was a fair too.

- Rhys & Nancy vs. Tilly & Nikita in the Bottom 2. Rhys' Waltz was pretty much the same.... really pretty and really good. Tilly's sure was something. She gave lots of energy, but omgg what was Nikita doing in this? He was stripping for the dance off votes or something? Then his shirt getting stuck in that mic wire or something? It was a mess and so distracting, omg. :dead: Craig, Cynthia & Anton all saved Rhys. Shirley also would have saved Rhys too. Unanimous decision, but I agree with all of the judges there.  

- I thought Tilly did a great job and made a great major transformation on her time on the show. I expected her to be really shy, timid and not to last that long as she is a quieter personality. But she really grew out of her comfort zone and pushed herself. Nikita did a fantastic job with her bringing the best out of her and on his first season as a pro. They were really well matched and had a great partnership. Enjoyed a number of Tilly's dances, and overall I think she finished at a great and fair spot. She's my 6th favorite so I would have had her finish 6th so that works!


- Week 11 Quarter Finals Dance spoilers:

- John & Johannes will dance the Salsa to "We Are Family."

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3 hours ago, *Diana said:

Thank God Yes GIF by Cooler - GIF Your TV

omg Diana. :dead: 

24 minutes ago, *Amanda said:

Finally had a chance to catch up since I've missed a lot of weeks here. My favorites are Rose, AJ & John which seems to align with IDF's opinions as usual. :haha: 

Yayy so glad you got to catch up, Amanda! 😄 :hug: 


And yeah those 3 are also quite popular here, as well as other UK based online forums, so fingers crossed they can all make the finale!

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Week 11 songs & styles are revealed:




AJ and Kai: Salsa to Rhythm Is Gonna Get You/Get On Your Feet by Gloria Estefan

Dan and Nadiya: Tango to Santa Maria by Gotan Project

John and Johannes: Salsa to We Are Family by Sister Sledge

Rhys and Nancy: Argentine Tango to In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins

Rose and Giovanni: American Smooth to This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) by Natalie Cole



- Interesting that there are 2 Salsa's this week. Very pleased with AJ's song choices as she has more traditional songs for that style. I do worry a bit as her Samba wasn't her best and that was the last time she had a party Latin. But still thinking/hoping she can do well here. We knew of John's for awhile from the results show. Fun song although not quite the Salsa song but looking forward to both of these.


- Not Dan having much better and more suitable Tango music over Rhys. 🙈 But since neither have done a Tango or AT yet, it was time for them to do so. Wonder how they will tackle these dances. But lowkey scared Dan can make it through again after this.


- Rose is back to ballroom, so this should be a fantastic and standout dance from her. Probably the dance of the week? Love the song. It reminds me of the Davood/Nadiya AS which was great, so got big expectations for this.

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Time for a weekly YouTube views post! I'll do both a post for views of this week's dances as well as the Top 10 most viewed dances of the series so far!


YouTube views of the Week 10 dances:

1. Rose & Giovanni - Paso Doble: 254,014 views / 1.9k likes
2. Tilly & Nikita - Samba: 200,524 views / 1.4k likes
5. AJ & Kai - Couple's Choice: 188,004 views / 2.6k likes
7. John & Johannes - Argentine Tango: 160,469 views / 2.4k likes 
6. Dan & Nadiya - Rumba: 73,847 views / 490 likes 
4. Rhys & Nancy - Waltz: 40,785 views / 539 likes 

Top 3 Likes:
1. AJ & Kai
2. John & Johannes
3. Rose & Giovanni

Bottom 3 Likes:
1. Dan & Nadiya
2. Rhys & Nancy
3. Tilly & Nikita



Top 10 Most Viewed Dances of the Series!

1. Rose & Giovanni - Couple's Choice [Week 8]: 1,462,012 views / 17k likes (new)
2. Rose & Giovanni - Tango [Week 6]: 1,056,722 views / 9.2k likes (-1)
3. AJ & Kai - Jive [Week 1]: 657,362 views / 5.2k likes (=)
4. Tilly & Nikita - Charleston [Week 2]: 654,773 views / 6.3k likes (-2)
5. John & Johannes - Paso Doble [Week 3]: 565,965 views / 8.7k likes (-1)
6. Rose & Giovanni - Viennese Waltz [Week 5]: 523,717 views / 4.9k likes (-1)
7. Rose & Giovanni - Samba [Week 7]: 465,986 views / 3k likes (new)
8. AJ & Kai - Argentine Tango [Week 5]: 418,179 views / 3.9k likes (=)
9. John & Johannes - Tango [Week 1]: 411,931 views / 6.3k likes (-2)
10. Rose & Giovanni - Foxtrot [Week 3]: 409,225 views / 4.2k likes (=)



Top 3 Likes:
1. Rose & Giovanni - Couple's Choice
2. Rose & Giovanni - Tango
3. John & Johannes - Paso Doble 

Bottom 3 Likes:
1. Rose & Giovanni - Samba
2. AJ & Kai- Argentine Tango 
2. Rose & Giovanni - Foxtrot

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Show airing now!


John & Johannes - Salsa: 7/8/8/9 = 32
Rhys & Nancy - Argentine Tango: 9/10/10/10 = 39



Ooof read that John's Sasla went well until there was a big mistake that at the end, so that could explain the lower scores for him here. This score does worry for me, as he could be a Dance-Off potential contender (esp. compared to how Dan might score). Wow amazing scores for Rhys there. I didn't expect the AT to really suit him but curious how this dance went. Read lots of great things about it. But will this be enough to get him out of the Dance Off? I don't really know, especially if Rose and AJ also scores 39 or 40. But he could win the DO if he is down there.

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Rose & Giovanni - American Smooth: 9/10/10/10 = 39
Dan & Nadiya - Tango: 7/8/9/7 = 31


Fantastic scores for Rose, and I knew she would score high with her AS. It's odd as I'm reading Motsi & Anton were critical of Dan while Craig was nice to him with this dance. Curious how this all went. :haha: Well, at least Dan is at the bottom of the leaderboard (as I feared he would have scored higher than John) but with the tie between Rose/Rhys, that might not do much. :shiver:

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AJ & Kai - Salsa: 7/8/8/7 = 30


Ugh I was also reading that AJ's Salsa went really well.... until the last lift went wrong at the end (like with John). :( Yikes.... this is a rough score, and AJ also Dance-Off contender. Ugh I spoke too soon about Dan being at the bottom. 😐 

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Final Leaderboard
1. Rhys and Nancy: 39 (5 points)
1. Rose and Giovanni: 39 (5 points)
3. John and Johannes: 32 (4 points)
4. Dan and Nadiya: 31 (3 points)
5. AJ and Kai: 30 (2 points)



Definitely hard to call this Dance-Off. I feel like everyone is at risk, except for Rose. Rhys' has the highest judges scores but lowest public vote, which could put him in trouble. John, Dan and AJ have done well with the public vote and never landed in the Bottom (same with Rose). But one of them will be there. Just not sure who. Hoping for it to be Dan but.... have no idea. Tough to worry about AJ and John but things look better for John now than they did early on in the show.

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