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SCD Series 19 Discussion Thread


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Some thoughts on the Week 9 Results!

- The Wicked group routine was really beautiful and a lot of fun to watch. Katya did well in her role, but Luba especially shone and was amazing in her role as Elphaba! :omg:

- It was nice for Tilly & Nikita to have their moment of being saved first, after landing in the Bottom 2 twice in a row. Also happy for AJ & Kai being called 2nd as they were left sweating it out to the end last week.

- Rhys & Nancy were the first couple to land in the Bottom 2. Sad for them but definitely expected and predicted that to happen. :( He handled the result much better this time around.

- Ooh interesting how the Everybody's Talking About Jamie cast was there to perform on the results show, after Jaime & Karen did a dance to that musical last year. Jowita & Cameron did some hip-hop dancing here. This was a fun enjoyable performance. 

- Tom & Amy were the 2nd couple to land in the Bottom 2. Aww I do feel sad for them but was thinking and wondering if they would be in danger. I did hear and think that the McFly fanbase was very strong so I was expecting them to come through for Tom, but guess it wasn't strong enough.

- The Bottom 2 were Rhys & Nancy vs. Tom & Amy. I thought Rhys improved on his dance-off version and corrected the mistakes that were there on the performance show. Tom's dance was good and the emotional connection was a little better, but still had the same thoughts from before. Cynthia, Motsi & Anton all saved Rhys. While Shirley would have saved Tom. 😮 It always has me shook when Shirley disagrees with the other judges.

- Ooof this was probably the hardest Bottom 2 yet for me, as I do really like both Rhys and Tom. I do like Rhys more and enjoyed his Jive more, so I'm glad he got saved. Lmao now I am hoping he can make the Final 4 but I'm not even sure on that. But ooof Tom going this soon is quite a shocker. I thought he was for sure going to make the Final 4 and outlast all of Dan, Tilly and Rhys.... so yeah definitely shocked and would not have seen this coming before this dance and judges reaction to it. Tom was enjoyable and had a number of good/solid dances. I would have liked for him to last a few more weeks to Final 5... but not the case. :( I am glad they pushed up Musicals Night and he got to make it here as this theme meant so much to him! Tom and Amy had nice messages to each other, but awww at how emotional Amy was in her speech to him. :broken: I really liked and thought they had a sweet partnership. Also just realized this is the second time she was eliminated on Musicals Night. 😮 Aww live that "We Go Together" was their goodbye song.


- Week 10 Dance spoilers:

- Tilly & Nikita will have the Samba.

- John & Johannes will dance the Argentine Tango. Oooh this is a dance John is really excited to learn.

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3 hours ago, Zoey said:

Tom. 😭

Aww I'm so surprised and sad he left this soon. :( 


3 hours ago, ungodlyhour said:

should’ve been dan 💔 

Agreed. I did think Dan had his best dance and it was really enjoyable.... but it would have been the right way to end his journey on the show. 🙈 He's starting to outlast better dancers, and I fear how long he's going to last. :shiver:


Although the good thing about it, is that at least Nadiya is getting her credit and due, as I feel she's been underrated on past series'. So I like seeing more from her. :wub: 


But I'm still ready for Dan to go. :haha: 

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2 hours ago, *Diana said:

Tilly still being here is criminal. 



He would disagree. :giggle: (Not my reaction).


29 minutes ago, ungodlyhour said:

manifesting that the samba is a trainwreck and knocks her out :wub: 

Ooof yeah I think that will be a hard dance for her to make it through. 🙈

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Week 10 songs + styles revealed:




AJ and Kai: Couple's Choice to Make Me Feel by Janelle Monáe

Rose and Giovanni: Paso Doble to California Dreamin' by Sia

Tilly and Nikita: Samba to Levitating by Dua Lipa

Dan and Nadiya: Rumba to Desperado by Eagles

John and Johannes: Argentine Tango to The 5th by David Garrett

Rhys and Nancy: Waltz to You Light Up My Life by Whitney Houston





- Oooh slay at AJ's song choice. I can totally see Lily stanning this song choice. And yayy justice for "Make Me Feel..." after how Jennie Finch shunned it on DWTS. Hoping this will be a fun and sexy dance.

- Interesting song choice for Rose. I can't picture a Paso to it but look forward to what they can do.

- Thinking Tilly and Dan could be in danger with their respective styles. Do love Tilly's song choice a ton, a fun current song! A Dan Rumba seems really odd and can't see him mastering it but that's a good classic song.

- Oooh think that's a good traditional AT song John got there. Looking forward to this.

- Ooh and finally we get to see Rhys doing a slower dance. This will be a challenge but looking forward to what he can do with this.

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Time for a weekly YouTube views post! Apparently, you can no long view dislikes on Youtube anymore (or at least I can't, so I can't do those stats). But I can do other stats.

YouTube views of the Week 9 dances:

1. Rose & Giovanni - Quickstep: 293,398 views / 2.9k likes 
2. Tilly & Nikita - Couple's Choice: 223,240 views / 2.1k likes 
3. Tom & Amy - Couple's Choice: 84,795 views / 982 likes 
4. Rhys & Nancy - Jive: 84,078 views / 989 likes 
5. AJ & Kai - Waltz: 75,664 views / 1.2k likes 
6. Dan & Nadiya - Charleston: 70,721 views / 857 likes 
7. John & Johannes - Viennese Waltz: 70,065 views / 1k likes 


Top 3 Likes:
1. Rose & Giovanni
2. Tilly & Nikita
3. AJ & Kai


Bottom 3 Likes:
1. Dan & Nadiya
2. Tom & Amy
3. Rhys & Nancy

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So now Motsi is unable to judge this week, so Cynthia Erivo will be filling in for her. Surprised she's filling in two weeks in a row, but last week made since with Musicals Night. But looking forward to her again.


Although I did see Motsi's released her comments about it.

"I am 3-fold vaccinated and do more than my civic duty. Nevertheless, I do not have full freedom to travel. Why? A flight passenger to (ETA German word was 'nach' could mean to or from, in context think this means 'from') the UK tested positive last week on November 21st and now I am forbidden to travel to the UK because my certificates from Germany are not recognized there. This prevents my appearance at SCD this coming weekend. I am sad, disappointed and angry. I'm negative, I'm healthy, I'm with my family, that counts."




On 11/24/2021 at 8:27 PM, *Diana said:

If Rose doesn't win I'd be massively shocked. 

Same. :yes: 

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On It Takes Two throughout this week, they announced all of the partnerships for the Christmas special.



Jay Blades (Upholsterer/TV presenter, 51) & Luba
Fred Sirieix (maître d'hôtel/TV personality, 49) & Dianne
Mel Giedroyc (actress/comedian/TV presenter, 53) & Neil
Moira Stuart (presenter/broadcaster/radio host, 72) & Aljaz
Anne-Marie (singer/songwriter, 30) & Graziano
Adrian Chiles (broadcaster/presenter/writer, 54) & Jowita

Hmmm so they are doing new celebrities for this special. 😮 I feel like it's been a long time since they've had a new cast for the Christmas special. Wow Anne-Marie is a really good get, considering she's a current popular pop star and is a coach on The Voice UK. Or so I think so. I can't speak on the others as I don't know them. The Anne-Marie signing now makes me want to see her on a full series (assuming she's good), that's only if she can have the time for it. But she's my favorite for this special. But looking forward to how they all do.

Also interesting how all of the men are just 5 years apart while there's 2 decades between each woman in age. :dead: 

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19 hours ago, *Diana said:

Um excuse me, I want a full season of Anne-Marie stat. :wub:

Ugh yess, same! I've been missing the female pop star signing on the show for a few years. :broken: Hopefully she'll love the special enough to commit to a full season in the future. ❤️ 

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Was kinda shocked to see Anne-Marie on the Christmas special. 😮 Obviously an easier commitment for more well-known celebrities but she's been a big name in the UK for a while so I didn't see that coming. :haha: I love it though! :wub:


Excited for tonight's show, sad Motsi won't be there but also glad to see Cynthia again. AJ's routine... I'm so ready ❤️ 

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I'll post the scores as usual.



Rose & Giovanni - Paso Doble: 8/8/8/9 = 33
Dan & Nadiya - Rumba: 6/9/8/8 = 31


Rose continues her upward trend of increasing her Latin scores, her best score for a Latin dance. Oooof not Cynthia giving Dan's Rumba a 9. She was doing so good last week. 🙈 I'm REALLY curious about this now. Surprised Dan managed to score so well, as I was expecting mid 20s or so. This is not the way to let Dan go, especially if he doesn't land in the bottom of the leaderboard lol.

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Next set of scores: 


AJ & Kai - Couple's Choice (Jazz): 9/8/10/9 = 36
Rhys & Nancy - Waltz: 7/9/10/9 = 35

Not Cynthia giving AJ an 8 here. I can't judge as I am not seeing the dances but I am SO confused especially as she gave Dan a 9??? So confused. :wacko: Scores all over the place here. Def reading lots of outrage on Cynthia's scores today. Good and improved scores from Rhys too although they are all over the place too. 

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Last set of scores:


Tilly & Nikita - Samba: 7/7/8/8 = 30
John & Johannes - Argentine Tango: 9/10/10/10 = 39

Seems like fair scores for Tilly, but now I feel really certain she's probably going to go. A few weeks ago on ITT, it was revealed that the most amount of couples left on a Samba with 20 couples, so I can see this remaining true here. Amazing scores for John here. I was expecting very high scores for him and maybe the potential 40 but just fell shy from that.

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