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SCD Series 19 Discussion Thread

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quick thoughts!


- judi's dance was super disappointing... it was low energy and there was barely any charleston, really hoping she can pull through this week

- not enough people are talking about tilly's dance for me... i really enjoyed it!

- dan, sara, greg, rose, ugo, & rhys were all overscored

- i actually thought john's score was pretty accurate... easily the best dance so far this season

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I thought Tilly was absolutely awful last night. She even looked worried and like a deer in headlights. There were so many mistakes. It was by far my least favourite thing anyone has delivered in the last few weeks.



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4 hours ago, Zoey said:

I thought Tilly was absolutely awful last night. She even looked worried and like a deer in headlights. There were so many mistakes. It was by far my least favourite thing anyone has delivered in the last few weeks.




I agree. She has not been impressive and her Charleston was massively overscored.

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Dance-off result:


Katie and Judi were in the bottom 2. Anton saved Katie, the other judges saved Judi.


Haven't seen the dance-off performances yet so can't comment there, but I'm happy Judi was saved. I don't think her dance was great last night but want to see more from her. ❤️ Sad for Katie as I think she could have had the potential to grow. But I feel like her personality and her dances slipped under the radar these few weeks.

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SCD19 Week 3 - Movie Night Thoughts!


Lol that movie themed intro was so extra, I loved it. :lmao: The opening group routine was very beautiful.  Johannes did a great job as the lead character,  and the version of "Love Story" and "Lover" instrumental was very pretty. The Taylor stans should watch. Beautiful dancing from Johannes & Kai, and all of the same sex couples dancing was a really cool/good inclusion too.


Judi & Graziano - Charleston: Ooh I love this song choice for Judi to dance to,  although I never pictured a Charleston to this song. After seeing the dance, I didn't entirely get a Charleston feel and think it would have been better fit for a Jazz. Judi is such a dynamic performer, and I loved how she got into the character and had great fun with such a fierce character. :yes: The Charleston footwork and swivels weren't really all the way there or super strong. I get Craig's comment on the lack of swivel. But I still really enjoyed how she performed it. Ooh wow, so cool she got a video from Sean Paul, and lmao her wanting to be in his videos. :dead: The 4 was too low and the 7s were too high, but the overall score seemed right. My score: 23.


Dan & Nadiya - Foxtrot: So Dan has been surprising me in this competition as he's been better than I expected and I expected the Foxtrot to be a great dance for him. So I was surprised that wasn't the case. He started off decently, but then when he hit out of hold, his movements were very tame and small where I think he should have been more expressive. Then he seemed to have some footwork mistakes and unsureness going on, eith where he went wrong. :( It's a shame, because it got him out of character and he was looking down a lot to get himself on track. In good news, Nadiya made a very beautiful Aurora. Uh, I do like Dan but what's up with Shirley giving him a 7? My score: 19/20.


Sara & Aljaz - Samba: OMG I can't with their costumes.  They look so unrecognizable as Princess Fiona and Sheen. And Aljaz with that big Shrek belly. :dead: So I was expecting a train wreck here, but surprisingly it wasn't. This was an adorable, fun. And joyous routine. Sara was having a blast and selling the joy of this dance. I thought she coped well here....i don't think the technique was all that strong or had that proper bounce, but effort was there. And the Samba rolls looked a little awkward. But they pitched this Samba in the best way possible. And I'm liking how Sara is surprising me here two weeks in a row. Although I do think a mix of 6's and 7's would have worked here. score: 25.


AJ & Kai - American Smooth: It's so crazy seeing AJ kinda nervous (though excited) on learning these dances, but then she totally nails them on the night. Wow, this was REALLY beautiful. She's so elegant and stunning when she dances in hold. She has a great frame, and smooth footwork. But wow, those lifts were spectacular.  They were so smooth and seamless. I was more and more impresses with each lift they did. I love the drama and characterization she brought here. She sold the romance so well. Just all around stunning. It does amaze me how shes this good having never danced before. :omg: She looked beautiful as Whitney here too. Aww at how emotional she got wuth Claudia.  My score: 36.


Robert & Dianne - Quickstep: Lmao Dianne's comment on people taking them seriously now, so let's do the Muppets dance. :lmao:I love the Muppets, so I was looking forward to how they would handle this. This wasn't as captivating as their Tango, but it waa still enjoyable. This was a very cute and fun dance. Robert did well and sold his role as Kermit. He had a good frame and footwork,  although a few iffy footwork moments here and there. And sometimes, he looks a little too serious in hold where he loses the character a bit. But still enjoyable.  My score: 24.


Greg & Karen - Paso Doble: Awe nivebto ser Emma Thompson in.this intro. I wonder if him doing this show would give her the courage to do the show. Greg does make a great James Bond here. Perfect theme for him and he sold the character well. Sadly, I wasn't as impressed with his dancing, as i was eith his characterization.  I felt he was a little too stiff and placed in the Paso, which canwork for this style. But he needed more finesse and exaggerated movements and Paso shaping. Partnering was good, but side by side stuff not as much. I also found myself watching Karen a lot here as she was so fierce here and overcompensate here. Oh and Karen, please keep this black hair. Yeah, agree with Craig thay he needs to dance through his moves, as he's too placed. Again, I do not get these 7's, lol. The 6's were fine, bur would gave gone more fir a mix of 5's and 6's. My score: 22/23.


Tilly & Nikita - Jive: A Jive is a good followup style after the Charleston for Tilly. Oooh I love this song choice and love that it's finally used on SCD. This was a fun and really cute routine that suited Tilly well. I thought she performed this well and had great fun. She danced it mostly well, but I did feel Nikita really outdanced here at parts (And he really went all out here), so that didn't look good for her. And some of her kicks & flicks were a little soft and retraction. I did spot a mistake in thete too. Not super strong in technical precision but still solid and her performing was really good. Now I'm curious to see how she can channel other characters. My score: 27.


Rose & Giovanni - Foxtrot: Yay, I've been excited to see Rose to tackle ballroom as I felt this would suit her. Lmao Else's reaction laughing at Giovanni when he said she has to fall in love with him here.  :lmao: Wow, what a breakthrough this was for Rose. She danced this so beautifully and softly, with such elegance. She had a great frame, lovely footwork and really captured the beauty of the theme for this dance. It's insane how she has such great musicality without being able to hear. This was a thing of beauty. Excited to see more ballroom from her. My score: 36.


Ugo & Oti - Couple's Choice (Jazz): Aww it's sweet he's doing this dancebfor his daughters,  and aww they are so adorable. Nice sweet VT here. This was a cute and fun routine. I thought Ugo & Oti portayed their characters well.  They danced with a great sense of ease and joy here. I especially love their dancing on the side by side parts. They had good sync, and their energy kept raising which made the dance more exciting as it went on. Ugo handled all of the dance content and athleticism really well. I'm loving Ugo's growth in the competition,  as I love his partnership with Oti. LMAO @ Motsi's comment of wanting her wig back. :lmao:My score: 30.


Tom & Amy - Jive: Oooh I had no idea Tom was inspired by Marty McFly to come up with his band's name. But it's cool Tom got to perform to a song from a movie thst means a lot to him. This routine rely suited Tom perfectly and he got into character so easily. He had a fun guitar solo, which again is so perfect for him. I was a bit worried how long the guitar would be here in the dance for a moment. :haha: But once Any took the guitar out of the dance, Tom provided some really good kicks & flicks on his own. He was really on point wuth Amy there. And wow, he was really energetic and had lots if great energy here. He partnered Amy well. He performed and danced this really well, as a whole.  I do think he needed to kick and flick his feet about a little higher. But this is such a fantastic comeback dance from Tom. My score: 32.


Adam & Katya - Rumba: Its really interesting how they are dancingan Avatar themed dance. The staging was so pretty and wow, the make-up, they look like the Avatars. This is a tough dance for the male celebrity, but I thought Adam did okay. I thought he connected and had good chemistry with Katya, and the storytelling was good. His dancing was a bit inconsistent. He had a few nice fluid moments but then moments that were stop and go which lacked fluidity, or no fluidity in there. I do feel hes a bit too focused and couldn't breathe through his moves. A tough dance which he didn't totally nail, sadly. Hoping he can get dance styles that suits him better.  My score: 21.


Katie & Gorka - American Smooth: Ooh wow, Katie got such a big character in Cruella, which is good for an actress like her.  This AS was a nice improvement from her Jive,  for sure. I thought Katie did well getting and selling the Cruella character well here. I thought she had a good frame and footwork,  but she did have a few shaky moments with her footwork in hold too. I did like the Jazz approach here. I did agree with Anton that she was better out of hold than in hold. Omg Gorka as a naughty dalmation had me cracking up. :lmao: My score: 24


Rhys & Nancy - Couple's Choice (Street): Aww it was cool seeing Rhys love for superheroes and nice seeing his family in this VT too. I was excited to see Rhys do a Street dance,  and for me, thus didn't disappoint  - even if i would  have loved a different theme for him. But I thought he killed it and was totally in his element. He had great style, swag, musicality and really hit and felt all of the moves he was dancing.  He made it all.look so effortless.  He performed it really well, and it was such great fun. Nancy did really well too, but my eyes were pretty much glued on Rhys, as he really nailed this. You could tell he was living his childhood dream through this dance! Yeah, maybe the 10 was too soon, but I thought the 9s were deserved. My score: 36.


John & Johannes - Paso Doble: Ooh there have been lots of POTC routines on DWTS and SCD, and this one from John & Johannes certainly stands as one of the standouts.  John was so unrecognizable as Jack Sparrow here. But wow, this was an amazing and such a showstopper of a dance! John matches so well with Johannes movements and overall energy, on the side by side parts. But then the partnering dancing, is so strong and sharp, where they really dance as one! I'm glad They danced in hold more here, because They are fantastic there. They also brought such strong and intense chemistry in how they performed.  John had such great shaping and lines. Ooh I loved that part where they synchronized jumps together.  Just the way they build this up with so much dynamics wad insane and so entertaining to watch! :omg: An amazing dance for them to close the show with! With a few great dances, this stood out as the best dance of the night. Omg Motsi having no shame spoiling she was gonna give this a 10 in her comments. :dead: Aww at how emotional Johannes got here at recieving his first 9 and 10s on Strictly. My score: 38.




1. John & Johannes - Paso Doble 

2. Rhys & Nancy - Couple's Choice (Street/Commercial)

3. AJ & Kai - American Smooth 

4. Rose & Giovanni - Foxtrot 

5. Tom & Amy - Jive 

6. Ugo & Oti - Couple's Choice (Jazz)

7. Tilly & Nikita - Jive

8. Sara & Aljaz - Samba

9. Robert & Dianne - Quickstep 

10. Katie & Gorka - American Smooth 

11. Judi & Graziano - Charleston 

12. Greg & Karen - Paso Doble 

13. Adam & Katya - Rumba 

14. Dan & Nadiya - Foxtrot 


This was a fun show. I did want more from some dances, but absolutely loved my Top 4 (eith My #2 through #4 I don't even know how to rank). 8-10 are interchangeable too.


I'll comment on the results when I watch them later (hopefully tonight).

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Week 3 Results Thoughts:



Loved the In the Heights inspired routine. They fit in a lot if dance styles and the dance went by so fast.  But I loved it all.


- Aww Judi & Graziano were the first couple announce in the Bottom 2. She had a good positive attitude to the result, which is good.


- Beautiful performance from Ben Platt  with beautiful Contrmporary dancing from Cameron & Jowita. 


- Katie & Gorka were announced second again in the Bottom 2. Aww I'm not surprised they landed down there again, but do feel bad for them.  :(


- So in the Judi vs. Katie dance-off. Craig & Motsi saved Judi. Anton saved Katie. Shirley saved Judi. Meaning that Katie was eliminated. Ooof, this was all quite rough. I will say that based off these dances in the dance off, i do think Katie was better. So on that basis, i think she should have stayed. But personally speaking, i really enjoy Judi's personality and partnership with Graziano. So I'm happy they stayed. I also think Judi can make a Bottom 2 bounce back whereas I see Katie landing down there once again. I do feel bad for Katie, because while she may not be a natural dancer, I do think she had potential to grow.  BUT I felt it would have taken a long time to get to that potential. In another series, I could see her making it to 10th or so,  but in such a tight competition she didn't have that time to grow or the fanbase. Plus, I don't really think Katie & Gorka gelled or had much chemistry together (outside of their dances), compared to all of the other couples who seem more well matched. :ph34rwave:




- AJ & Kai are returning back to Latin.  Although the specific style wasn't said.


- Ugo & Oti will have the Viennese Waltz. 


- Tom & Amy will do a ballroom dance.


- John & Johannes will also have a ballroom. Although Claudia kept calling it a classic ballroom.


- Greg & Karen will dance a Samba to "Macarena." Oh dear.... I can't see this going well. :dead: But if Sara can surprise me a bit then maybe Greg can too. But I'm still thinking he's in danger here.


- Tilly & Nikita have the Paso Doble. Yay gor this as in really interested in seeing her take on a different character. 


- Adam & Katya have the first Argentine Tango of this series. Dangg, they are not going easy at all on Adam. Love the AT so I'm looking forward tobit.


- OMG Dan & Nadiya are dancing a Cha Cha to "U Can't Touch This." Omg is this gonna be my train wreck mess I'm looking forward to? :dead: I can't even imagine this for Dan but this should be fun and hilarious. :lmao:


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Hmm, strangely no official press release had come out yet for Week 4.


But spoilers on what's been revealed so far:


Greg & Karen - Samba - 'Macarena'
John & Johannes - AS Foxtrot - George Michael song
Dan & Nadiya - Cha Cha Cha - 'You Can't Touch This' by MC Hammer
Adam & Katya - Argentine Tango
Ugo & Oti - Viennese Waltz - 'I've been loving you for a long time' by Seal
Robert & Dianne - ?
Tom & Amy - Foxtrot

Rhys & Nancy - Salsa


Rose & Giovanni - Cha Cha Cha - 'Raspberry Beret' by Prince
AJ & Kai - Samba - 'Don't Go Yet' by Camilla Cabello
Tilly & Nikita - Paso Doble
Sara & Aljaz - Ballroom.... reading that it could be a Tango
Judi & Graz - Waltz - 'Hero' by Mariah Carey

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Ooh no, that's such terrible news for Robert, that came out of nowhere. :(


People on Digital Spy were speculating something being up as no info on Robert's dance came out, and he & Dianne were quiet on social media this week. Its so sad that its this. Hoping Robert will get better.


Also feel bad for Dianne, with the whole Week 4 curse...for a third year in a row. :(

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Time for a weekly YouTube views post!


YouTube views of the Week 3 dances:


1. John & Johannes - Paso Doble: 357,709 views / 6.6k likes / 157 dislikes
2. Rose & Giovanni - Foxtrot: 207,594 views / 3k likes / 36 dislikes
3. Tom & Amy - Jive: 160,080 views / 2.3k likes / 33 dislikes
4. AJ & Kai - American Smooth: 132,250 views / 1.8k likes / 21 dislikes

5. Tilly & Nikita - Jive: 122,890 views / 1k likes / 38 dislikes
6. Ugo & Oti - Couple's Choice (Jazz): 99,677 views / 995 likes / 33 dislikes
7. Rhys & Nancy - Couple's Choice (Street/Commercial): 94,371 views / 1.2k likes / 31 dislikes
8. Robert & Dianne - Quickstep: 72,919 views / 891 likes / 32 dislikes
9. Sara & Aljaz - Samba: 67,250 views / 680 likes / 16 dislikes
10. Adam & Katya - Rumba: 61,769 views / 540 likes / 34 dislikes

11. Judi & Graziano - Charleston: 61,068 views / 794 likes / 27 dislikes
12. Katie & Gorka - American Smooth: 57,344 views / 606 likes / 32 dislikes
13. Dan & Nadiya - Foxtrot: 48,286 views / 406 likes / 16 dislikes
14. Greg & Karen - Paso Doble: 40,507 views / 455 likes / 18 dislikes



Top 3 Likes:
1. John & Johannes
2. Rose & Giovanni
3. Tom & Amy


Bottom 3 Likes:
1. Dan & Nadiya
2. Greg & Karen
3. Adam & Katya


Top 3 Dislikes:
1. John & Johannes
2. Tilly & Nikita
3. Rose & Giovanni


Bottom 3 Dislikes:
1. Dan & Nadiya / Sara & Aljaz
3. Greg & Karen


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Greg & Karen - Samba - 'Macarena'
John & Johannes - AS Foxtrot - 'One More Try' by George Michael (not confirmed but John's 'favourite George Michael track')
Dan & Nadiya - Cha Cha Cha - 'You Can't Touch This' by MC Hammer
Adam & Katya - Argentine Tango - 'Tango in the Night' by Fleetwood Mac
Tom & Amy - Foxtrot - Fly Me To The Moon 
Rhys & Nancy - Salsa - 'Butter' by BTS 

Rose & Giovanni - Cha Cha Cha - 'Raspberry Beret' by Prince
AJ & Kai - Samba - 'Don't Go Yet' by Camilla Cabello
Tilly & Nikita - Paso Doble -'Diablo Rojo' - Rodrigo & Gabriela
Sara & Aljaz - Tango
Judi & Graz - Waltz - 'Hero' by Mariah Carey
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3 hours ago, *Diana said:

Yikes. This show is a mess this year. :(

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing regarding the Ugo news. :( That's 3 bad situations so far and we're only in Week 4.



Sad to hear this about Ugo. Hopefully he heals up and his back gets better for next week's training and show. Having 2 withdrawals would really be awful. :(

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22 minutes ago, Hbrue123 said:
Greg & Karen - Samba - 'Macarena'
John & Johannes - AS Foxtrot - 'One More Try' by George Michael (not confirmed but John's 'favourite George Michael track')
Dan & Nadiya - Cha Cha Cha - 'You Can't Touch This' by MC Hammer
Adam & Katya - Argentine Tango - 'Tango in the Night' by Fleetwood Mac
Tom & Amy - Foxtrot - Fly Me To The Moon 
Rhys & Nancy - Salsa - 'Butter' by BTS 

Rose & Giovanni - Cha Cha Cha - 'Raspberry Beret' by Prince
AJ & Kai - Samba - 'Don't Go Yet' by Camilla Cabello
Tilly & Nikita - Paso Doble -'Diablo Rojo' - Rodrigo & Gabriela
Sara & Aljaz - Tango
Judi & Graz - Waltz - 'Hero' by Mariah Carey

Ooh thanks for posting this!


With all of the unfortunate events going on this week, there probably won't be an official press release this week and have to rely on leaks/ITT interviews. Although that doesn't really matter considering everything else going on.

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Official press release is out!


Adam & Katya: Argentine Tango to Tango in the Night by Fleetwood Mac


AJ & Kai: Samba to Don't Go Yet by Camila Cabello


Dan & Nadiya: Cha Cha Cha to U Can't Touch This/Superfreak by MC Hammer/Rick James


Greg & Karen: Samba to Macarena by Los Del Rio


John & Johannes: American Smooth to I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) by George Michael and Aretha Franklin


Judi & Graziano: Waltz to Hero by Mariah Carey


Rhys & Nancy: Salsa to Butter by BTS


Rose & Giovanni: Cha Cha Cha to Raspberry Beret by Prince


Sara & Aljaž: Tango to Por Una Cabeza by Carlos Gardel


Tilly & Nikita: Paso Doble to Diablo Rojo by Rodrigo y Gabriela


Tom & Amy: Foxtrot to Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra


Link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/strictlycomedancing/entries/668990fe-e3b4-4eff-b6c9-7df6430b9a71


My Thoughts:

I think there's a lot of great songs and really looking forward to this week!


- AJ & Rhys both have current songs I was really hoping would be used this season. I'm glad they got those songs/styles combo.

- Judi's song is a classic, and love that song. Really interested in seeing how age tackles a slower more serious dance.

- Greg and Dan both have 80s/90s classic songs. I'm not sure that these will be well danced but these routines should be fun/hilarious. 

- Sara's got great classic Tango music. Although I do feel like Sara's and Adam's songs should be swapped.

- Hmm, kinda a missed opportunity that John doesn't get "One More Try," which would have made for a great emotional routine. But this AS should still be great.

- Tilly & Tom also have great songs for their respective styles.

- Not my favorite Prince song for Rose, but still looking forward to her Cha Cha.

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I'll post the scores whenever I see them here:


Rose & Giovanni - Cha-Cha: 7/6/6/8 = 29

Tom & Amy - Foxtrot: 7/8/7/7 = 29

Tilly & Nikita - Paso Doble: 6/8/9/9 = 32

Greg & Karen - Samba: 3/5/5/6 = 19

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