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'90s TV Shows Rankdown (Winner Announced on Page 132)


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22 minutes ago, JC said:

Guts was robbed, y'all have terrible taste. Except Wally per usual :wub:


Cutting SNL is a choice. I

Only you would say that. :dead:  But GUTS was fun. ❤️ 


Agreed. There would be no Mad TV/All That/In Living Color if not for SNL.

9 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

I saved Living Single. 🥴 My conscious is clear. :wub: @*Diana made the change for you not me. :claybleh:

Not that SNL cut though. :claybleh: Although it could be clear if you save something else I love in the future. :giggle:  lol but no I am always and am entirely grateful on the LS save though. ❤️ 


I did make the change for Diana - but also for you and the other WWE stans here. I can't help but feel bad when I change my mind for people and it backfires against me. :closedeyes: It happens so often. Although I know the game is getting harder and harder with the cuts. So it's all such a mix of emotions. :haha: 

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31 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

Saturday Night Live



I'm upset how Saturday Night Live always seems to outdo MadTV in these TV Rankdowns. :mad: Thank you, @*Wallace. Thankfully, I can properly get right of it now. I don't actively dislike Saturday Night Live, but I've just always preferred MadTV and watched that in the 90's.

Also you shouldn't be mad at me for this as I don't ever target MadTV (and push for it to go as far as it can go) in these games. :claybleh: 

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So Weird



I don't know this show, so let's see.  So Weird is a sci-fi show filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that had three seasons, 65 episodes total.  It was aired on the Disney Channel.  The plot: Teenage girl Fiona toured with her rock star mom and encountered paranormal activity along the way.  It has been compared to The X Files.  Some recognizable actors are Mackenzie Phillips (The Facts of Life) and Erik von Detten.  The executive producer was Henry Winkler, which you may know from the TV Show Happy Days.  The theme song of the show is "In the Darkness" by Mackenzie Phillips. 


Save Kenan & Kel

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Aaahh!!! Real Monsters


Amazon.com: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: The Complete Series: Charlie Adler,  Christine Cavanaugh, Gregg Berger, Tim Curry, David Eccles, James Belushi,  Gabor Csupo, Peter Gaffney: Movies & TV


This was a cartoon series on Nickelodeon about three monsters named Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm. It had four seasons with only 13 epsiodes each, and ran from 1994 to 1997. Oblina was voiced by queen Christine Cavanaugh, who was the voice for Chuckie on Rugrats, Gosalyn on Darkwing Duck, Babe the pig, Dexter from Dexter's Lab, and BUNNIE RABBOT ON SONIC. I messed up by not suggesting Sonic SatAM in this game. Wow what a disaster. I've seen this show a lot, and I always loved the intro. The shown spawned some action figures, trading cards, a video game, etc. Definitely a classic show and I'm not mad it made Top 100. I like it kind of equally to Johnny Bravo and this has been nominated more I think, I'm not sure. It was decently well-reviewed by critics, except those who don't like some of the gross or crude qualities of the show. I always found this to be significantly less gross than Ren & Stimpy or Rocko's Modern Life, so to me it was fine.


Save Johnny Bravo

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16 minutes ago, taylorkat said:

^Wasn't that monster that holds his eyes up able to throw/roll one of them so he could see the area that it landed in? 😆 I might be remembering wrong.

You would have remembered that correctly. :yes::haha: 


Oh I was just checking in this thread. I really like both shows left but would have made the same decision as Derek. And for the same reason - as Aaahh!!! Real Monsters had been nominated a few times whereas Johnny Bravo hasn't.

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5 minutes ago, Steven_ said:

@*Diana and @*Wallace are the next pair to post their 12 nominations. :yes: 

Having everyone shook as we have noms ready... already!




The Sopranos

Twin Peaks 

The West Wing



Star Trek: The Next Generation

Dragon Ball Z


Sailor Moon 

Spider-Man: The Animated Series

X-Men: The Animated Series

Sesame Street

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  • Steven_ changed the title to '90s TV Shows Rankdown (Diana & Wallace's Nominations Posted)

X-Men: The Animated Series



Another show I haven't watched.  X-Men is a Canadian-American superhero animated television series that debuted on October 31, 1992 (Halloween!) on Fox Kids Network.  This was a second attempt at a series since the first one wasn't picked up by a network.  It ran for five seasons, 76 episodes total.  The executive producers are Avi Arad and Stan Lee.  The series deals with issues such as divorce, Christianity, the Holocaust, AIDS hysteria, and feelings of loneliness.  A majority of the storylines are original, but some of them were loosely adapted from the comics.  The show had very high ratings in its prime.  The opening sequence, an instrumental theme, was written by Ron Wasserman.


Save Cheers

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Out of the nominated series, I have a feeling that this series might be the one getting less of a reaction from the rankers - I actually struggled which shows to cut so I landed on this one.  This series was, obviously, a science fiction television series that was created by Gene Roddenberry and part of the Start Trek franchise - a franchise that I am not that fond of, it's just not my kind of show. However, I do know that this series was very well received - airing from 1987 to 1994 for 7 seasons and 178 episodes; It actually reached a total of 12 million viewers at one point and their series finale brought in a massive 30 million viewers.  And this series features Patrick Stewart for his iconic role of Jean-Luc Picard - a role that he portrayed in the movies of the series as well; He became a household name because of the series. 

Overall, fans of the science fiction and the Star Trek series certainly would appreciate this television series but unfortunately I am not one - I've seen episodes here and there on re-run as a kid while my dad was watching it, and it never really peaked my interest. 


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Sesame Street logo.svg


Sesame Street' Songs: 12 Best Tunes in Show's History | Billboard |  Billboard


Everyone knows Sesame Street. Everyone has watched Sesame Street. This show is a permanent staple for childhood and development. My kid watches Sesame Street on HBO Max. This show started in 1969 and has been going strong since. It is certainly a 90s show because it aired new episodes throughout the entire decade. As Steven said earlier in the thread, Tickle Me Elmo was also a massive phenomenon in the 90s. The classic characters are pictured above, sans Big Bird. Somewhere along the way we traded Prairie Dawn for Zoe, Abby, and Rosita, but that's okay. The show is constantly trying to evolve and create new characters and scenarios to properly represent the current population and educate kids for all sorts of situations. Everything about this show is iconic. Like the theme song! Good times. 


Save Dragon Ball Z

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  • Steven_ changed the title to '90s TV Shows Rankdown (Winner Announced on Page 132)

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