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'90s TV Shows Rankdown (Winner Announced on Page 132)


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1 minute ago, Alex95 said:

The OG DWTS rankdown will forever be the top dog, sorry not sorry. Absurd rankings, a random ass Corbin Bleu win, regular rankdown drama and not personal drama. Just iconic all around, 10/10.

And it started off slowly because none of us realized we weren’t doing our cuts and saves in nomination order. :giggle:

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JC: 11







I love The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and I am super glad that it has made it through into the Final 20 of this game! The Fresh Prince of Bel Air has never been nominated through this entire game and I want to thank the rankers & even Randomizer for never nominating this show. That means a lot! I would like to think it's well liked or loved amongst us rankers, or at least I hope it is. I am not sure if or how many times I said this through IDF, but I do like to think of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air as my all-time favorite show, or at least somewhere in my Top 5 all-time favorite shows. This is a show I loved so much when I was younger, and it's still a show I love now. I haven't watched the reruns in awhile but it's a show I can watch at anytime and still enjoy. It just never gets old to me no matter how many episodes I've seen multiple times. ❤️ I can't recall watching the show much in live time as I was quite young to follow it, but I certainly caught up with it on syndication.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is an American sitcom, created by Andy Borowitz & Susan Borowitz, that aired on NBC for 6 seasons and 148 episodes. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air stars Will Smith (as Will Smith), James Avery (as Philip Banks), Janet Hubert & Daphne Maxwell Reid (as Vivian Banks), Karyn Parsons (as Hilary Banks), Alfonso Ribeiro (as Carlton Banks), Tatyana Ali (as Ashley Banks), Joseph Marcell (as Geoffrey Butler), Ross Bagley (as Nicky Banks) and DJ Jazzy Jeff (as Jazz).

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is about a young street smart teenager named Will Smith, who was born in raised in West Philadelphia, is sent to move to Bel-Air with his wealthy aunt, uncle and cousins. His is sent there due to having a troubled lifestyle there and his mother wants him to make a change in his life to Bel-Air. It's not so easygoing for Will and the Banks family, as his lifestyle and way of going about things conflicts with his wealthy relatives lifestyle. Of course, I love all of the characters and what they all bring to the show. Will is the fun, street smart, hilarious main character of the show. He can be so crazy and OTT but he cracks me up so much. :haha: But even as funny as he is, he can have those deep and heartfelt moments, like the memorable heartbreaking scene with his father. Uncle Phil is the strict and stern uncle to Will and father to his kids. It's interesting how there have been two different Aunt Vy's, and both are so different from each other. The first aunt Vivian seems to come off stronger, more opinionated and have more of a bolder but funny personality. While the second Aunt Vy, was nice and more easygoing but not as standout of a character. I feel most of the fandom prefers the first Aunt Vivian, as do I. Hilary is the rich, fashionista and valley girl esque older sister. I find her character hilarious. I also feel like we never really see this character type in African American sitcoms but Hilary was always great fun. Carlton is the proper, smart and rule follower middle brother. He certainly can be corny and cheesy, but that's part of his charm. And of course, he's known for the iconic The Carlton dance to "It's Not Unusual." :dead: Ashley is the sweet, lovable younger sister - who was adorable and fun. She's the person you always want to protect. I may have had a crush on Ashley when I was younger (and yes I was much younger than her, so don't try it y'all. 😘 ) Geoffrey is another Funny character on the show. He's the snarky butler who is very quick witted in his humor. He knows how to crack on anyone and I love that about him. :haha: Jazz is Will's friend, who isn't a major character, but such a fun and hilarious character as well. He crushes hard on Hilary and never gives up trying to get her attention. Then of course Phil isn't a fan of that, and always throws him out the house.....which will always be hilarious and never gets old. :dead: 


Once again, I am so glad that The Fresh Prince of Bel Air made it to the finals of this game. I have no idea where it will rank but I am hoping it ranks high and finishes off at a great spot. And of course, I absolutely love the iconic theme song for the show, which is performed by Will Smith (aka The Fresh Prince) and DJ Jazzy Jeff. So I'll close this write-up by linking that song.








The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a sitcom that aired on NBC from September 10, 1990 to May 20, 1996.  It ran for six seasons, 148 episodes.  Will Smith has a confrontation with gang members that frightens his mother, so she sends him to live with his rich aunt (Vivian), uncle (Phil), and three cousins (Hilary, Carlton, and Ashley) in Bel Air, Los Angeles. There have been more than forty guest celebrities on the show, among them are Queen Latifah, Lark Voorhies, Oprah Winfrey, Vanessa Williams, Naya Rivera, Dick Clark, Jay Leno, Jaleel White, and Regis Philbin, to name a few.  The show was nominated for several awards and won a few of them.






Here's my ranking of this show! Is this surprising? I don't know why it would be! Wallace was concerned that this was a target of mine, and it never was. And let's be honest, it's objectively a better show than so many of the sitcoms that I got grief for. I feel like people have been fighting hard for shows that aren’t even in their personal top 40 just because they’ve seen it before, and then nominating and cutting other peoples’ top favorites and the most critically acclaimed shows just because they haven’t watched it. And that's probably not even true, but when you're in your feelings in a rankdown that's what it seems like sometimes.


Not everything can make the finals, but I feel like we just got to a point where we were picking only shows that the majority have seen before, with a lot of shows that weren't really anyone's top favorite or critically acclaimed. IMO, that's how we ended up with a lot of pretty regular sitcoms in the end. I'm disappointed that no one was inspired to watch a series that they hadn't seen before. I'm pretty sure no one had to watch a single thing to rank the Top 20, or else they just weren't willing to. I reiterate: that's probably not even true, but when you're in your feelings in a rankdown that's what it seems like sometimes.


Anyway, when a show is quality, I have no problem with it making the finals. So here you go. Honestly I kind of hope this wins because there are some alternatives that I will NOT enjoy lmao






Great show that gave us iconic Carlton dances. Will Smith was okay in this show, but the surrounding cast actually made the show better and was stronger, which I guess is the case in a lot of sitcoms.





Will Smith is amazing, I don't get the hate he has on this site lol. Good job Wallace for getting it this far.


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13 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Same with the original Idol rankdown which had an absurdly large group of rankers. Though the messier ones are the ones most likely to have random winners like Black Mirror or LaToya London, which was pretty much the spirit of rankdowns to begin with to differentiate them from the best contestant ever games and whatnot.


The OG DWTS rankdown will forever be the top dog, sorry not sorry. Absurd rankings, a random ass Corbin Bleu win, regular rankdown drama and not personal drama. Just iconic all around, 10/10.

And me making the most shocking shook final cut. That would always get mentioned.


But so true on all of this. There's a reason why we always bring up and talk about DWTS 1.0 Rankdown, after all these years. :haha:


And yeah, the DWTS rankdowns never have any personal insult/drama there.

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Lmao, I guess I was due for my #1 to show up. :dead:


Lol I love how Derek mentions me in his write-ups. Tbh, I was scared of him regarding any black comedy. 🙈


But yayy The Fresh Prince making it to 3rd. Love this show and it's an all time favorite, so I'm happy. Even though I would have loved it to win. But #3 is still.fantastic.


I'm still predicting Boy Meets World to win.

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Just now, Crisis said:



I guess Top 3 isn't too bad.


Friends is winning this, isn't it?

Me out here wishing Chris was around so TFP could have beaten Friends. 🙈 


Although I am sure that would have been the case with Victoria's and Priscilla's rankings. :haha:

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6 minutes ago, *Wallace said:

The public ranking The Fresh Prince at #1! :wub: I stan the public! :wub:


(But only sometimes QK when he isn't shading me.)

I do like Fresh Prince so I think that should have been higher than Boy Meets World and Friends. :dead:

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  • Steven_ changed the title to '90s TV Shows Rankdown (Winner Announced on Page 132)

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