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SYTYCD Routines Mini-Rankdown (US6) (Sign-Ups Open)


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1 hour ago, JC said:

Ugh let me know when the front page is updated I'm confused

It was updated to say that was chosen before you made that decision. 😘


But I’m at work until after the deadline so I can’t update the OP.

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8 minutes ago, Deeee said:

Why are we voting on Shake of all routines? F*ck Sh*ne Sp*rks. But I would be sad to not recognize what Jamile and Destini did in that routine. Ugh. Why do men have to suck?

Because Elliott moved it on to voting and wouldn’t let me or Derek move it on to Top 16. I agree he sucks but Jamile and Destino deserve the recognition. 😭

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2 minutes ago, *Amanda said:

I’m assuming the Nick & Jamile Hip-Hop wasn’t advanced before my post?


Gonna wait for the front page to be updated again to make my 2nd pick. :dead: 

It’s up to date with everything minus the decisions that made in the last hour (Andrew and Dee’s)

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  • .Rei changed the title to SYTYCD Routines Mini-Rankdown (US6) (Sign-Ups Open)

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