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SYTYCD Routines Mini-Rankdown (NL1) (Round 3)


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Welcome everybody to the revamped So You Think You Can Dance Routine Rankdown. Time to find out IDF's favorite SYTYCD routine of all-time. Whether it be a solo, a duet, or a group routine, we will explore the franchise index for the ultimate piece of choreography.




1. Each individual season will continue to be played in mini Rankdown form. That should relieve many of your fears regarding write-ups. 

2. However, each individual season (the exceptions being US13, US16, UK1, UK2, and PO1-9) will end with a Top 30. As decided by Rei! The exception seasons will end with a Top 15 only.

3. More exciting is that solos, group routines, and duets are all eligible to compete. Not much different from what Elliott was already doing, but now group routines are included.

4. We will do a final ranking for each season as per usual. The top-ranking song from each individual season will have an automatic pass to the second bracket of the overall tournament. 

5. Once all individual seasons have been finished, there should be a total of 945 routines and solos. There will be a final last chance round where 55 routines and/or solos will round out the final spots in the tournament.

6. 1000 routines/solos will enter the tournament. The 34 first place routines from the mini Rankdowns will advance immediately to the second round of the tournament. 

7. A massive tournament will then roll out over time. No write-ups required. Just votes for one routine/solo over another. That will leave us with 483 routines/solos after the first round.

8. A small mini round will be played to eliminate 17 entrants and leave us with an even 500 for the second round of the tournament.

9. The second round of the tournament will then take us from 500 to 250. Again, no write-ups.

10. Once we reach 250, we will transition to a normal Rankdown format with write-ups, twists, etc. I figure this will be a manageable number for us to work with for a full Rankdown that should run rather quickly.

11. This format should allow people to play when they want to play, take a break when they need to, pop in and out if they find themselves a bit busy at any one time. The only necessary commitment is the final Rankdown at the 250 mark. And this format should allow people who have not seen every single season to be engaged when appropriate, etc.





-You don't have to participate in every season.

-As such, if you aren't familiar with a season, I would recommend not playing in that season.

-If you would like to automatically participate in all seasons, you are free to do so.

-Write-ups will not be required for the final votes of each mini-round, but are greatly appreciated!

-Don't take things personally (LOL this is IDF) and have fun!


We will be starting with the US show!

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Annemiek Suijkerbuijk & Timor Steffens - "Hay Amores" - (Rumba by Dmitry Chaplin) - Watch here

 Sigourney Korper & Ivan Paulovich - "Skip To The Bip" - (Samba by Dmitry Chaplin) - Watch here



 Sigourney Korper & Ivan Paulovich - "Give It To Me" - (Contemporary by Club Guy and Roni) - Watch Here

Annemiek Suijkerbuijk & Timor Steffens - "Super Human" - (Lyrical Hip-Hop by Shaker) - Watch Here - (Top 20)

Julia Mitomi & Bram Blankestijn - "Footloose" - (Jive by Roemjana de Haan) - Watch Here



 Sigourney Korper & Ivan Paulovich - "Malaguena" - (Paso Doble by Roemjana de Haan and Koen Brouwers) - Watch Here

Anne-May De Lijser & Giannini Semedo - "Fallin" - (Contemporary by Wies Bloemen) - Watch Here

Julia Mitomi & Bram Blankestijn - "Soul With A Capital S!" - (Hip-Hop/Locking by Eszteca Noya) - Watch Here

Anuschka Bozo & Uri Eugenio - "Chasing Cars" - (Jazz by Roy Julen) - Watch Here

Annemiek Suijkerbuijk & Timor Steffens - "Fascination" - (Quickstep by Julie Fryer) - Watch Here - (Top 20)



Ivan Paulovich - "Jump, Jive An' Wail" - Watch Here



Anne-May De Lijser & Giannini Semedo - "Love In Da Club" - (Lyrical Hip-Hop by Shaker) - Watch Here

Annemiek Suijkerbuijk & Timor Steffens - "The Time Is Now" - (Contemporary by Roy Julen) - Watch Here

Julia Mitomi & Bram Blankestijn - "Natural Woman" - (English Waltz by Roemjana de Haan and Koen Brouwers) - Watch Here

 Sigourney Korper & Ivan Paulovich - "Singin' In The Rain Remix" - (Hip-Hop by Vincent Vianen) - Watch Here



Giannini Semedo - "Hot Music" - Watch Here



Annemiek Suijkerbuijk & Ivan Paulovich - "Livin' La Vida Loca" - (Mambo by Julie Fryer) - Watch Here

Marielle Constancia & Timor Steffens - "When I Grow Up" - (Hip-Hop by Lars Schuiling) - Watch Here

Julia Mitomi & Giannini Semedo - "De Mooiste Verliezers" - (Contemporary by Roy Julen) - Watch Here



Ivan Paulovich  - "Happy"  - Watch Here

Timor Steffens - "Solo 1" - Watch Here

Julia Mitomi "The Workout" - Watch Here

Giannini Semedo - "Get Your Freak On" - Watch Here



Julia Mitomi & Timor Steffens - "Holding Out For A Hero" - (Broadway by Roy Jonathans) - Watch Here

Anuschka Bozo &  Giannini Semedo - "Afscheid" - (Rumba by Roemjana de Haan and Koen Brouwers) - Watch Here

 Sigourney Korper & Ivan Paulovich - "Mad" - (Lyrical Hip-Hop by Shaker) - Watch Here

Annemiek Suijkerbuijk & Bram Blankestijn - "Lost" - (Contemporary by Wies Bloemen) - Watch Here



Julia Mitomi - "Promises" - Watch Here

Timor Steffens - "Boogaloo Anthem" - Watch Here

Giannini Semedo - "I Feel Good" - Watch Here

Ivan Paulovich  - "Nike Freestyle" - Watch Here



Julia Mitomi & Ivan Paulovich- "SexyBack" - (Hip-Hop by Shaker) - Watch Here

Julia Mitomi & Ivan Paulovich- "Hometown Glory" - (Contemporary by Michal Rynia) - Watch Here

Annemiek Suijkerbuijk & Giannini Semedo- "Kiss From A Rose" - (Waltz by Julie Fryers) - Watch Here

Annemiek Suijkerbuijk & Giannini Semedo- "Gett Off" - (Jazz by Roy Jonathans) - Watch Here

Anuschka Bozo &  Timor Steffens  - "Get Busy" - (Samba by Roemjana de Haan and Koen Brouwers) - Watch Here

Anuschka Bozo &  Timor Steffens  - "Rise & Fall" - (Lyrical Hip-Hop by Roy Julen) - Watch Here



Julia Mitomi - "His Mistakes" - Watch Here

Ivan Paulovich  - "Kalinka" - Watch Here 

Giannini Semedo - "Feels Good" - Watch Here

Timor Steffens - "3 Minutes" - Watch Here



Julia Mitomi & Ivan Paulovich - "Shake A Tail Feather" - (Jive by Roemjana de Haan and Koen Brouwers) - Watch Here

Annemiek Suijkerbuijk & Timor Steffens - "Libertango" - (Tango by Roemjana de Haan and Koen Brouwers) - Watch Here

Annemiek Suijkerbuijk & Julia Mitomi - "Austin Powers Theme Song" - (Broadway by Roy Jonathans) - Watch Here

Ivan Paulovich & Timor Steffens - "Remix Vincent" - (Hip-Hop by Vincent Vianen) - Watch Here - (Top 20)

Julia Mitomi & Timor Steffens - "Because You Loved Me" - (Lyrical Hip-Hop by Shaker) - Watch Here

Annemiek Suijkerbuijk & Ivan Paulovich - "Ik Kan Je Niet Laten Gaan" - (Contemporary by Roy Julen) - Watch Here



Ivan Paulovich  - "From Russia With Love" - Watch Here

Julia Mitomi - "In The Closet" - Watch Here

Timor Steffens - "I Can Make You Shuooo..." - Watch Here


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1. Destini Rogers & Jamile McGee - "Shake" (Hip-Hop by Shane Sparks) 👑

2. Melissa Vella & Artem Chigvinstev - "España Cañí" (Paso Doble by Ron Montez)

3. Ashlé Dawson & Blake McGrath - "Jazz Machine" (Samba by Mary Murphy)

4. Melody Lacayanga & Nick Lazzarini - "Knock On Wood" (Disco by Brian Friedman)

5. Melody Lacayanga & Nick Lazzarini - "All That Jazz" (Broadway by Tyce Diorio)


6. Ashlé Dawson & Blake McGrath - "Right Here Waiting" (Lyrical by Tovaris Wilson)

7. Ashlé Dawson & Melody Lacayanga - "Message In A Bottle" (Contemporary by Mia Michaels)

8. Ashlé Dawson & Artem Chigvinstev - "Fever" (Foxtrot by Heather Smith)

9. Ashlé Dawson & Blake McGrath - "Rilassamento" (Smooth Waltz by Michael Mead)

10. Ashlé Dawson & Artem Chigvinstev - "El Sabroso Son" (Cha-Cha by Alex Da Silva)


11. Kamilah Barrett & Nick Lazzarini - "The King of Pain" (Contemporary by Mia Michaels)

12. Melissa Vella & Artem Chigvinstev - "Don't Cha" (Pop by Doriana Sánchez)

13. Kamilah Barrett & Nick Lazzarini - "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" (Disco by Doriana Sánchez)

14. Ashlé Dawson - "La Corrida" (African Jazz Solo)

15. Nick Lazzarini - "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (Contemporary Solo)


16. Melody Lacayanga & Blake McGrath - "You Should Be Dancing" (Disco by Doriana Sánchez)

17. Ashlé Dawson & Nick Lazzarini - "Feel the Girl" (Hip-Hop by Shane Sparks)

18. Ashlé Dawson & Blake McGrath - "Hound Dog" (Rock n' Roll by Travis Payne)

NA. Kamilah Barrett & Nick Lazzarini - "Touch" (Hip-Hop by Blake Anthony + Marty Kudelka)

NA. Ashlé Dawson & Artem Chigvinstev - "A Song For You" (Lyrical by Mia Michaels)


NA. Snow Urbin - "Ma Ya Hi" (Cha-Cha Solo)

NA. Kamilah Barrett & Nick Lazzarini - "I Drove All Night" (Pop by Doriana Sánchez)

NA. Melody Lacayanga & Blake McGrath - "Heaven" (Lyrical by Tovaris Wilson)

NA. Melissa Vella & Jamile McGee - "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" (Hip-Hop by Shane Sparks)

NA. Kamilah Barrett & Jamile McGee - "Toma" (Hip-Hop by Brian Friedman)


NA. Ashlé Dawson & Blake McGrath - "Santa María (Del Buèn Ayré)" (Argentine Tango by Alex Da Silva)

NA. Blake McGrath - "Body Language" (Jazz Solo)

NA. Melody Lacayanga & Nick Lazzarini - "España Cañí" (Paso Doble by Mary Murphy)

NA. Ashlé Dawson & Jamile McGee - "Oh Mayi" (Salsa by Alex Da Silva)

NA. Nick Lazzarini - "Pardon Me" (Contemporary Jazz Solo)





👑1. Top 10 Group - "Ramalama (Bang Bang)" (Pop-Jazz by Wade Robson)

2. Allison Holker & Ivan Koumaev - "Why" (Contemporary by Tyce Diorio)

3. Allison Holker & Ivan Koumaev - "Sexy Love" (Hip-Hop by Shane Sparks)

4. Heidi Groskreutz & Benji Schwimmer - "Black Mambo" (Mambo by Alex Da Silva)

5. Donyelle Jones & Benji Schwimmer - "Cuchi-Cuchi" (Cha-Cha by Mark Weiss)


6. Donyelle Jones & Benji Schwimmer - "You Can't Stop the Beat" (Broadway by Tyce Diorio)

7. Allison Holker & Ivan Koumaev - "Libertango" (Argentine Tango by Alex Da Silva)

8. Natalie Fotopoulos - "Some Girls" (Jazz Solo)

9. Top 6 Group - "Hide & Seek" (Contemporary by Mia Michaels)

10. Heidi Groskreutz & Travis Wall - "Calling You" (Contemporary by Mia Michaels)


11. Top 4 Group - "SexyBack" (Pop-Jazz by Wade Robson)

12. Donyelle Jones & Benji Schwimmer - "2 Much Booty (In Da Pants)" (Hip-Hop by Shane Sparks)

13. Donyelle Jones & Benji Schwimmer - "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?" (Viennese Waltz by Toni Redpath + Michael Mead)

14. Allison Holker & Ryan Rankine - "Ethna" (Contemporary by Mia Michaels)

15. Benji Schwimmer - "Land of 1000 Dances" (West Coast Swing Solo)


16. Natalie Fotopoulos & Musa Cooper - "Hot Stuff" (Disco by Doriana Sánchez)

17. Natalie Fotopoulos & Ivan Koumaev - "Everytime We Touch (Yanou's Candlelight Mix)" (Contemporary by Tyce Diorio)

18. Natalie Fotopoulos & Musa Cooper - "Closer" (Contemporary by Tovaris Wilson)

19. Natalie Fotopoulos & Benji Schwimmer - "Wonderful" (Jazz by Tyce Diorio)

20. Ivan Koumaev - "Let Me Love You" (Hip-Hop Solo)


21. Ivan Koumaev - "I Question Mark" (Hip-Hop Solo)

22. Natalie Fotopoulos - "Lamentation" (Contemporary Solo)

23. Heidi Groskreutz & Travis Wall - "The Plaza of Execution" (Paso Doble by Mary Murphy)

24. Natalie Fotopoulos & Benji Schwimmer - "She's Freaky" (Hip-Hop by Shane Sparks)

25. Benji Schwimmer & Travis Wall - "Gyrate" (Hip-Hop by Shane Sparks)


26. Donyelle Jones & Travis Wall - "Georgia On My Mind" (Contemporary by Mia Michaels)

27. Martha Nichols & Travis Wall - "Steam Heat" (Broadway by Tyce Diorio)

28. Travis Wall - "The Blower's Daughter" (Contemporary Solo)

29. Allison Holker & Ryan Rankine - "Bye Bye Blackbird" (Broadway by Tyce Diorio)

30. Travis Wall - "Flying Without Wings (A Capella Version)" (Contemporary Solo)




1. Lacey Schwimmer & Danny Tidwell - "Hip Hip Chin Chin" (Samba by Dmitry Chaplin)👑

2. Lacey Schwimmer & Kameron Bink - "Dancing" (Contemporary by Mia Michaels)

3. Jaimie Goodwin & Hokuto "Hok" Konishi - "The Chairman's Waltz" (Jazz by Wade Robson)

4. Sabra Johnson & Neil Haskell - "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" (Jazz by Mandy Moore)

5. Lacey Schwimmer & Sabra Johnson - "Koyal (Songbird)" (Jazz by Wade Robson)


11. Anya Garnis & Danny Tidwell - "Girlfriend" (Jive by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin)

12. Lacey Schwimmer & Pasha Kovalev - "A Daisy in December" (Smooth Waltz by Hunter Johnson)

13. Sara Von Gillern & Neil Haskell - "Knock On Wood" (Disco by Doriana Sánchez)

14. Lacey Schwimmer & Neil Haskell - "Time" (Contemporary by Mia Michaels)

15. Lacey Schwimmer & Pasha Kovalev - "In The Morning" (Hip-Hop by Dave Scott)


16. Danny Tidwell - "We Are The Champions" (Contemporary/Ballet Solo)

17. Sara Von Gillern & Jesús Solorio - "Cabaret Hoover" (Pop-Jazz by Wade Robson)

18. Anya Garnis & Danny Tidwell - "You and Me" (Viennese Waltz by Hunter Johnson & Cyndi Johnson)

19. Lauren Gottlieb & Danny Tidwell - "Then You Look At Me" (Contemporary by Mia Michaels)

20. Top 20 Group - "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See" (Hip-Hop by Wade Robson)


21. Sabra Johnson & Pasha Kovalev - "Mr. Pinstripe Suit" (Quickstep by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin)

22. Pasha Kovalev & Melanie LaPatin/Jessi Peralta - "Let's Get Loud" (Cha-Cha by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin)

23. Lacey Schwimmer & Kameron Bink - "Overture/All That Jazz" (Broadway by Tyce Diorio)

24. Sabra Johnson & Dominic Sandoval - "Make It Work" (Hip-Hop by Shane Sparks)

25. Sabra Johnson & Dominic Sandoval - "Stickwitu" (Rumba by Jean-Marc Généreux & France Mousseau)


26. Lauren Gottlieb & Neil Haskell - "Night of the Dancing Flame" (Pop-Jazz by Wade Robson)

27. Lacey Schwimmer - "What I Like About You" (Jive Solo)

28. Shauna Noland - "Everything" (Contemporary Solo)

29. Anya Garnis & Danny Tidwell - "It Had to Be You" (Foxtrot by Jean-Marc Généreux & France Mousseau)

30. Sara Von Gillern & Pasha Kovalev - "Body Language" (Jazz by Mandy Moore)





01. Courtney Galiano & Mark Kanemura - "The Garden" (Jazz by Sonya Tayeh)

02. Katee Shean & Joshua Allen - "Hometown Glory" (Contemporary by Mia Michaels)


03. Katee Shean & William Wingfield - "Imagine" (Pas de deux by Dwight Rhoden & Desmond Richardson)

04 . Chelsie Hightower & Mark Kanemura - "Bleeding Love" (Lyrical Hip-Hop by Nappytabs)


 05. Comfort Fedoke & tWitch Boss - "Forever" (Hip-Hop by Dave Scott)

06 . Jessica King & William Wingfield - "Silence" (Contemporary by Tyce Diorio)  


07. Katee Shean & tWitch Boss - "Mercy" (Contemporary by Mia Michaels)

08 . Courtney Galiano & Gev Manoukian - "Wishing on a Star" (Rumba by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin)


09. Katee Shean & Joshua Allen - "No Air" (Lyrical Hip-Hop by Nappytabs)

10. Katee Shean & Joshua Allen - "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room" (Lyrical Jazz by Wade Robson) 


(Tie)11. Courtney Galiano & Gev Manoukian - "Lost" (Contemporary by Mandy Moore)

(Tie) 11. Comfort Fedoke & Mark Kanemura - "Party People" (Hip-Hop by Nappytabs) 

12. Chelsie Hightower & Gev Manoukian - "These Arms of Mine" (Contemporary by Sonya Tayeh) 

14. Courtney Galiano & Gev Manoukian - "Don't Stop the Music (The Wideboys Club Mix)" (Cha-Cha by Anya Garnis & Pasha Kovalev) 


(Tie)15. Chelsie Hightower & Joshua Allen - "A Los Amigos" (Argentine Tango by Dmitry Chaplin)

(Tie) 15. Kherington Payne & tWitch Boss - "Dreaming with a Broken Heart" (Contemporary by Mia Michaels)

17. Kherington Payne & tWitch Boss - "A New Day Has Come" (Viennese Waltz by Jean-Marc Généreux & France Mousseau) 

18. Courtney Galiano & Mark Kanemura - "The Time of My Life" (Viennese Waltz by Jason Gilkinson) 

19. Top 16 - "The Dance" (Contemporary by Mia Michaels)

 20. Chelsie Hightower & Mark Kanemura - "Kiss Kiss" (Jazz by Mandy Moore)


21. Katee Shean & Joshua Allen - "Dhoom Taana" (Bollywood by Nakul Dev Mahajan)

22. Katee Shean & Joshua Allen - "Baila, Baila" (Samba by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin) 

(Tie )23. Chelsie Hightower & Gev Manoukian - "The House is Rockin'" (Jive by Jean-Marc Généreux & France Mousseau)

(Tie) 23. Gev Manoukian - "Everybody Loves a Carnival" (Breakdance) 

25. Chelsie Hightower & Mark Kanemura - "Fuego" (Salsa by Alex Da Silva) 


26. Courtney Galiano & Gev Manoukian - "Lights, Camera, Action!" (Hip-Hop by Olisa Thompson & Cicely Bradley) 

27. tWitch Boss - "We Gonna Win" (Hip-Hop) 

28. Courtney Galiano & Gev Manoukian - "Standing There" (Jazz by Mandy Moore)

29. Courtney Galiano & William Wingfield - "Like You'll Never See Me Again" (Lyrical Hip-Hop by Nappytabs) 

30. Kherington Payne - "All We Are" (Contemporary) 





01. Vanessa Sew Hoy & Henry Byalikov - "Lo-Lo Dzama" - (African Samba by Jason Gilkison)

02. Kate Wormald & Jack Chambers - "Singin' In The Rain" - (Hip-Hop by Supple)


03. Kate Wormald & Graeme Isaako - "Fix You" - (Contemporary by Debbie Ellis Linnert)

04. Kate Wormald & Rhys Bobridge - "Give It To Me" - (Hip-Hop by Supple)

05. Kate Wormald & Jack Chambers - "Spider-Man Theme" - (Quickstep by Leanne Bampton)


06. Jemma Armstrong & Rhys Bobridge - "Break It Off" - (Hip-Hop by Tiana Joubert)

07. Jemma Armstrong & Rhys Bobridge - "A New Day Has Come" - (Waltz by Jason Gilkison)

08. Jemma Armstrong & Rhys Bobridge - "O Verona" - (Paso Doble by Jason Gilkison)


09. Top 12 - "Blackbird" (Jazz by Kelley Abbey)

10. Rhiannon Villarreal & Graeme Isaako - "4 Minutes" - (Jazz Funk Hip-Hop by Juliette "Jet" Verne)

11. Kate Wormald & Rhys Bobridge - "Message To My Girl" - (Rumba by Jason Gilkison)

12. Kate Wormald & Jack Chambers - "No One" - (Lyrical Jazz by Juliette "Jet" Verne)


13. Demi Sorono & Jack Chambers - "Gasolina" - (Samba by Paul Green)

14-15. Vanessa Sew Hoy & Jack Chambers - "Kiss From A Rose" - (Lyrical Contemporary by Juliette "Jet" Verne)

14-15. Rhiannon Villarreal & Henry Byalikov - "Fragile" - (Jazz by Kelley Abbey)

16. Kate Wormald & Graeme Isaako - "Live And Let Die" - (Jazz by Leah Howart)


17. Demi Sorono & Jack Chambers - "Flashlight" - (Boogaloo by Nacho Pop)

18. Kassandra "Kassy" Lee  & Graeme Isaako - "Bleeding Love" - (Lyrical Hip-Hop by Yannus Sufandi)

19-20. Demi Sorono & Jack Chambers - "Crazy In Love" - (Hip-Hop)

19-20. Jack Chambers  - "Theme from Mission Impossible" (Jazz by Kelly Aykers)

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Just now, FrogLenzen said:

I'm sure Elliott has me automatically signed up for every round, but just to go through the motions: I'm in for every round

Yes, I had you pre-emptively signed up for every round except season four. :yes:

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  • .Rei changed the title to SYTYCD Routines Mini-Rankdown (NL1) (Round 3)

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