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Favorite Post-Playoffs teams per season?


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I haven’t watched all seasons but these are mine, I’m interested in knowing y’all’s!


S13: Team Miley (Brooke, Ashland, Janice)

S14: Team Alicia (Britton, Jackie, Christiana)

S15: Team Kelly (Chevel, Kymberli, Sarah, Lynnea) and Team JHUD (Kennedy, Makenzie, Sandyredd) I can’t choose and I won’t choose😗

S16: Team Legend (Maelyn, Shawn, Celia)

S17: Team Gwen (Rose, Joana, Myracle)

S18: Team Legend (Zan, Cammwess)

S19: Team Kelly (Desz, Cami) probably my all time fave🥰

S20: Team Nick (Rachel, Dana)



S18 Team Nick (Thunderstorm, Allegra)

S20 Team Legend (Pia, Victor)

S17 Team Legend (Katie, Marybeth, Will)

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/ = Can’t decide

() = Close 2nd


S20: Kelly/Blake

S19: Kelly

S18: Nick

S17: Gwen

S16: John

S15: Jennifer (Kelly)

S14: Alicia (Blake)

S13: Blake/Miley
S12: Gwen
S11: Alicia (Adam)
S10: Christina (though I disliked Nick)

S9: Adam

S8: Pharrell/Xtina

S7: Adam

S6: Adam

S5: Adam

S4: Adam

S3: Adam/Blake


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4. Usher

5. Adam

6. Adam

7. Gwen

8. Christina

9. Blake

10. Adam

11. Miley

12. Alicia

13. I can’t decide. The entire top 12 was amazing. Maybe Adam>JHud=Miley>Blake.

14. Alicia

15. Kelly

16. Kelly

17. John

18. Nick

19. Kelly

20. Kelly/Nick

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Season 5: Adam

Season 6: Adam

Season 7: Adam

Season 8: Pharrell

Season 9: Adam

Season 10: Christina I disliked Nick but I can't vote against Alisan or Bryan, so

Season 11: Alicia

Season 12: Alicia

Season 13: Miley

Season 14: Blake

Season 15: Kelly

Season 16: John
Season 17: Gwen

Season 18: Blake

Season 19: Kelly

Season 20: Kelly





Season 6: Shakira

Season 8: Christina

Season 10: Adam

Season 12: Gwen

Season 13: JHud > Blake > Adam

Season 14: Alicia

Season 17: John

Season 18: Nick

Season 20: Nick

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