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Favorite Four-Chair Turn Audition (s18-s20)

Hamza Tufail

Whose your Favorite?  

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  1. 1. Choose your Favorite

    • Todd Tilghman ~ We've Got Tonight
    • Nelson Cade Ill ~ Pride And Joy
    • Joanna Serenko ~ All My Loving
    • Toneisha Harris ~ I Want To Know What Love is
    • Thunderstorm Artis ~ Blackbird
    • Mike Jerel ~ It's A Man's Man's Man's World
    • Mandi Castillo ~ Asi Fue
    • Tamara Jade ~ Cuz I Love You
    • Cami Clune ~ Skinny Love
    • DeSz ~ Un Break My Heart
    • WTW ~ When Will I Be Loved
    • Kenzie wheeler ~ Don't Close Your Eyes
    • Zae Romeo ~ Falling
    • Avery Roberson ~ If You're Reading This
    • Anna Grace ~ My Future

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1. DeSz

2. Thunderstorm Artis

3. Mandi Castillo

4. Todd Tilghman



5. Kenzie Wheeler

6. Cami Clune

7. Tamara Jade

8. Toneisha Harris

9. Worth the Wait



10. Joanna Serenko

11. Zae Romeo

12. Anna Grace

13. Avery Roberson

14. Mike Jerel

15. Nelson Cade III



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13 minutes ago, Daillon said:

Thunderstorm easily. Cami would be 2nd. 


11 minutes ago, Misirlou said:

Thunderstorm for me. And despite how much he regressed after his BA, I loved Mike Jerel`s audition too, and had him pegged for the finale with it. 

Agreed 💯


No shade to others but Thunderstorm was easily the best and it's not even close. In fact he's the only 10/10 performance out of the ones mentioned above. He's the definition of an Artist.

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1. Cami Clune - this was Cami at her absolute best. Magical, emotionally and vocally strong. Shame she never lived up to it but this still should be acknowledged 

2. Joanna Serenko - tone! Polished and mature, interesting take on a song 

3. Mandi Castillo - pretty, ethereal, emotionally connected, interesting

4. DeSz - little shaky but very inventive, interesting tone, amazing runs



5. Mike Jerel - personally dislike his tone but very strong vocally 

6. Thunderstorm Artis - very pleasant tone just kinda sleepy for me

7. Toneisha Harris - vocally strong, connected but not very original

8. Todd Tilghman - nothing wrong just not impressive or memorable

9. Tamara Jade - fun and energetic but simply karaoke and messy, we've seen performances like this many times before done much better

10. Kenzie Wheeler - messiness of the block takes focus away from him and his stage presence also took a lot from the audition, forgettable


11. Avery Roberson - pretty tone but went nowhere, got boring and sleepy, vocally unimpressive

12. Anna Grace - messy, 50 runs too much, felt a disconnect 

13. Nelson Cade III - makes me cringe for some reason

14. Zae Romeo - shaky, didn't feel genuine for me

15. WTW - messy, karaoke all over it, imo shouldn't have turned a chair 




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1. Cami Clune/Zae Romeo

3. Todd Tilghman


Like some others as well but I don't think I can rank them separately. Also, Unpop but T-storm's BA isn't as good as some folks here say.

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Thunderstorm’s is the most memorable to me. No 4 Chair audition from these seasons has made the impact of that one.


Cami, Desz, Mike and Zae (in no particular order) round out my T5


There were a bunch I didn’t care for during this time.

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