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ANTM Photos Mini-Rankdown (Cycle 9 - Rankings due Thurs. pm)


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On 5/31/2021 at 5:14 PM, FrogLenzen said:





Mollie Sue - Contact Sheet




Jade - Casting

Joanie - Casting

Kari - Casting

Kathy - Casting




Danielle - Bald

Gina - Bald

Jade - Bald

Joanie - Bald

Kari - Bald

Mollie Sue - Bald

Nnenna - Bald




Danielle - Makeover

Gina - Makeover

Jade - Makeover

Joanie - Makeover

Kari - Makeover




Danielle - Magazine Cover

Furonda - Magazine Cover

Kari - Magazine Cover

Leslie - Magazine Cover

Mollie Sue - Magazine Cover




Furonda - Fairy Tale

Leslie - Fairy Tale




Danielle - Sears Catalogue Challenge

Leslie - Sears Catalogue Challenge




Brooke - Future Goal

Furonda - Future Goal

Jade - Future Goal

Nnenna - Future Goal

Sara - Future Goal




Brooke - Payless

Danielle - Payless

Jade - Payless

Joanie - Payless

Leslie - Payless




Furonda - Polaroid Challenge




Furonda - Doll

Jade - Doll




Brooke - Crying

Danielle - Crying

Furonda - Crying

Jade - Crying

Sara - Crying




Danielle - Banana Boat

Furonda - Banana Boat

Jade - Banana Boat




Jade - Venus




Leslie - Elle Girl




Danielle - CoverGirl

Joanie - CoverGirl




Tyra & Danielle - Winner's Shoot

Danielle - Winner's Shoot 1

Round 3!


In groups of 3 we are cutting 4 of the above photos. There is one group of four lol. 


If you don't hear from someone for an 18 hour period after a group chat is created, you can move on without them. The deadline is Saturday at noon Eastern.




@taylorkat + @totes4totes + @Solaris + @Zoey 

@*Amanda + @.Rei + @*Wallace

@Gonzalo + @Deeee + @*Lily 

@FrogLenzen + @JORDAN_FAN + @Alex95 

@*Chris + @jarmon + @goofycilla90 

@1234567890 + @rdhaley96 + @*Diana


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  • FrogLenzen changed the title to ANTM Photos Mini-Rankdown (Cycle 6 - Round 3 Group Cuts)
1 hour ago, 1234567890 said:

I’m taking ownership for this photo and I will not here otherwise. :wub:


Also, I will most definitely cut this photo at some point, if somebody else doesn't. Don't be mad. :dead:

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1 minute ago, *Diana said:

Richard, Victoria and myself have chosen to cut the following:


Danielle - Casting

Joanie's Go-Sees Challenge

Nnenna - Banana Boat

Sara - Banana Boat


Bless. These were four of my top choices to cut, even though I sent @*Lily and @Gonzalo a list of at least 50 photos :dead:

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1 hour ago, FrogLenzen said:

I can just imagine how the group chat went hahahaha


"Hey Zoey, what do you think you want to cu---"


This made me lol. 🤣:rofl::dead:


However, I have been away since Monday and the only contribution I have made to the group chat was “yes” to those final options. I’m not to blame for this, this time.

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  • FrogLenzen changed the title to ANTM Photos Mini-Rankdown (Cycle 9 - Rankings due Thurs. pm)

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