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ANTM Photos Mini-Rankdown (Cycle 3 WINNER REVEALED)


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2 hours ago, 1234567890 said:

Strategic ranking. :haha: That's a thing you know.


2 hours ago, rdhaley96 said:


Strategically ranking a photo you're not that big a fan of 10th...? 




Now I'm wondering which photos you tanked... xD

LOL I noticed Victoria's strategic rankings when I spotted and figure that Amanda had all of her photos in her Top 7 spots. :lmao: Just was trying to figure out who was being tanked - and my guess was Eva. Maybe Yaya? We'll seee. :haha:  (When I look at the next set).

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Thoughts on 15-11:


Oooh darn i would have had Nicole’s YJ Stringer shot outrank Amanda’s but eh not crying over it either. LMAO Zoey’s comments on this shoot cracks me up.


Aww pleased for Toccara’s Jamaica shot coming in 13th. I was worried this would rank lower but glad that’s not the case.


Pleased with Yaya’s D&B shot coming in 12th. Uhhhh Derek liking Toccara’s and Ann’s shots more than Yaya’s from this week? I don’t get it. :haha:


Aww i can get the upset reaction of Nicole’s  Verragio pic missing the Top 10. I would have liked it there too. It’s a shame she was up against Eva’s and Yaya’s iconic shots this week because it could have done better. Great shot though.


All of Eva’s photos making the Top 10! :wub: 3 of Yaya’s photos making the Top 10! :wub: And before Victoria comes at me….. I’m pleased with the Amanda shots in the Top 10 too.

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1 hour ago, FrogLenzen said:

Wallace is in the lead with 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, followed by Diana with 1, 2, 3, 4, 8

Thanks for mentioning this. I knew my Top 4 was all remaining but couldn't remember my last number. I thought it was #7 ro 8 - but #6 is even better! :bobo: 

55 minutes ago, goofycilla90 said:







my numbers lol


Ooooh that tanking you got going on there. 🙂 

52 minutes ago, FrogLenzen said:

I'll let Victoria post her own numbers if she wants because they are... interesting

LMAOOO Yeah I am sure/cerain she did a lot of tanking on (some of) the remaining Eva and Yaya photos. :lmao: 

51 minutes ago, Solaris said:







Oh yea.  😎

Your Yaya tanking ain't cute there. 🙂 

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Thoughts on 10-6!


- Pleased with Eva’s T-Mobile shot making the Top 10. LMAO Victoria saying Eva’s T-Mobile shot shouldn’t be in the Top 10 but ranks it at #9. GIRL…. You playing games with us. :dead: That ranking shocked me and throws off my suspicions lmao. But really love the rankers comments on this shot. :wub:


- Yaya’s Nivea shot is beautiful. I’d replace it with her D&B shot but ehh no biggie. OMG LMAO I love Derek’s call out comments on Zoey’s comments on these photos. :dead:


- Amanda’s CoverGirl shot is beautiful and pleased with it making it to 8th! I’m not here  for Derek attacking Yaya in his comments though. 😘


- Aww I was kinda hoping for Eva’s Alter Ego shot to make the Top 5… ut #7 is still great. Such a great shot and everyone’s comments says it all. ❤️


- Lmaoo Zoey’s comments on Amanda’s T-Mobile shot yet ranks it at #7. :lmao: Bummed this beat out Eva’s shot but this is still a really good photo from Amanda.


2 Eva and 2 Yaya shots in this Top 5! :wub: Actually I really love all of this Top 5.. and think my entire Top 4 is remaining (and maybe my #7 or #8?) and #6. This is reallly an iconic Top 5! :wub:

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  • FrogLenzen changed the title to ANTM Photos Mini-Rankdown (Cycle 3 WINNER REVEALED)

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