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ANTM Photos Mini-Rankdown (Cycle 11 Results: 11-15)


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On 5/31/2021 at 5:14 PM, FrogLenzen said:





April - Garden of Eden

Catie - Garden of Eden

Jenascia - Garden of Eden

Sara - Garden of Eden

Shandi - Garden of Eden

Xiomara - Garden of Eden




April - Steve Madden

Camille - Steve Madden

Catie - Steve Madden

Jenascia - Steve Madden

Shandi - Steve Madden




April - Laundry by Shelli Segal

Sara - Laundry by Shelli Segal




April - Celebrity Persona

Jenascia - Celebrity Persona

Mercedes - Celebrity Persona

Shandi - Celebrity Persona

Yoanna - Celebrity Persona




April - Quench Water




April - B&W Beauty

Camille - B&W Beauty

Catie - B&W Beauty

Mercedes - B&W Beauty

Sara - B&W Beauty

Shandi - B&W Beauty

Yoanna - B&W Beauty




April - Solstice Sunglasses

Camille - Solstice Sunglasses

Mercedes - Solstice Sunglasses

Yoanna - Solstice Sunglasses




Shandi & Yoanna - Nude Pair

Round 5!


In pairs we will move on one of the above photos directly into the Top 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's 8 photos total in the Top 20 at the end of the round yaaaaaay




We have 36 hours or the randomizer will choose a photo for the Top 20, which is also fun.


✓ @*Lily & @Solaris

✓ @FrogLenzen & @Zoey

✓ @*Diana & @1234567890

✓ @Alex95 & @goofycilla90

✓ @*Chris & @DorisAnn

✓ @taylorkat & @Gonzalo

✓ @.Rei & @*Wallace

@rdhaley96 & @*Amanda

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  • FrogLenzen changed the title to ANTM Photos Mini-Rankdown (Cycle 2 - Round 5)
8 minutes ago, taylorkat said:

I get those all the time, welcome to the confused face club! 😄

You two got nothing on Elliott though. :giggle: 


Gosh the amount of confused reactions I give him. :lmao: 

8 minutes ago, FrogLenzen said:

Derek:  --makes any choice regarding ANTM--



Book V In the Club Remix - Fire Emblem Heroes - Serenes Forest Forums


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  • FrogLenzen changed the title to ANTM Photos Mini-Rankdown (Cycle 11 Results: 11-15)

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