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ANTM Photos Mini-Rankdown (Cycle 11 - Rankings Due Sunday pm)


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2 hours ago, Deeee said:

Already too many iconic photos in the voting round. We need to stop moving on only great photos before we end up in a bad spot lol


1 hour ago, 1234567890 said:

Says the person whose group advanced good photos. :dead: My group posted first so we are innocent. 💁‍♀️

I warned the group about leaving some of the options alone for the next round but I got rejected/outnumbered there. 👽

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43 minutes ago, Deeee said:

I know. Wally mentioned it in our group, but I wanted to play it safe with my faves. I guess I didn’t realize how many great photos that would put as at for the voting round.

Oooh ok yay for mentioning me there! :haha: 

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On 5/31/2021 at 5:14 PM, FrogLenzen said:





Heather - Promo




Ebony - Smoking Reflection

Heather & Saleisha - Smoking Reflection

Jenah - Smoking Reflection

Lisa - Smoking Reflection

Sarah - Smoking Reflection




Chantal - Rock Climbing

Janet - Rock Climbing

Jenah - Rock Climbing - TOP 20

Lisa - Rock Climbing

Sarah - Rock Climbing

Victoria - Rock Climbing




Ambreal - Garden

Ebony - Garden - TOP 20

Heather - Garden

Janet - Garden

Lisa - Garden




Ambreal - Gargoyles

Bianca - Gargoyles

Heather - Gargoyles

Sarah - Gargoyles




Bianca - Recycling

Heather - Recycling

Saleisha - Recycling

Sarah - Recycling




Ambreal - Wasteland

Bianca - Wasteland

Chantal - Wasteland

Heather - Wasteland

Saleisha - Wasteland




Bianca - Queen Collection




Chantal - Shanghai

Heather - Shanghai

Jenah - Shanghai

Saleisha - Shanghai




Top 4 - Great Wall

Chantal - Great Wall 

Jenah - Great Wall

Saleisha - Great Wall




Chantal - CoverGirl

Round 5!


In pairs we are sending one photo to the Top 20 and cutting one photo. One person gets to work alone! The available photos for cuts and saves are quoted above. The front page also separates the Voting Round photos in case you are curious.




 @Gonzalo + @totes4totes 

 @rdhaley96 + @*Diana 

 @*Chris + @*Wallace 

 @Zoey + @FrogLenzen


 @JORDAN_FAN + @.Rei 

 @goofycilla90 + @taylorkat 

 @Alex95 @*Lily 

 @*Amanda + @Deeee 

 @jarmon + @Solaris 


No deadline yet because it's a holiday week, but please decide ASAP! I may add a deadline later.

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  • FrogLenzen changed the title to ANTM Photos Mini-Rankdown (Cycle 11 - Rankings Due Sunday pm)

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