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Worst Idol Performance Ever (not counting semi finalists)


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I feel like if we included semi finalists that would be too easy. What would you say were the worst idol performances ever?




Paige Miles - Against All Odds

Tim Urban - Apologize

Lazaro Arbos - (They Long To Be) Close To You

Camile Velasco - Goodbye Yellowbrick Road

Sanjaya Malakar - Bathwater 

John Stevens - Crocodile Rock

Daniel Seavey - Breakaway 


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I really liked Megan Joy back in the day but even liking her i remember the cringe when she sang rockin robin. Simon even said one of the worst ever. The only reason it does not have many down votes on youtube is nobody wanted to watch it again lol.

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8 hours ago, Carrie_On said:

Yeah, Eight Days A Week wasn’t good but I never think of it as the worst lol. The fast arrangement is jarring but I don’t think KLC sounded horrible on it. 

I thought it was legendary on IDF at the time :rofl:  remembering The Curse Of Kristy Lee Cook thread

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