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Which contestants would make great coaches?


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a possible lineup:
- Sisaundra Lewis - this woman was a vocal director for Celine Dion... i’d say she’s more qualified to be a coach on a singing competition than half of The Voice coaches.

- Melanie Martinez - she has a top 10 album and a top 5 album and is a very unique, pretty successful alternative artist, so she could advise contestants on how to create their own distinct musical identity on the show and post-show.

- Jordan Smith - he’s arguably the most dominant winner ever and gave ICONIC performances, so he may be the most qualified contestant to advise others on how to win this show.
- Cassadee Pope - she has a #1 country album, two platinum singles, and a Grammy nomination, so she’s arguably one of the most successful The Voice alums. plus, she’s done country, pop, and rock, so she could work well with a wide range of artists.




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