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Where does Cam Anthony rank in your list of winners?


Where does Cam Anthony rank in your list of winners?  

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He's in tier 2 for me (with Jordan/Alisan/Chris/Chevel) but I haven't decided if he does above or below Alisan yet, and Alisan's my #5 overall so that complicates things a bit 😅


EDIT: I voted top 10 because either way he ends up there for sure, I just need to sleep on it before I decide if he dethrones Alisan or not.

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My favorites:


1. Chloe Kohanski

2. Sawyer Fredericks

3. Danielle Bradbery 


4. Cam Anthony

5. Brynn Cartelli


6. Tessanne Chin

7. Maelyn Jarmon

8. Alisan Porter

9. Josh Kaufman


10. Carter Rubin

11. Chevel Shepherd

12. Jordan Smith


13. Craig Wayne Boyd

14. Javier Colon

15. Cassadee Pope

16. Chris Blue

17. Jake Hoot

18. Todd Tilghman

19. Sundance Head

20. Jermaine Paul 


In terms of best contestants...(vocalist, charisma, performance ability..) 


It's between Tessanne and Cam for me. Again, I wish I had more performances from Cam. It's hard to compare 7 performances to 20. It was great to get what we did get from him..












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Top 5 for sure, doesn't take Chloes #1 spot but he's pretty close body of work wise.


My Top 5 would probably be 

1. Chloe Kohanski

2. Chevel Shepherd

3. Cam Anthony

4. Sundance Head

5. Tessanne Chin

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Forgot about sundance
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He's had a great run, but Maelyn/Tessanne/Alisan still stomps.


Next in line is Chevel/Sawyer/Jordan/Lauren/Cassadee


Perhaps in 2nd tier behind Jordan and after Cassadee. Not my style or tone I would gravitate towards, but he's darn good at singing.

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5 minutes ago, echoap said:

It's been a while since the Sawyer/Jordan hype so I think it's safe to say that Cam is my favorite male winner rn :thumbs:

Gotta actually pay attention to your predictions next season lol. You have called the winner twice now since the beginning.

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Here's my list

😍😍- LOVE

1. Javier Colon

2. Cam Anthony

3. Alisan Porter

4. Tessanne Chin

5. Maelyn Jarmon


😀😀- Amazing, second tier favorites

6. Josh Kaufman

7. Jordan Smith

8 Carter Rubin

9. Chris Blue

10. Brynn Cartelli

11. Chloe Kohanski


🤫- Ok, Not my cup of tea but still really good

12.  Danielle Bradbery

13.Sawyer Fredericks

14. Chevel Shepard

15. Cassadee Pope

16. Todd Tighilman


😬 Meh

17. Jermaine Paul

18.. Sundance Head(I loved him on Idol  and thought he was robbed but thought he was meh on The Voice)

19. Jake Hoot

20.Craig Wayne Boyd(Still cracking up on his excuse on ignoring fans because he had a meeting with the idiot before he even announced he was running for the White House)


and since I'm new to posting on IDF, my  favorite alums ever are Chris Mann, Matthew Schuler,  Javier Colon, Cam Anthony, Tessanne Chin,  Sarah Potenza, Alisan Porter, Christina Grimmie(RIP), Matt McAndrew, Tony Lucca,  and Maelyn Jarmon. Still haven't seen Sarah, Alisan, or Maelyn live yet........


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1. Maelyn Jarmon 
2. Alisan Porter
3. Cassadee Pope
4. Tessanne Chin
5. Danielle Bradbery
6. Cam Anthony
7. Chloe Kohanski
8. Brynn Cartelli
9. Jordan Smith 
10. Chris Blue
11. Craig Wayne Boyd
12. Chevel Shepherd
13. Carter Rubin
14. Josh Kaufman
15. Sawyer Fredericks
16. Sundance Head
17. Javier Colon
18. Todd Tilghman
19. Jake Hoot
20. Jermaine Paul 

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5 hours ago, Daillon said:

I think he knocked Jordan out of the Top 5 for me. I would probably place him 5th, only below Alisan, Maelyn, Tess and Josh.

I noticed you erased Jordan from your signature. Did he pulla Hu*ter or is it that you've finally realized after 6 years that you prefer Jeffery to him? 😂

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