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RuPaul's Drag Race - All Stars 6


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Kylie lip syncs to Dirty by Xtina next week and I already know it’s going to be the lip sync of the season, thank u ❤️

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This season is so great! I loved this episode.


1. Ra'Jah - She made me cry, I can empathize and relate with her opening up on her relationship with her mother. Her runway slayed me boots the house down mama!!! It was beautifully designed and the patterns went so well together. 

2. Eureka - Tbh I would have given Eureka the win, and so far she is genuinely likable imo and impressing me very much overall

3. Trinity - Very solid week for Trinity as well

4. Kylie - Her comment about not letting your past hurt child make your grownup decisions should have singlehandedly kept her out of the bottom, especially over Pandora who was right there. Loved seeing her fight for her place and I hope this is a turning point for Miss Kylie Sonique Love

5. Ginger - I wouldn't have given her the win, I think any of the above + A'Keria were better than her this week tbh. But then she turned out that lipsync lol so it evens out. Loved her runway look as well, this was such a great theme

6. A'Keria - I really enjoyed A'Keria this week overall! She looked stunning as well. At this point I won't be mad if she sticks around awhile longer.

7. Scarlet Envy - Idk man Scarlet was definitely robbed but I kinda see Ru's point about her being kind of uncomfortable to watch in the challenge. And then her not even reacting when Ru said she made her a little uncomfortable was....also uncomfortable. But she was def robbed and still one of my favorites overall this season. Gone too soon :( 

8. Jan - I felt really bad for Jan, I don't think she realizes how she comes across and it might be hard for her to watch this. Because she does seem really genuine and I think she will excel in her career but yeah lol nagl for her :( 

9. Pandora - WHO? I want to like her but Pandora is the least memorable this season unfortunately

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10 hours ago, Deeee said:

Not me finally having an unpopular opinion!!!! If Pink Table Talk comes back, I blame all of you for having poor taste. :wub:

We're at an odd point in queer history where important conversations can finally be had openly on national television, but they must only be done via exploitation of reality TV show contestants.

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On reflection I did like the episode and the conversations it brought but I didn’t love it as a challenge ‘concept’. I feel like we can keep discussions like this for the chats with Ru and Michelle end of season, or in the werk room, instead of putting them in a spot where they are..well I suppose critiqued for it, lol. So I’m good keeping Pink Table Talk as a one-and-done but knowing Ru’s love for exploring the ‘inner saboteur’ I wouldn’t be surprised to see different iterations of this in future.

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I liked the discussions that the PTT brought up, but it was a bit weird making it a challenge they were being judged on and it was kind of awkward without an audience. Overall, I think it has potential to do well if they tweak it a bit.

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01. Kylie Sonique Love - How dare Ru put her in the bottom! I know she wasn’t in any danger of going home but still.

02. Ra’jah D. O’Hara - ugh I love her so much :wub: AS6 has been wonderful as a Ra’jah Truther since S11 ( @#jeah can relate)

03. Ginger Minj - A bit random to give her the win but she slayed the lip sync so I’m not pressed. The Ginger Minj slayage has arrived :wub:

04. Pandora Boxx - I feel like she’s kind of just getting lost in the edit which is unfortunate. She’s done really well this season.

05. Trinity K. Bonèt - Another great showing from her this week.

Scarlet Envy - She impressed me this season. Her track record really didn’t match her performance. Lowkey was bummed to see her go.

06. A’Keria C. Davenport - Glad she had a good week.
07. Jan - Maybe it’s because I was never a big Jan stan to begin with, but I haven’t really been impressed by her this season. :ph34rwave: I’m living for the messiness but I probably would’ve cut her from this B3.

08. Eureka! - She continues to annoy me.

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My favorite went and I'm so bummed out. She was really robbed. Hopefully there's a chance for her to do something with this whole game thing going on. Hmmm....any thoughts on what's going to happen there?


I don't know who to root for now, most likely Kylie Sonique. I really love Eureka too, her personality is infectious. 

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This was an interesting episode. I do agree with some of the comments on the Pink Table Talk theme. I did like the conversations it brought up and allowing the queens to be vulnerable. But it's awkward judging it as a challenge. It's like if you were at the bottom - does that mean you didn't showcase or express your emotions enough? I do agree with Lily's and Elliott's thoughts here.


But also a reallly interesting week regarding the results.


- I'm happy for Ginger winning. She was great as a moderator and in her group discussion. She delivered such a fun and entertaining lip sync too. Happy she had her great week and hope it continues going. 

- Also really enjoyed Eureka! and get those that felt she should have won. She's great for this kind of challenge.

- The thing that really confused me the most was some of those bottom results. I thought Scarlet did really well here and shared a beautiful story on her two mothers. I...... really didn't get how or why Ru was uncomfortable about it? I was really confused. :unsure: I  thought she was the best of the Bottom 3 and didn't deserve to go at all.

- Ra'Jah was the one that broke my heart the most. Her story was touching and yeah heartbreaking. 😢 Hoping all can get better with him and his mother.

- I was shocked Pandora didn't land in the Bottom. I thought she got lost in the conversation and I kept waiting for her to talk when it seemed like Ginger & Jan were carrying that conversation. Found her not so memorable in this either. She would have been my choice to go personally.

- Oooof I do feel bad for Jan. I know I was kinda harsh in my comments to her this season and this week all kinda highlighted that. :( I do think she is genuine and truly being herself but it's a shame that she always comes off so "on" and can't really turn that off. It didn't  highlight well in this kind of challenge. But I did feel bad for the meltdown she was having.

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On 7/18/2021 at 3:10 PM, *Wallace said:


- The thing that really confused me the most was some of those bottom results. I thought Scarlet did really well here and shared a beautiful story on her two mothers. I...... really didn't get how or why Ru was uncomfortable about it? I was really confused. :unsure: I  thought she was the best of the Bottom 3 and didn't deserve to go at all.

Thank you! This. 

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Interesting episode, that acting challenge went on forever oh my god. Obviously very sad to see the eliminated queen go, but I think now was her time. :(

Especially be in the bottom with someone who's been consistently stronger. I'm glad we got 6 episodes of her at least.


1. Ra'Jah - She is still the moment. Probably her worst week so far but I didn't think she was that bad. She looked so stunning tonight on the runway.

2. Kylie - Her performance didn't wow me but like Ru said, she's got a captivating presence about her which still made me really enjoy it? Looked beyond stun in that lip-sync too.

3. Trinity - I lost her a little this week but I'm still really liking her.

4. Ginger - She probably had my favourite performance this week in a role which I initially wasn't sure would fit her, but it did.

5. A'Keria - She left with her head held high and rightly so. Maybe she didn't have that big moment this season but she's consistently brought strong runways and confessionals. I'll miss her next week!

6. Jan - Lmao I'm sorry I feel bad for Jan but this kinda delusional villain arc she's getting is iconic! This was the perfect week for her to Jan it up. She's absolutely the Lea Michele of drag, and it worked.

7. Pandora - Her definitely being sick of Jan :wub: She is honestly doing pretty well this season but hasn't had a standout moment either, she's middling for me. 

8. Eureka - Didn't enjoy the performance this week and would have put her in the bottom, but still open to seeing what else she can bring.


I also enjoy Manila but I did not notice her ONCE in that lip-sync lmaooo

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This episode was the weakest yet. The challenge honestly felt like three episodes and it wasn’t even that good. I don’t think any of them stood out in the challenge and it was slim pickings for the winner.


01. Kylie - She won because she was the most improved. I thought she embodied Jessica Lange pretty well but I wasn’t thrilled.

02. Ginger - The same character and facial expressions as every character she plays. Eggs, Phone lip-sync and this week. I’m finding her very one note for All Stars.

03. Ra’Jah - I thought her character stood out and she was funny. I don’t get why she was in the bottom tbh.

04. Eureka - There wasn’t much light and shade like they said but she delivered the brief and her runway was great.

05. Jan - She played herself.
06. A’Keria - Her time to go. She was terrible in the challenge.

07. Trinity - I don’t remember a single line that Trinity delivered.

08. Pandora - Possibly the most invisible run ever?

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This episode felt long.  I did enjoy it, here are my thoughts.  Manila didn't seem that into the song this week.  Its not really her lane, so it was a pretty decisive victory for Kylie.  



1.  Kylie Sonique Love - She has arrived.  I felt really mislead by the acting instructions and then seeing her performance basically dominate.  Amazing lip sync performance, and while I don't think it was really a Goth runway, stunning runway look.  This episode was all Kylie.

2.  Ginger Minj - So I think based solely on the acting challenge, Ginger probably should have won.  Her Emma was amazing.  

3. Trinity K. Bonet - I don't really think she was goth in the runway, but it was pretty.  She did a good job all around, but i do think this was her weakest week besides the Talent show. 

4. Pandora Boxx - Sort of here by default, she was solid in the acting challenge and solid on the runway.  I was living for her anti-Jan commentary though.

5. Jan - She got a boost this week for her nailing Lea Michele.  But shes still incredible unlikable.

6. Ra'Jah O'Hara - her weakest yet (though probably close to her Diana Ross).  I found some endearing moments from her acting, but it was clear she struggled.  I would have kept her out of the bottom for that runway.  I don't think shes looked more beautiful then that moment.

7. Eureka! - I didn't like her acting.  I thought her runway was pretty great though.

8. A'Keria Davenport - I ain't mad to see her go.  Its about time, but at least she brought killer runways this season.

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Compare to the majority of you all, I actually enjoyed the episode - I thought it was one of the better acting challenge in a long time. 

I haven't really shared my thoughts of the season, but I am still a fan of Jan and probably in the minority regarding that around here. 


  1. Kylie Sonique Love : She's a queen and my pick as the winner. 
  2. Ra'Jah : She's giving me so much life, although this week was not her week.
  3. Jan : I'll forever going to be a fan of Jan - it was her week and she nailed it.
  4. Ginger : She really been impressing me lately; I finally see what people see in her. 
  5. Trinity K. Bonet : She's having a good run at it. 
  6. Pandora : I love Pandora but she's invisible.
  7. A'Keria : I know her time was coming - I feel there was something that wasn't connecting this time around :( 
  8. Eureka : I don't mind Eureka like most of the users around here, but she was the weakest of the week - both on the runway and challenge. 
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1. Ra'Jah - Wouldn't have had her anywhere near the bottom especially with how she looked tonight, love her as always and living for her story arc this season. Loved how sweet she was when talking about her friendship with A'Keria, you could tell she was devastated to be in the bottom with her but the bitch deserves to be here

2. Eureka - I liked Eureka in the challenge and on the runway a lot this week. Interesting showmance with Trinity lmao

3. Kylie Sonique Love - Eh I think she did the best in the challenge and actually deserved her win tbh. She slayed the lipsync but it did feel like Ru was saving it for whenever she wins lol

4. Trinity - Still one of my favorites overall

5. Ginger - Enjoying her a bit more for sure, just prefer the four above her

6. Jan - This role was perfect for her lmfao. I love Jan she's so sweet but she doesn't stack up to the top of the pack imo

7. A'Keria - I really enjoyed A'Keria this season, looking back, but it was certainly her time to go

8. Pandora - Lmfao who in production did Pandora piss off because she has zero screentime

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On 7/22/2021 at 9:02 AM, *Lily said:

Interesting episode, that acting challenge went on forever oh my god.


On 7/22/2021 at 8:59 PM, Elliott said:

That challenge felt like it was ten years long.

LMAO I was thinking and feeing this same way. :dead: 

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Interesting and fun challenge but agree with those that it felt so long.


Ooh I am glad there's a few people that felt Ginger should have won because I was thinking "wow Ginger won this challenge." And then she didn't.


I also agree and felt the same way as Zoey that Kylie won for being the most improved. She struggled at first but def improved a lot with Michelle's direction. I do think she was Top 3 best but not the overall best but oh well. Happy she had her win. She absolutely slayed that "Dirrty" lip sync though (it was great seeing Manila there but she lacked something there). I wonder if Ru saved that song for her as Kylie had that Christina inspired runway look earlier this season.


Hmmm what else? I really enjoyed Eureka! but get how her performance was one note. Loved the runway look.


Happy for Jan to "Jan it Up" with the Lea Michele/Rachel Berry role which was so perfect for her. She's still a lot.... and I can get how the Queens get annoyed of her.


Not a great week for Trinity after having so many great weeks but eh. Hoping she can bounce back and am sure she will.


Lol wow Pandora really does not get much screentime at all. I already barely remember her acting scenes in the challenge. And I just watched it a few hours ago lol. I am still surprised she hasn't been in the Bottom yet.


Sad to see A'Keria and Ra'Jah in the Bottom 2 solely because of their friendships. I did like both of their roles even though neither of their acting popped. Ra'Jah's character was kinda annoying but she tried. But yeah it was definitely time for A'Keria to go. She did bring great runways but it's a bummer she didn't standout in the challenges.


And..... i reallly don't know how to rank the queens even 6 weeks into the season. :dead: 

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Oh this season is really DELIVERING. Another great episode.


1. Trinity - I’m moving her up this week because her All-Stars journey is just phenomenal to follow. Started in the bottom, first queen to get their second win (should have been her third, honestly). I’m so happy to see this trajectory for TKB.

2. Ra’Jah - A close second this week for me in the challenge. Another sensational All-Stars arc so far.

3. Kylie - Good job this week, still enjoying her a lot.

4. Ginger - Still enjoying her for the most part. Always fun to watch.

5. Eureka - I’ve enjoyed Eureka more than I expected to this season. I think she needs that win to put herself in a contender status, even though I think she deserved it for Pink Table Talk.

6. Jan - A lot of mixed feelings on Jan. Personally I’m not mad that she went home this week, I think it was fair. But she’s clearly very driven and honestly, will always make for a good storyline. I think she came back too soon though.

7. Pandora - Sorry girl but at this point…giving us nothing. Hopefully Snatch Game lights a fire underneath her.

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Solid episode.  As a whole, I preferred Kylie's group and their performance more then Rajah's team.



1.  Trinity K. Bonet - Star of the show.  Killed her verse, choreo.  Besides the ugly pink afro with the weird from part of it, no complaints.  If her wig hadn't come off, I would have given her the lip sync win too.  her runway was the star of the week.  I am a little concerned, as while she is the front runner, no one in last seasons finale lost 2 lip syncs.  

2.  Kylie Sonique Love - Second best runway, second best verse, a strong week for her.

3.  Ginger Minj - She drew you in during the performance.  Her runway was good, I am sure she just lost points because of how similar it was to Jans.

4.  Ra'Jah O'Hara - comfortably in the middle.  Didn't care for her runway myself, but her verse and singing were strong.

5. Eureka! - solid effort, I actually really enjoyed the interpretation of the beach ball.

6. Pandora Boxx - I loved the vulnerablity but her verse was not good.  She had my third favorite runway of the week after Trinity and Sonique.  Glad she stayed.  I love her and she is so funny! 

7. Jan - the rollercoaster was real.  Def the right decision to leave, and I love the situation that caused it.  She had some highlights this season, but we've seen just about everything  she can bring at this point.

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