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Whp sang "Stay" better?

Hamza Tufail

Who sang it the best?  

47 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick one?

    • Amber Carrington
    • Tanner Linford
    • Alessandra Castronova and Joe Kirk
    • India Carney and Clinton Washington
    • Nick Hagelin
    • Maelyn Jarmon
    • Alex Guthrie
    • Thunderstorm Artis and Cedrice
    • Jordan Mathew Young

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2 hours ago, Teraginn said:

All of these pale in comparison to Josh Kaufman and Tessanne Chin's gorgeous live performance of this song during The Voice Tour 2014.



The Queen Tess and King Josh! This is so freakin awesome.


Now back to the poll my pick would be Amber. Maelyn and India/Clinton were really great but there's just something about Amber's straight forward arrangement that does it for me. Also, the part from 1:00-1:05 still gives me chills, when she went from her light chest voice to light mixed voice. She slide it down the ayyyy. That's probably one of my favorite moments in a song ever.



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  • 9 months later...

Bumping this thread because I just watched a bunch of “Stay” performances of recent


My ranking:

1. Amber

2. Maelyn

3. Jim and Sasha

4. Cedrice vs. Thunderstorm

5. Alessandra vs. Cedrice

6. Nick

7. India vs. Clinton

8. Jordan

9. Tanner


I have not found a live version of Alex’s yet. Obviously prerecorded performances are autotuned so the comparison is not always fair.


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