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If there was a Finale Comeback Stage who would you want the winner to be? (Female edition)


Choose your top choice(s) for a hypothetical comeback stage winner  

51 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick your top pick(s) to win the comeback stage! (Female edition)

    • Dana Monique
    • Gihanna Zoe
    • Pia Renee
    • Ryleigh Modig
    • Anna Grace
    • Zania Alaké
    • Savanna Woods
    • Carolina Rial
    • Emma Caroline

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I voted for Gihanna because she should've won the IS and Savanna because she should've won the 4-way KO. The others had understandable eliminations imo.

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Gihanna was robbed of a PV and Reflections was one of the best performances this season, though Savanna is a close second since she should have ran away with that IS and had one of the best KOs this year.  Anna Grace and Ryleigh also performed pretty well live though and Anna Grace’s Let Her Go was one of the best that night. 

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Lindsay Joan. Eliminated in the battle rounds, which she should have won or at worst gotten stolen.


But of the options.. Savanna. 


Gihanna, Dana, anna and Ryleigh would all be deserving as well, but at least they got to perform a bit more.

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