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Idol Records Set by the Finalists


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Just a list I put together that I was thought was cool, but here are all the records and notable facts that the finalists set last night by being in the finale:



-First winner from California, as well the first from the west coast

-First winner to have been involved with writing their coronation song

-Oldest ABC winner at time of win



-First African-American male to make the top three since Joshua Ledet (S11/2012), and first to make the Top 2 and finale since Ruben Studdard (S2/2003)

-Fourth consecutive male runner-up.



-Sixth male/male final two, after Clay/Ruben, David/David, Kris/Adam, Nick/Clark and Laine/Alejandro



-First Chicago/GCA native to make the top three since Haley Reinhart (S10/2011), and first to make the finale since Lee DeWyze (S9/2010)


And most notably, women on ABC Idol either place first or third in the finale as all of the ABC runners-up have been men.


If there's any other facts you wanna add, feel free to post them. :haha:

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22 minutes ago, KelseyW said:

I'd say Casey's the youngest in the Top 4 in Idol history correct? All the other teens were 17. She's 16. 🙂

Yeah, though Allison was also 16 for the first few weeks of S8’s live shows. :haha: 

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Willie is only the third Southerner to be runner-up to someone from a different region, after Clark and S16 Caleb. 

All 4 ABC Idols have been the first winner from their state. 

Only Chayce came from a state which had previously had someone make the Finale.


Laine is the only Southern ABC winner, and he, Willie and Caleb are the only ones to make an ABC Finale. 

11 non-Southerners have made the Finale in 4 seasons on ABC, while 12 did so in 15 seasons on FOX. 13 if you count Jax, but on the other hand Justin is questionable (as he grew up in Georgia). 


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