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Cycle 4 - Episode 5 - The Girl Who Is Contagious


Uh oh, Michelle has noticed some spots on her face that are breaking out!


Keenyah is wondering if witchcraft or Devil worship is causing Michelle's spots on her face :dead:


Everyone is ~shocked~ this boring old man is just Mr. Jay in makeup (except Kahlen who's knowingly nodding in the background gurl knew :dead:)


"I think Mr. Jay dressed up to show us that even though Michelle has scabies she can still be beautiful 🙂" :dead:


Michelle is not enjoying the makeup lesson :giggle:


Michelle is struggling with her self-confidence after bombing the makeup lesson and her face falling apart :(


"Noelle talks constantly about her child 24/7. Okay, we got it, you've got a kid, next :kissbye:"


Lluvy has gone completely speechless during her one-on-one with Tyra "I have a brain muffin :wacko:"


Tyra seeing Michelle's face :dead:


Tiffany opening up about still feeling like a fish out of water in this modeling world and having trouble bonding with the other girls.


Oof I didn't remember Tatiana's backstory about essentially being homeless because her mom neglects her and her sister kicked her out and took all her money :(


"I had no idea what haute couture is. Not because I don't watch anything, but it's very hard to pay attention to a runway show on tv when your son's turning the tv off every three seconds" Omg she does talk about her son all the time :dead:


Naima very obviously wins the haute couture makeup challenge because she was a million times better than all the other girls.


Michelle is freaking out because her face is getting even worse.


Noelle's mom telling her there's a flesh-eating bacteria all over the news that people are dying from :dead:





"We're all gonna dieeeeeeeeeeeee"


Everyone is melting down and confirming with home about this flesh-eating bacteria :dead:


Tiffany peeking on Michelle to make sure her face hasn't fallen off :dead:


"Have you heard about some kind of disease that eats your skin 😮"

"No :kissbye:. Y'all just need to get a life! Y'all ain't got nothing to do, read a book or something!"


The girls are shooting for Got Milk! I'm sure this will be a straightforward photoshoot and nothing will go wrong 🙂


"There's a twist! We are actually going to switch your ethnicities 😄!" I'm not joking...........


"Brittany, you're gonna be an African-American woman!" I-.........speechless


And for a second twist, they will each be posing with babies of each ethnicity as well (this is the last screenshot y'all are getting of this photoshoot because I am not screenshotting the girls doing blackface :dead:)


"I'm happy I'm gonna be a person and not a fish or an alien 😄"


Michelle found out her skin condition is easily treatable and will go away very quickly!


I'm starting my Christina Watch to follow my Nicole Watch from last cycle


Brittany going crazy at the makeup challenge at panel :dead:


"I agree it's a horrible picture, I could've done so much better 😭" The judges didn't even say it was horrible :dead:


Lluvy miraculously surviving her second bottom two appearance!


Noelle's ready to go home to her baby.


And then there were 10...

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Cast Ranking:


First half of the episode? Iconic. The flesh eating bacteria storyline is television gold and the girls calling home and melting down about it is hysterical :dead:. I also enjoyed the makeup challenge, which I usually don't care about. I think the twist of having them do haute couture was interesting and rare for this show. The second half of the show is the worst ANTM has to offer. I can't believe executives sat in a room and decided it would be a good idea for the girls to do a photoshoot in blackface. It's just beyond offensive.


1. Michelle - Duh :wub:. While I feel bad for Michelle for what was happening to her face and the self-confidence issues she was dealing with, she single-handedly saved what could've been the worst episode in ANTM history. Thank you for your service :wub:

2. Lluvy - She had the most intense reaction to Michelle's "disease" because they shared soap or something and it was hilarious. Also, she's becoming an underdog queen after surviving her second straight bottom two appearance.

3. Tiffany - Tiffany's grandmother was also a star :wub:. She also had one of the biggest and best reactions to the flesh eating bacteria.

4. Kahlen - Her sense of humor actually worked for me this episode. Her joke about Michelle at the beginning of the episode was funny, and I loved her smirk when Mr. Jay was in the old man makeup and she knew it was him the entire time :dead:

5. Brittany - She's starting to get more of a narrator role which I appreciate because it's what she deserves.

6. Keenyah - Another minor but solid showing from Keenyah.

7. Noelle - Her constant chatter about her baby annoyed me, but she's the one who started the rumor about the bacteria so thank you for your service.

8. Tatiana - Her sob story actually made me really sad, I felt bad for her :(.

9. Naima - Didn't do much, but she really killed that makeup challenge I was impressed!

10. Rebecca - Who?

11. Christina - No seriously, who?


Photo Ranking:


I'm still kind of in shock over the whole thing. Like........oh my God. I really can't believe this got approved, I don't care what year it is. Absolutely the worst photoshoot in ANTM history. I don't fault the girls, I fault the producers, so I'll rank their photos as fairly as I can.


1. Michelle - Another soft and ethereal shot from Michelle. Absolutely lovely (as lovely as it can be I suppose)

2. Keenyah - An amazing shot, but also one of the most offensive ones.

3. Brittany - See Keenyah.

4. Tiffany - I love how protective she looks here...?

5. Christina - This one lowkey feels the most offensive......but I guess she got a good job embodying the ethnicity...? Vomit about this whole thing.

6. Kahlen - This is fine enough, can we move on?

7. Lluvy - Idk if this is an unpopular opinion, but this is actually good! I love how her pose and her face isn't half bad. Idk why she was getting dragged again, I thought this was good.

8. Rebecca - A little stiff, but not terrible.

9. Noelle - Kinda bland.

10. Naima - I used to like it more but I'm not feeling it now.

11. Tatiana - Idk what she's trying to do here, but it looks terrible.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 4 - Episode 5)
1 hour ago, Alex95 said:

"There's a twist! We are actually going to switch your ethnicities 😄!" I'm not joking...........


I heard about this before. 😬


Also, since Tiffany is in this cast, I wonder how many more episodes until this moment:



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15 hours ago, Steven_ said:


I've seen these moments before. I'm learning the origins of these memes thanks to this thread. 😅

ANTM C4 has created so many viral moments :giggle:


14 hours ago, Steven_ said:


I heard about this before. 😬


Also, since Tiffany is in this cast, I wonder how many more episodes until this moment:





Yes this will unfortunately be coming soon enough this cycle


8 hours ago, 1234567890 said:


Her breakout is coming :wub:


6 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

who told Alex he could post three episodes!??!?! IS HE DARING TO LIVE HIS LIFE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION

Orrrrr how dare you not comment for three days :kissbye:


6 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

omg stop coming for me just because I said Cycle 4 was my favorite

Dealing With Others Trying To Deal With You GIF - ArrestedDevelopment  JessicaWalter LucilleBluth - Discover & Share GIFs

No 🙂


5 hours ago, 1234567890 said:

…because C3 is peak ANTM. ♥️

Still tea atm.


3 hours ago, Solaris said:

Keenyah being in the Top 2, bye! 

Feel free to consider everyone from that shoot tied for last place.

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Cycle 4 - Episode 6 - The Girl with the Deliciously Tacky Dance


Lluvy is hoping to never be in the bottom two again


Everyone getting sketchy contracts to sign with only 2 seconds to read them ❤️


Tyra's mom #dragging everyone for signing the sketchy contract and teaching them all how to be businesswomen ❤️




"You've had three bad photoshoots Lluvy...we've had four photoshoots..." Lol Drunk!Brittany isn't holding back :wub:


Brittany dancing on the table in the middle of the restaurant :dead:


Kahlen is triggered because the other girls are more fun than her.


The party's not stopping :wub:


Lol same


Daily Christina Sighting


Brittany double fisting her drinks at a networking event :wub:


Christina: I don't know some of the new Covergirls, I don't know who she is


Judge: You just met her when you came in......


"...what's your name again?" Queen of networking!


Keenyah wins the networking challenge!


Lluvy's continuing to feel insecure about her looks and her photos.


Brittany & Keenyah enjoying their reward getting to be fashionably late to the photoshoot ❤️


"The photoshoots that we're doing are extreme...but at the same time I'm sure things like this happen in the fashion world just probably not every week" :dead:


Brittany & Keenyah playing at the beach while the other girls are doing a photoshoot :wub:


Poor Lluvy just can't get it together :(


Unsurprisingly Brittany is in her element at the sexy shoot


"I don't know..." Tiffany's not feeling today's judging challenge at all :wub:


Brittany dancing her deliciously tacky dance at the judging test.


Omg Christina content 😮. She's crying about how she doesn't want to get walked all over because she doesn't have a big personality.


"Tatiana has what it takes to get most guys going" She's 18 Nigel......


"They're all fat! The entire room is fat! I'm fat! You're all fat!" Words of wisdom from Janice Dickinson


Unfortunately Lluvy couldn't possibly survive her third straight bottom two appearance


And then there were 9...

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Cast Ranking:


Even though this episode lacked the Big Moments, it was actually one of my favorites of the cycle. It was just a really low stakes, but enjoyable episode of ANTM. I loved the networking challenge because we really got to see the girls personalities. Brittany being the main character of the episode was a fantastic decision because it just felt like a party.


1. Brittany - Easy number one. She was just such a joy to watch. She's living her dream on a reality tv show, let her have fun! I just wanna party with Brittany.

2. Keenyah - Brittany's right hand woman :wub:. I love their friendship and I loved seeing them dominate the episode together.

3. Lluvy - Poor Lluvy. I really do love her face and I think she was supposed to be the ugly duckling storyline of the season, but she just wasn't even remotely photogenic. I still like her ^_^

4. Tiffany - Definitely her most lowkey episode yet, but still a fun narrator.

5. Christina - Not Christina finally having a breakout episode 😮. About time we got something from her. And she was funny flopping the networking challenge as well.

6. Michelle - I'm starting to get a little tired of her self-confidence storyline 🙈 but I still love her.

7. Naima - Fine enough.

8. Tatiana - Fine enough.

9. Kahlen - Girl, you're on a realty tv show. If your competitors want to be messy drunks in restaurant, let them! Saved herself from last place with her confessional at the photoshoot though lol.

10. Rebecca - She really has been completely pointless since the faint :dead:. Kinda being judgemental with Kahlen so last it is.


Photo Ranking:


I love that they gave them a shamelessly sexy photoshoot and just threw all these elements at them. Definitely my favorite shoot of the season so far. It's a shame most of the girls flopped because I really loved the concept.


1. Brittany - Duh. This shoot was made for Brittany. She was unbelievably sexy in her photo and absolutely killed it.

2. Kahlen - What shock. Who knew Kahlen had this sex appeal? Her best photo to date easily.

3. Christina - An average shot...but that puts it above the rest.

4. Keenyah - It's a little awkward, but her body looks slamming.

5. Tiffany - I love the pose, but it's a bit music video-esque.

6. Michelle - It's kinda stiff and uncomfortable, but I think this is the best Michelle was gonna do with this shoot.

7. Rebecca - The pose is a bit safe, but still hot. She completely loses me with her face though.

8. Naima - I appreciate the risk and I get why some may love the shot, but it just doesn't work for me at all. I like that Naima zags instead of zigs, but I just don't think this is sexy.

9. Tatiana - She doesn't look fully committed and I think she's letting the rain and the wind get to her.

10. Lluvy - Poor Lluvy. Maybe she got screwed and they chose bad shots for her, but I just don't think she has It.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 4 - Episode 6)

Cycle 4 - Episode 7 - The Girl Who Pushes Tyra Over the Edge


Rebecca is having trouble concentrating and wants to be back home with her fiancee.


Tiffany is still confused by all the fancy foods they eat and asks Kahlen for help with everything :dead:


The girls have a dialect coach trying to teach them a cockney accent :haha:


"I had to learn to speak like a girl from England...and she doesn't even talk well herself!"


Tiffany's struggling talking to her grandmother, feeling like they're trying to make into something she's not.


Well he's no Taye Diggs :haha:


Michelle is actually confident for a change, having taken four years of theater!


Tiffany is forgetting all her lines :dead:


Naima wins another challenge!


Lol poor Michelle was confident for once.


Tiffany is defending the ghetto after some of the girls were making fun of the cockney accent and calling it "white ghetto english"


Rebecca is starting to get stressed with the competition.


Tiffany not joining in the reading of the Tyra Mail because she never understands it anyway :haha:


Lowkey this man is very bland.


Brittany obviously killing the sexy shoot again.


Rebecca is feeling uncomfortable posing with the male model with a fiancee at home.


Kahlen's heart is beating ridiculously fast :dead:


Michelle using her wrestling moves in the photoshoot :dead:


Oh boy...the teleprompter challenge


"Looks to the left...oop"


"Woooooow there's tippity top models!" So horrifically overacted ❤️


Tiffany straight up telling the judges she can't do it :haha:


"This is humiliating :rolleyes: More and more each week :rolleyes:"


I think this is legit the first time I've seen Christina all episode.


The judges are talking about how the girls are sucking and need a wake-up call (totally not pre-planned conversation at all lol)


Brittany being the only one to slay this week :wub:


There's no picture!


Issa double elimination! (Totally has nothing to do with the fact that they have one less week than girls :giggle:)


Luckily Tiffany's in good spirits, joking around with the girls, telling them to stop crying ❤️


Someone else is in less than good spirits and calls the girls back over to express her disappointment that Tiffany isn't in a ball on the ground sobbing.


"Looks can be deceiving I am hurt, but I can't change it. I'm sick of crying about stuff that I can't change" Fair enough :yes:




Lol Rebecca






"I'm not finna breakdown for you, you ain't done shit for me except put me through hell these weeks" Good for you Tiffany!


Nice of the editors to remind us Rebecca was eliminated too!


Lol at this confessional (that clearly wasn't an elimination confessional since it's not in the house like the others are and was probably shot like weeks later) about how Tiffany's glad Tyra yelled at her because it mean she cares about her. She knows that's bullshit I'm sure ❤️.


And then there were 7...

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Cast Ranking:


Obviously Tyra blowing up on Tiffany is pretty much The ANTM Moment. Like when you think of ANTM moments, Tyra yelling at Tiffany is absolutely what comes to mind. Frankly, the episode sucked until those last five minutes lol. On one hand, I hate the moment because Tyra is being so ridiculous and so ugly there and I wish Tiffany would've just pounced on her. On the other hand, it is such an unforgettable and epic moment, and luckily it solidified Tiffany's place in the ANTM history books.


1. Tiffany - Obviously no one else could be here. If you're not #TeamTiffany get out of my thread now. I'm sure Tiffany was #overit by the time she got eliminated. She was uncomfortable, no one besides Brandy truly got her in that house, and she felt like she was losing herself. ANTM was not for Tiffany and that's okay. She didn't give a shit about the teleprompter challenge and openly talked shit about it, she probably deserved to be eliminated. They could've just sent her off and that was it. But Tyra had to have her moment, and Tiffany was doing nothing inappropriate. There are plenty of girls who aren't sobbing messes when they're eliminated. Tiffany's quote about not crying about things she can't control rings true to me. I don't blame her for being tired of crying, it's not gonna change anything. But Tyra got her Moment, so I guess she wins in the end.

2. Michelle - I enjoyed seeing a more self-confident Michelle this episode ❤️ (only to have it all snatched away when she lost the acting challenge lol)

3. Brittany - Brittany getting frontrunner status after being in the bottom two four weeks ago :wub:. We stan a redemption story!

4. Kahlen - She was genuinely charming and "adorkable" this episode. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. This week, it definitely worked.

5. Rebecca - Honestly should've been lower, but her just standing there during Tyra's tirade was hilarious.

6. Keenyah - Barely there this week.

7. Naima - I genuinely think about the way Naima said "Wooooooow" during the teleprompter task at least once a week.

8. Christina - Damn, she's getting his even worse than Nicole from last season. Who did she piss off??

9. Tatiana - Who?


Photo Ranking:


Just like last week, the girls couldn't really pull off sexy. This has felt like the weakest cycle since the first one when it comes to modeling tbh. The concept was fine (though I wish they had a hotter man) and it's a shame the girls couldn't really deliver.


1. Brittany - She was born for this photoshoot. She gave the perfect amount of sex appeal. You could see this as an Wonderbra ad.

2. Michelle - She also really delivered here. This is by far the sexiest Michelle's ever looked. After an off week, she's back!

3. Kahlen - I don't know if I'd call this sexy, but it's very commercial and it works for her. She did the best she could with her skillset.

4. Tiffany - I love Tiffany's smile her. She's not totally committing, but she still looks great!

5. Christina - Just like Christina's been all season, good but not great.

6. Rebecca - I agree with the judges that she didn't find the light at all. Her body looks good at least.

7. Keenyah - Keenyah is selling that bra! Not to be too inappropriate, but her boobs look amazing here lmao. The face though...she looks at least 10 years older.

8. Naima - Just like at the teleprompter challenge, really phony and just looks like bad acting.

9. Tatiana - Honestly one of my least favorite photos of the cycle. Something about this photo makes me a little uncomfortable. She looks even younger than she is maybe. Just not sexy and not modelesque.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 4 - Episode 7)

I thought Tyra was mad and yelled at Tiffany like that because she quit the competition. But now I see she didn't quit after all. :mellow:


It's kind of unfair to be mad at Tiffany just because she didn't show sadness over her elimination.

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7 hours ago, Steven_ said:

I thought Tyra was mad and yelled at Tiffany like that because she quit the competition. But now I see she didn't quit after all. :mellow:


It's kind of unfair to be mad at Tiffany just because she didn't show sadness over her elimination.

If only it was that simple. Tyra was being so unfair!


6 hours ago, Deeee said:

I unabashedly love C4. It is not C3, but it still works because of the queens that are Tiffany, Michelle, Brittany, Kahlen, and Keenyah. Like genuinely phenomenal characters imo. 

I'm ngl it hasn't been feeding me the way I've been hoping it would...but there are some stars.

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Cycle 4 - Episode 8 - The Girl Who Gets Bad News


The girls are still reeling from last night's mess.


Tyra gaslighting the girls and letting them know what happened was completely okay.


The girls are practicing interviewing and being interviewed.


Christina and Tatiana, queens of saying actually!


Michelle is nervous as she's on her way to a club for the first time!


And she's clearly very comfortable at the club 👀


Kahlen found out her childhood friend had died :(


The girls are interviewing Eve for their challenge :wub: Lol this is so early-2000s


"Is there anything that's going on with other celebrities and, y'know, other rappers and singers, y'know, like yourself, that you think they would want to accomplish as well, is there something that...is there something that a lot of people can, y'know, go out and say I wanna do this or I wanna do that?"




Tatiana is feeling confident she might've won the interviewing challenge.


A Christina Sighting as she won the challenge!


Tatiana is feeling alone as she hasn't been forming close friendships with the remaining girls.


Tyra Mail: Tomorrow you'll finally be able to rest in peace and quiet


Kahlen freaking out the photoshoot might involve death.


"This is really messed up...I don't want to be here"


The girls will be portraying the seven deadly sins at the bottom of an 8-foot grave!


Tyra Banks is not seeing heaven.


Lol Michelle is really feeling herself nowadays :wub:


Update on Kahlen: She is obviously not doing okay


Christina is finally emoting at a photoshoot!


Kahlen trying to get into the zone as she's getting lowered into the grave


Kahlen is proud of herself that she made it through the photoshoot!


Christina's continuing to help Kahlen after everything that happened this week.


Keenyah reenacting picking her nose for the judges 🙈


The judges sent Christina to the pole to get lust out of her :dead:




Michelle breaking down at panel, she's really been on a rollercoaster of emotion all season.


Janice showing lust :wub:


Michelle lives to fight another day!


Bye, Tatiana.


And then there were 6...

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Photo Ranking:


So this is where I'm at with the season. Lots of huge and iconic moments. I feel like each episode has been built around their One Big Moment Of The Episode to the expense of everyone and everything else. With C3 we had these huge moments and storylines, but we also had secondary storylines. So this episode was about Kahlen's friend dying and then having to pose in a grave. But nothing else happened. We got a cute little interview challenge and that's it. And that's my problem with the season. About 5-10 mins of the episode are must watch tv. Everything else is fodder. And to be frank, most of these Moments have also been very yikes.


1. Kahlen - Duh. It's criminal what she had to go through this episode. But she took everything like a champ and produced one of the most iconic photos in ANTM history. Good for her.

2. Michelle - What an interesting case Michelle is. She's literally on cloud nine one second, and then she'll have all the doubt in the world. Following Michelle has been a bit of a headache, but also a fun one.

3. Christina - I thought Christina was really sweet this episode and I like how she was there for Kahlen.

4. Brittany - Even with minimal screentime, Brittany's larger than life personality always shines through.

5. Keenyah - Lol @ her during the judging test.

6. Naima - Naima's horrible acting is becoming one of my favorite minor storylines.

7. Tatiana - I was never able to warm up to her. Not gonna miss her.


Photo Ranking:


Though the timing of the shoot was suspect, I did enjoy it. I think it was a clever concept and it gave us an iconic shot. Could they have gotten the same shots with the girls lying in a coffin on the ground, or maybe just cut the coffin and graveyard idea entirely? Probably. But what is ANTM if they're not always doing The Most.


1. Kahlen - The definition of iconic.

2. Naima - I never realized how weak Naima's portfolio was the first half of the competition until looking at this chart. Naima is amazing here though and it's easily her strongest shot to date.

3. Christina - I think she's like 90% there, but that does put her above the other girls. I feel like this is a different kind of shot from Christina, which I appreciate.

4 Keenyah - Yeah not really gluttony, but I actually think it's sorta modelesque.

5. Michelle - Bad acting, but I appreciate that she tried to go for it.

6. Brittany - Maybe I'm being too harsh on this shot, but Brittany's really raised the bar on herself the past few weeks and this was a bit of a disappointment for me. I think she had the toughest emotion to portray because it's hard to look "sloth" but have a lot of energy. I'm conflicted because I think Brittany's doing the least...but I guess that's also the point? Idk 4-6 are pretty interchangeable.

7. Tatiana - I've decided I just simply don't really care for Tatiana as a model. Maybe she worked for some fans of the show, but I wasn't feeling any of her photos.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 4 - Episode 8)
1 hour ago, Alex95 said:

I never realized how weak Naima's portfolio was the first half of the competition until looking at this chart. Naima is amazing here though and it's easily her strongest shot to date.


1 hour ago, Alex95 said:

Naima's horrible acting is becoming one of my favorite minor storylines.


I really felt so strange for such a long time because I never understood the Naima love from the fans. So glad that over time we can be honest and admit her portfolio is genuinely terrible outside of a few strong moments. I am also happy we can admit she is such a fake individual to the point of low-key hilarity. :dead:

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3 hours ago, Alex95 said:

I'm ngl it hasn't been feeding me the way I've been hoping it would...but there are some stars.


Totally. I think that my love for the cycle has certainly faded over time, but I think there are so many big moments and lovable stars that keep me hanging on. I think it is sandwiched in between two much better cycles, which definitely makes it pale by comparison.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatched ANTM

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