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22 hours ago, Deeee said:

Two iconic episodes. Eva is an icon, though I find her a little less sympathetic compared to you. I also think Ann was #TeamTooMuch by the end of the falling out.

How dare you not find Eva sympathetic :kissbye: :claybleh:. Ann was definitely a bit too much, but I still appreciated the drama so I was okay with it lol.


20 hours ago, rdhaley96 said:





Lol well I'm reacting to how I feel as I'm watching through. So after the final five episode, that picture was her worst. And then the final four episode happened, and that picture became her worst.


20 hours ago, Solaris said:



both are bad, whats so hard to understand? 😘 

That's true too :giggle:

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Cycle 3 - Episode 13 - The Girl Who Wins It All


Following Ann's elimination, Eva's upset she didn't say goodbye to her :(. But she also recognizes her role in their friendship diminishing and takes it as a learning experience.


*Sappy music* "If there's anything that Amanda and I could do to make Eva feel more included and comfortable...I don't think we would 🙂" :dead:


Mr Jay: Ohhhh pretty!

Yeah if he's calling that pretty, they're definitely out to get my girl lol.


"I was thinking about the contract when shooting...kept me smiling 😄" :dead:


"I'm shaking you guys" Iconic meme ❤️


Lol Janice is disgusted they just sent Amanda home.


Amanda sad she wasn't able to win the money, but she hopes she inspired people with disabilities ❤️


And then there were 2...


Eva & Yaya are finally bonding now that they're the final two left and how excited they are that a Black woman will be America's Next Top Model :wub: (I don't know how people can call anything else the best final two I really don't)


Eva talking about how she's always looked for a role model and now she wants to be a role model for someone.


Yaya's still struggling with staying true to her roots without turning people off :(


This random girl just standing there for Tyra's pep talk to the final two :wub:


Can they both win? :wub:


Janice fighting hard for Yaya :wub: (so that means she loses :broken:)


Eva is our winner :wub:


"In comparison to other people in this competition, I definitely felt like I deserved to be recognized. And I will. They wanted something a little more bubbly and they found it"


And then there was 1!

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Cast Ranking:


You're hardly gonna see me jump up and down over a finale and this is no exception. There's just too little girls and too much going on. It's defintely fun and nerve-wrecking on first watch when you don't know what's happening. On rewatch, it's maybe a bit stale. Still, seeing Eva & Yaya walk into that final judging as the final two girls was EVERYTHING. One of my favorite sets of finalists in reality show history.


1. Yaya - Watching her lose was tough, but I was also at peace with her loss knowing winning the show probably wasn't the best move for her career. I think Eva needed this win more than Yaya, and fits the mold better. Yaya struggled all season with not losing herself, and I think not winning the show helps her maintain her individuality. She ended the season on a high note, I love that girl so much.

2. Eva - Wow, what a journey. To see where Eva started and now seeing her as the winner of the show...I'm so proud of her. She owned this finale with her amazing covergirl ad and runway walked and earned that win!

3. Amanda - I still love Amanda, and I'm fine with her peacing out 15 mins into the episode ❤️.


Photo Ranking:


The first of many Covergirl ads :wub:. Not much to say about it. I was definitely missing the commercial aspect we'll get in the later seasons, but the girls did a great job! As high as I am about C3 though, I must say the photoshoots overall were rather weak. Nowhere near the worst of the show, but a huge step down from last cycle.


1. Eva - One of the best Covergirl shots ever. Eva just exudes warmth in her picture. The pose is flawless and I just can't look away from her smile. 10/10 Covergirl picture.

2. Amanda - A really lovely and natural picture. I know I talk about her eyes all the time, but just look at them in this picture! She is so damn good! Amanda lost me for a bit in the middle of the competition, but she redeemed herself with her photos overseas.

3. Yaya - This isn't bad at all, I love all the pictures! I just think her smile looks a bit forced and fake compared to the other two girls. Yaya's still such a naturally beautiful girl though and it's evident in this picture.

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Cycle 3 - Overall Thoughts

I went into this cycle with extremely high expectations and C3 absolutely met those expectations. It's an iconic season for a reason, and I think it will be very difficult for another cycle to its spot as my favorite. While I think the first two cycles were more of a serious modeling competition, this cycle definitely upped the trashy reality show side of things, and I'm not mad about it lol. I mean, it's not "All-Stars" level of absurd yet :dead:. It was just a loooooot cheesier. This cycle lives and dies with the cast though, and the cast DELIVERED. There was new drama pretty much every other episode. Along with that, there was the Ann & Eva storyline which lasted the entire cycle. Any season of reality television would kill to have one of the first episode fight in the bar, #Browniegate, #Crystalgate. C3 has them all. Any season of reality television would kill to have a superstar as amazing as Eva, Yaya, or Toccara. C3 has them all. Like I mentioned earlier in the thread, I really don't think it's just these big names delivering though. I think everyone in the top 10 had big storylines and moments that helped make this the best cycle ever (besides maybe Nicole, who I'll talk about later, but I'd argue her invisibleness makes her iconic). This isn't like the first two cycles which were carried by a few amazing characters. While some obviously had more to do than others, a good majority of the cast pulled their weight. Maybe the first couple of boots were lame, but we got rid of them ASAP so I don't care.




1. Yaya - She was always gonna be number one. And yes, after a rewatch of C1 and 3, Yaya has overtaken Elyse and as of now, Yaya is my favorite ANTM girl of all-time. Will that stay? I guess we'll have to see. Yaya is a perfect reality show contestant in my eyes though. Yaya has her flaws and knows how to bring the drama, but she's genuinely a good person and almost always in the right. I mean Yaya's drama is her telling girls not to write in other girls' brownies. Fair enough. Yaya's struggle with being proud of her African roots in a western society. More than fair enough. Yaya dominating the competition and being proud of it. Good for her. While Yaya's execution could use some work at times, that's what makes her messy and an entertaining character. She is everything.

2. Eva - I've always been an Eva fan, but this rewatch has really elevated her in my eyes. In fact, she might be my second favorite of all-time behind Yaya idk I'd have to think about it. Eva perfected the redemption storyline though. She went from villainous overlord to plucky underdog. These redemption storylines can sometimes feel cheap and unearned, not Eva's. While some may not sympathize with Eva I do. I do think she was genuinely working hard to be a better person and not tear other people down. She may have slipped up at times, but she's only human. If she was just playing the game the entire time, then more power to her because she played those judges hard and she got a win out of it.

3. Toccara - My queen :wub:. Toccara was beyond ahead of her time. She was a star from the first second and no one this season made me laugh more than Toccara. Toccara had to put up with so much shit from the industry and yet look at her now. Thriving like she deserves :wub:. Toccara is one of the most universally beloved girls in ANTM history for a reason. I don't think I've ever met a fan of the show who doesn't adore her. Toccara has the personality, Toccara has the look, and Toccara had some great storylines.

4. Norelle - This is higher than probably anyone else would rank her, but I love me a good supporting character. I defended Norelle's inclusion in the top 20 of the ANTM rankdown and I stand by it. She is exactly who you want out of a supporting character on a reality show. She is funny and witty, she's an amazing narrator, and she knows how to step to the side to let the stars have their moment. Just wish she didn't use the r-word so much, but sadly that's part of watching early 2000's rtv, it was such a normalized word in so many people's vocabulary :(.

5. Kelle - Poor Kelle :dead:. She had such a fun underdog storyline. The fact that she scrapped her way to 9th place (or other people self-destructed more than her) is nothing short of a miracle. Kelle brought the lolz and she was the star of every scene she was part of. Love her!

6. Amanda - Amanda in the first couple episodes is nothing short of iconic. The inspirational girl of the season is actually the villain of the season? We love to see it :wub:. I think some of the optics of her during #CrystalGate was nagl, but I was still in shock and elation of her being a main figure of drama in the house. Unfortunately she completely died off after that episode, but I remained a fan the whole way!

7. Ann - What a mess. Definitely one of the most interesting and complex characters of the season. Ann starting off the season as the girl hopelessly codependent on Eva to being the girl to deny Eva a hug when she got eliminated...whew what a journey. Was I feeling Ann the entire time? No. She crossed lines multiple times throughout the season. But there's no denying she's a star and she is a main character in every single big, dramatic moment of the season. For that, I must give her props.

8. Nicole - The Purple Kelly of ANTM :wub:. Nicole was one of the strongest models of the season, but she just couldn't find a storyline for the life of her. So her storyline was that she was so boring, Tyra rigged her out to let the more interesting people continue in the competition :wub:. For that, I have to stan.

9. Julie - She had a lot of potential and I wish we saw more of her. She was genuinely charming and witty and we don't get to see Indian girls on the show very often. Too bad she completely blew up her chances :dead:.

10. Magdalena - We hardly knew you! She's this high for defending Tiffany after the fight in the bar in the first episode.

11. Leah - I have absolutely nothing to say about this girl. She was afraid of being plain Jane.......well I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but...

12. Cassie - I struggled with my ranking of Cassie. While I enjoy the exploitative nature of reality television, Cassie's storyline was too much for me. Everyone on the show knew Cassie had a problem, and it was kinda uncomfy how they used it on the show. So I sympathize with Cassie. That doesn't mean I have to like her though. And I don't. It had nothing to do with her eating disorder, it has to do with her whiny personality and how she just wanted to go home the whole time.

13. Kristi - Literally her entire storyline was about being a republican. What am I supposed to do with that? :dead:

14. Jennipher - Maybe she's a random choice, but she's my least favorite girl of the first three cycles. She was just desperate for drama and not in a fun way. She was just trying to play second fiddle to everyone and inserting herself where she didn't belong. It wasn't cute and I didn't like it.




Welp, that's C3, it was a fun one I hope you all had fun too! Tomorrow, we go to C4!

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 3)

Cycle 4 - Episode 1 - The Girl Who Is a Lady Kat... Reow!


I swear, Tyra shows this photo of herself every season.


Tiffany is back for a second chance :wub:


And we all remember her from last season :giggle:


Mary's back again too.


Tyra casually walking into the room and exposing this woman's audition tape where she says she once was a cast and has been reincarnated as a woman :dead:


Rebecca knows she looks sweet and innocent, but she uses that to get her way.


Keenyah is hoping to represent Compton in a more positive light than it is in the media.


Kahlen admits she's never watched an episode of ANTM :giggle:


Lindsey is a reformed Mormon.


"HELLLLLOOOOO How are all you FABULOUS people today?! 😄"


Tiffany's gone to anger management and says she's turned over a new leaf ❤️


Tiffany crying thinking about her baby at home and her grandmother, who had the lights turned off at her house in order to buy her a bathing suit for the competition 😭 (Mama TyTy better have mailed Grandma Tiffany a cheque :kissbye:)


Lol Brittany skinny dipping on the first night in the house.


The under 21 people stuck bowling while the 21+ girls are partying it up at the club :giggle:




Queen of the CATwalk!


Sarah is used to being the tomboy, but then she blossomed.


Lluvy used to be in a gang 😮


Michelle is a lady wrestler! (and future baby mama with Jonny Fairplay lol)


Naima recently shaved her head to shave off her past.


Eek not Brandy's wig being sewed into her head 🙈


Tatiana left highschool to be here.


Estela and her baby were homeless when her husband kicked them out when he didn't want them anymore :(


Lady Kat randomly jumping up on the table and screaming at Sarah about something :dead:


"I'm looking at them like damn that's how I used to act?!" :dead:


Tiffany pulling Lady Kat to the side to tell her to chill out because she's here for a reason.


A lewk!


Brita grew up wealthy, but now she supports herself.


Noelle had a baby young even though she's not supposed to be able to have kids.


Christina sobbing as they announce the first elimination lol


"We were all in there crying like we was on Oprah :rolleyes:" :dead:


"RAWR!" Lady Kat survives the first cut!


And she's crushing the first photoshoot!


Naima being extra af in the photobooth, but she's werking it.


Lol Noelle looked like she was about to have a heart attack when she made it through.


Tiffany is the last girl to make it into the house :wub:


Poor Mary going 0 for 2 :(


I do feel bad for Mary...literally why bring her this far twice and not give her a shot?


Still shocked Estela didn't make it considering she had the biggest sob story.


And just like that, we have our C4 cast!

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Cast Ranking:


Last year's casting episode was the greatest casting episode in ANTM history so there was literally nowhere to go but down. The cast clearly has a lot of potential and it was nice to get to know all of them. Tiffany's story was definitely the highlight of episode, along with all of Lady Kat's antics (WTF at her getting robbed? We really missed out on her melting down over flesh-eating bacteria in the house).


1. Tiffany - Very easy number one. The return of Tiffany is everything I was hoping and I love seeing this new side to her. She is so inspirational and amazing.

2. Brittany - She is just such a bundle of energy, how can you not be drawn to her? She had very little screentime, but she made the most of every second she had.

3. Kahlen - Spoiler alert, but I've never been Kahlen's biggest stan which I know is an unpopular opinion. However, I did find her aww shucks antics endearing this episode.

4. Naima - I'm very into her look and style. I don't remember much about Naima, but I'm open-minded to see how I feel about her.

5. Brandy - That wig is just soooooo much :dead:. Anyways, it's clear from the beginning that Brandy has that competitive fighter spirit I love.

6. Lluvy - Lluvy's interesting and I liked her story. She intrigues me.

7. Michelle - I didn't remember just how socially awkward Michelle is. Slightly uncomfy, but also entertaining to watch.

8. Keenyah - Didn't get a lot to do, but I liked what I saw.

9. Noelle - I like her, but the moms always worry me because I don't need them crying about missing their baby 24/7 :dead:

10. Brita - I never noticed that Brita is one of the most beautiful women to do this show.

11. Rebecca - She promised she has some hidden depths but I'm not seeing them yet (spoiler alert, nor do I ever remember seeing them)

12. Christina - Who?

13. Tatiana - Who?

14. Sarah - Idk what she did to get on Lady Kat's bad side but I'm gonna be #TeamLadyKat :kissbye:

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 4 - Episode 1)
22 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

Lady Kat did all that work to carry the episode and Tyra still leaves her behind smh

Smh the disrespect


21 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

LOL yes I remember that you think Kahlen is overrated or whatever. Even if you hate her portfolio she still adds some stuff to the season so I'm interested to see how it all plays out in the recaps

I'm honestly going into this very open-minded, I barely remember C4! Maybe I'll come at a Kahlen stan idk but I doubt it


21 hours ago, Gonzalo said:

I suppose that lady cat didn't pass the psychological test 🥺 

Bored Cat GIF

Lol lowkey that wouldn't surprise me :dead:

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Cycle 4 - Episode 2 - The Girls Who Hate Their Makeovers


Janice doing all this at her age...I have to stan


We're like three mins into the episode and we're already doing our first photoshoot...I'm v overwhelmed


"Where are you from?"


"Really? I was in rehab there once!"



Naomi excited to be an alien because she's a Trekkie :giggle:


Dramatic shots of Brandy impatiently waiting for her turn to shoot :haha:


Tiffany: Are we in the projects? I already lived in the projects I don't need to go back :dead:


Lol Brandy pissed about her hair getting f*cked up at the last photoshoot.


Miss J hitting Christina in the head with the height thing :dead:


Brita's worried about getting weighed..............with THAT body


Makeovers for all the girls :wub:


Brandy pissed they're not touching her at makeovers :dead:


And she whined her way into getting her hair cut queen :wub:


Michelle is literally shaking as she's getting her hair bleached.


Not Sarah getting the "Karen" haircut!


I wish they cut Rebecca's hair short because you just know she would've melted the f*ck down :giggle:


Tyra #snapped here


Tiffany's bear getting a makeover too :wub:




Keenyah loving her makeover after spending the whole day bitching :giggle:


Oop Tyra calling Brandy & Keenyah out for bitching at makeovers and then being like "See you at judging 🙂"


Tiffany mentoring Brandy and telling her she's gotta lose the attitude or she's gonna get cut.


Tiffany crying looking at her photo and being able to look beautiful ❤️


Oof Brandy is getting raked over the COALS at judging.


Poor Brita's elimination came COMPLETELY out of left field :dead:


"I'm just pissed off. I'm actually really regretting this experience right now :kissbye:" Lol Queen of honesty?


And then there were 13...

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Cast Ranking:


Unfortunately I found the episode to be rather boring. They had the first photoshoot, they had makeovers, they moved into the house, they had judging, and they had an elimination. There was just a lot going on and I feel like we barely got to know most of the girls (including the girl who got eliminated). It really just was The Brandy Show.


1. Tiffany - Ugh I love seeing this mature Tiffany playing mama bear to the girls who need guidance :wub:. Tiffany sees herself in some of these younger girls and just wants to help them not make some of the mistakes she's made. She's just amazing.

2. Keenyah - Keenyah being a diva and then being like lol jk :wub:

3. Michelle - The way she got her hair bleached looked painful, but she took it like a trooper and looked stunning after.

4. Brandy - Brandy was definitely a bit Much this episode, but she was literally the entire episode so I gotta give her props for giving us some content. And her storming onto set for the photoshoot being like "I'm tired srry :/" and then SLAYING was kinda amazing.

5. Brita - What a beautiful girl. Too bad her only storyline was that she thinks she's old and fat lol. Her elimination monologue about how she never should've done this made me lol though.

6. Kahlen - Aww shucks hasn't gotten old just yet!

7. Naima - Randomly being a nerd ❤️.

8. Lluvy - The Lluvy sucking at every photoshoot storyline beginning :wub:

9. Brittany - I just like her in general. I'm honestly struggling with everyone from Brita down because they got no content :dead:

10. Christina - Lol @ the way she looks like an alien.

11. Sarah - Lol @ her getting a Karen haitcut.

12. Rebecca - Lol @ her conversation with Janice.

13. Noelle - Lol @ her completely butchering her makeover one day later.

14. Tatiana - Idk these last 7 or so girls are interchangeable. I thought she sucked at the photoshoot, so it kinda annoyed me how the judges loved her idk.


Photo Ranking:


I didn't like this shoot that much. I don't like when the girls get placed so carefully that they don't have much freedom to move around at the shoot and do their own thing. Nigel's not a very good photographer oop so that certainly doesn't help. All around, a wholly unmemorable photoshoot.


1. Naima - I think she took the most risks here and it worked. She fit the character of the shoot well and still looked modelesque! Strong start for her!

2. Noelle - There's something dark and brooding about this show that I'm really drawn too. Kinda unexpected, but Noelle knocked it out of the park.

3. Brandy - The angles Brandy is making with her body are FIERCE. Despite not wanting to be there lol, she slayed.

4. Kahlen - Very dynamic and cool shot. Not my favorite face from her, but it's good.

5. Rebecca - I feel like Rebecca could've easily just rested on pretty so I like that she played with her angles and took some risks. I think this is a cool shot.

6. Tiffany - I love Tiffany's profile and she's serving me a lot of length with this shot!

7. Sarah - I like what she's trying to do here, I just wish she was more relaxed.

8. Michelle - It's okay. I'm not loving the face, but it's Fine.

9. Keenyah - Another one where I hate the face, but I like her body.

10. Brittany - She's definitely doing too much here and needs to reign it in a bit.

11. Christina - I think this photo is so ugly...but she got into character well :giggle:

12. Lluvy - Lol poor Lluvy.

13. Tatiana - What am I missing judges?? The pose is Model 101 and the face is horrible. I don't get it!

14. Brita - Poor Brita. She has such a beautiful face, what the hell is she doing here?!

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 4 - Episode 2)

I adore Brandy's look but WOW this environment is not here to help her whatsoever. You have no allies here, just cameramen and production out to make you look your worst. She needs support that she'll never get


Sarah's makeover kneecapped her before the competition even began lol. And yes they should have done more with Rebecca if for no other reason than to make her stand out

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22 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

I adore Brandy's look but WOW this environment is not here to help her whatsoever. You have no allies here, just cameramen and production out to make you look your worst. She needs support that she'll never get


Sarah's makeover kneecapped her before the competition even began lol. And yes they should have done more with Rebecca if for no other reason than to make her stand out

Yeah Brandy did not know how to play the game at all. She was so young, but she did have Tiffany looking out for her at least.


Sarah's makeover did absolutely nothing to make her look like a model. I agree, Rebecca could've used something drastic as well, for entertainment and modeling purposes.


22 hours ago, Solaris said:

Yaya #1 in the final ranks? 


Unimpressed Viola Davis GIF

It's what she deserves :wub:

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Cycle 4 - Episode 3 - The Girl Who Suddenly Collapsed


She's here :wub:


They're making the girls search the stands for high heels because why not :dead:


Brittany walking down the runway ~sexily~


Keenyah giving Sarah runway advice (but only half-assed because it's a competition :giggle:)


We stan a high fashion runway show!


Miss J: Walk as if you're walking through hell with gasoline pajamas on!


Rebecca wins the runway challenge!


Michelle freaking out in the shoe closet when Keenyah played a joke on her pretending to close it.


Michelle feeling all alone in the house.


Rebecca reveling a bit too much in the other girls serving her lol.


Brandy working so hard to control her attitude as she's serving Rebecca and her friends, good for her :wub:


Michelle opening up to Noelle that she's bisexual, and hiding it has been eating her up inside.


Oop Tiffany & Brandy eavesdropping on Michelle's conversation with Noelle 🙈


Brandy's way of comforting Michelle and letting her know she accepts her :dead: :wub:


Aww Tiffany, Brandy, and Noelle are being so cute here with Michelle as she's telling her story ❤️


This photoshoot is so insane and unnecessary lol


Brittany making sure she's not too "porn star" this shoot


High fashion queen :wub:


I did not remember Rebecca randomly having the frontrunner edit at the beginning.


Sarah is confident in her photos, but is worried her runway may hurt her.


Keenyah immediately falling at judging :dead:


Rebecca is up first at judging and I'm sure nothing will go wrong!


"You need to work on your presence, I don't feel-"





Lol iconic


"How many people were scared? Me too I was really really scared 🙂"


Rebecca is okay and we are continuing judging without her!


Lol Brittany's closeup :dead: She really modeled through her lips :wub:


Rebecca is out of the hospital and has made it to elimination! She talks about her pre-existing condition where she occasionally faints.


Kahlen's about to hyperventilate in the bottom 4 lol


Brittany survives! (And thank God for that)


Sarah is in disbelief that Brittany survived over her BYE GURL!


And then there were 12...

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Cast Ranking:


Much stronger episode than last week's. I feel like the characters got fleshed out a bit more and I got to know some of the girls much better. About half of them are still invisible, but it's a step in the right direction. And of course, Rebecca fainting at panel is one of the most iconic moments in ANTM history.


1. Michelle - I love to see Michelle open up this episode! I felt bad for her with how alone she was feeling and how unsafe she must've felt keeping her secret. But Michelle opening up about her bisexuality was such a great moment. ANTM having bisexual representation in 2004 :wub:.

2. Rebecca - Even before the faint, Rebecca was fun! She was power tripping hardcore off of her runway victory and that was funny. But then, the infamous faint was just the icing on top of the cake.

3. Brandy - I was very proud of Brandy this episode. She did a great job keeping her cool when Rebecca was bossing her around on the reward. I found her to be really sweet during Michelle's coming out scene as well.

4. Tiffany - Still an insanely strong narrator and super fun presence in the house. Also loved her reaction to Michelle coming out. I was afraid it was gonna go really yikes for a second when she was eavesdropping.

5. Brittany - Pornographic queen :wub:. Brittany surviving this bottom two appearance is such a cycle saving moment.

6. Keenyah - Keenyah's very quietly stealing the show and is kinda the star whenever she's on screen. So far she's gotten, like, 5 mins of screentime each episode at most, but she's dominated every second she's there.

7. Noelle - Also appreciated her during the Michelle coming out scene.

8. Naima - Idk, I just like her.

9. Lluvy - Idk, I just like her.

10. Christina - Her permanently O_O expression makes me lol every time I see her.

11. Tatiana - Who?

12. Kahlen - "They don't have shoes like this in Oklahoma!!!!!!!!!" I'm pretty sure they do Kahlen

13. Sarah - Meh, she didn't do anything terrible, but I've just decided I don't like her for some reason.


Photo Ranking:


No one:

Tyra: Let's make the girls pose with 10 dogs, flowers, and a male model

Like what is this supposed to teach?! That it's hard to pose with 10 dogs? I'm pretty sure I knew that before this photoshoot lol. Anyway it was so OTT and ridiculous, but I guess this is why we love ANTM :wub:


1. Tiffany - This shot is fierce! I love how strong and confident her stance is, and her face completely matches her pose. She's selling the flowers and controlling the dogs well. Amazing shot.

2. Christina - She took a big risk making this look like a bit of a motion shot, but it worked. My favorite pose of the bunch, the face could've been a bit stronger, but I think that's just Christina's face in general lol.

3. Keenyah - Ugh, she just needed to open her eyes more! It is so close to a perfect ad. It's the epitome of commercial though and I still love it.

4. Brittany - Lol it's completely ridiculous, but y'know what she fully committed to the sex angle and at least the shot's consistent. I don't hate it...

5. Michelle - It's a solid shot! A bit safe and predictable, but solid.

6. Lluvy - Wait, I forgot Lluvy actually took a good shot! Good for her!

7. Naima - I love the way Naima inverted her leg. It's a good shot, just not one of my favorites.

8. Brandy - As a modeling shot, I love it. Brandy's 2 for 2 with creating really strong poses with her body in the competition. Unfortunately, she's hiding the flowers and not really selling them so I had to knock her down.

9. Rebecca - Same as Brandy, I don't like how she lost her arm and isn't really selling the flowers. She looks really pretty though!

10. Noelle - Extremely safe and unmemorable.

11. Tatiana - I just really don't like the face Tatiana makes in her shots I think. This is another one that I do not get the judges love for.

12. Kahlen - Yeah, mess. She's not doing much of anything and just looks overwhelmed by all the elements. I could've really easily put it last tbh.

13. Sarah - That haircut really is such a crime. Sarah just didn't give us anything with this shot.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 4 - Episode 3)

Cycle 2 - Episode 4 - The Girl with the Worst Photo in History


Rebecca is feeling okay after fainting last episode and is ready to move on.


Brandy's getting mad that she's gonna be one of the last ones to use the phone and yelling at everyone.


And Tiffany is immediately removing her from the situation lol.


The girls are learning ballet today!


Tiffany chugging the wine down at dinner like it's water :dead: :wub:


4 glasses in and we're at the "I love you" portion of drunkenness


And now we're at the vomiting portion of drunkenness :(


Tiffany regrets getting that drunk at dinner because she's grown past that, and she's missing her kid and family at homes.


The girls get to meet Beverly Johnson, one of the world's first Black supermodels, at dinner!


"I don't understand why he would be so rude and so mean to anyone 😭" Kahlen after dealing with the photographer from hell :haha:


"He had me some dumbass jumping move that didn't have nothing to do with tennis!"


Tiffany taking the bait hook, line, and sinker and getting sassy with the photographer ❤️


Brandy's upset about being baited at the challenge because she knows she already has the reputation of being angry all the time.


Now who does Miss Tatiana think she is trying to come for Brandy while she's hiding under a table???




"Brandy this is somebody else's house 😮" :giggle:


Naima wins the challenge for maintaining her composure!


Not Naima, Kahlen, and Tiffany getting to meet Serena Williams!


"How many times are you out at the club and a man is like 'what's your sign girl?!'" What straight man is asking for girls signs at the club Tyra???


Lluvy is excited to be pisces at the photoshoot because she looks like a fish :dead:


Brandy getting frustrated at the shoot again because she's tired of waiting.


Tatiana whining to Tiffany about how Brandy ThReAtEnEd her the other day


Tiffany calling Tatiana out about how she was poking and prodding Brandy.


That didn't go the way you thought it was gonna go, did it 🙂


And Brandy is calling Tatiana out after the shoot for still talking about her behind her back even though they're already apologized to each other.


"Everyday a group of girls wanna come at Brandy with something! Everybody wanna gang up on Brandy!"


"All y'all bitches evil!"


"Brandy...yeah most of the time she's wrong 🙈 but I do protect her, that's my little sister"


"You know she's angry, why provoke her?! Why say something to her?!"


I adore Tiffany as the big sister to Brandy protecting her, but still privately calling her out when she's wrong and telling her not to threaten the girls or get in their faces.


When this wins the S4 photo rankdown >>>>>>>>


Brandy: *does nothing*

Tyra: Why do you look so sad we miss that bubbly personality :(. The negative attitude is gonna send you home :kissbye:

Miss Brandy has been nothing but professional here at panel. They're just fishing for reasons to call her out


Beverly: You're a gorgeous girl and these should never be seen by anyone...ever


This is so funny fnjdkafnjklsanflkjasn


Iconic worst photo in ANTM history :wub: (though Tyra must've forgotten about Xiomara's underwater shot and everything from the C1 lingerie shoot)


"Is Naima really a ballerina? I would do a lie detector test on that one" Miss Beverly Johnson is iconic :dead:. They should've made her a permanent judge


Brittany going from bottom two to FCO :wub:


Not Tyra rubbing it in that she called Lluvy's photo the worst in the history of ANTM :dead:


Tiffany's reaction to Brandy getting cut :broken:


"If they would've took the time to look past what they thought was an attitude maybe they would've seen the real me"


Brandy saying she'll miss Tiffany and she's always wanted a big sister and now she's glad she got one 😭


And then there were 11...

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Cast Ranking:


This episode kinda angered me as all the whites ganged up on Tiffany & Brandy. At least there was conflict and Tiffany got another killer episode under her belt. The challenge with the bitchy photographer was pointless, but made for hilarious tv.


1. Tiffany - Tiffany gave us content galore this episode. From getting drunk at dinner, to nearly killing the mean photographer, to playing protective mama bear to Brandy. Tiffany was so righteous about everything this episode. Brandy is far from perfect, but those girls are doing absolutely nothing to help her by trying to get a rise out of her. I completely get why Tiffany ended up flipping out on them and why she was fed up. Brandy has anger issues, that's obvious. But what on earth do the girls gain from constantly harping on her?

2. Brandy - I feel like Brandy deserved better, but I'm glad she got out of this house because the girls were clearly just on the edge of their seats waiting for her to snap. I know Brandy was A Lot, but I found myself really having a soft spot for her. Tiffany's power :wub: :wub: :wub:

3. Lluvy - Lol her photo :wub:

4. Brittany - Her redemption arc begins :wub:

5. Michelle - I liked her this episode taking care of Tiffany after she got wasted at dinner.

6. Kahlen - Kahlen sobbing over how rude that photographer dared to be was funny.

7. Keenyah - Waiting for her to come alive (though I'm pretty sure she doesn't become the villain till the other Scary Black Girls are gone)

8. Rebecca - Now that she's fainted she's pointless.

9. Noelle - Who?

10. Naima - She needed to mind her business a bit more during the Tatiana & Brandy stuff :kissbye:

11. Christina - As did she :kissbye:

12. Tatiana - The microagressions! The way she came for Brandy and then played victim when Brandy fought back was disgusting. And then trying to whine to Tiffany for help and still bitching about it the next day, even after the apologies. Tatiana was disgusting this episode. Why was everyone so concerned about Brandy's outburst but not Tatiana's????


Photo Ranking:


My favorite shoot yet! I always like it when the girls get into different characters. I completely forgot until watching this the shoot was supposed to sell lingerie...the styling must've forgotten that too. But it was still a strong shoot.


1. Michelle - An ethereal shot. For a wrestler, she managed to create a photo that is so soft and lovely. Definitely my favorite of the competition yet.

2. Keenyah - With the animal shots, a lot of the girls went the really predictable route, but Keenyah took a risk here and it really paid off. The closeup and long shot both work here, I love it!

3. Brittany - Brittany held back, but still showed a lot of energy and delivered a stellar shot. Everything about it works.

4. Rebecca - I don't like that they gave this sign to Rebecca because it was way too easy for her personality. Unsurprisingly, she did a great job though.

5. Kahlen - A little on the nose, but she looks so strong and so fierce.

6. Christina - Considering this shot is supposed to be about symmetry, I don't think it's very symmetrical at all. As a modeling shot it's great, but I'm not exactly sure she got the character.

7. Brandy - Her face could've been stronger, but I absolutely LOVE the pose. I gotta say, Brandy was really strong in all three shoots. Obviously she didn't deserve to be eliminated, but my guess is the producers were Afraid or whatever :rolleyes:

8. Naima - It's a decent shot, but like the judges I expected more form her. Though I like the pose, it's predictable and the face isn't her best.

9. Tiffany - I think she got screwed with awful and distracting costuming. She's not really shining behind it all unfortunately.

10. Tatiana - This photo is so off, though I think that's mainly Jay and the photographer's fault for doing a shitty job setting her up. It's not that interesting of a picture though and she herself is not bringing anything to it.

11. Noelle - Painfully predictable. She got such an easy character, and she didn't give us anything.

12. Lluvy - Worst photo in ANTM history? No. Worst photo of the week? Clearly.

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