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Off topic: Cycle 3 is legendary for many reasons, but I always considered Cycle 4 to be the magnum opus of reality TV ANTM with the return of Tiffany, Rebecca fainting, Lluvy photo, skin infection scare, BE QUIET TIFFANY, Kahlen's friend passing, crocodile, etc. And then Cycle 6 has the best single episode of all time with the CoverGirl commercial.


On topic: Cycle 3 has amazing characters but wtf were they thinking with Leah, Kristi, Cassie, Jennipher... the interchangeable blondes who I always forget the order they leave in... 


22 hours ago, Alex95 said:

"And I was thinking...gross because he looks like a woman and that's not something you see everyday in Oklahoma"

We get this line so f*cking often in reality TV. "omg that's not something you see every day in my small town hahaha" :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: Furonda is Iconic : ANTM

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On 6/26/2021 at 10:42 PM, FrogLenzen said:

LMAO Look out or I'll add the stairs photoshoot to the mini-rankdown 

Honestly, it deserved!


On 6/26/2021 at 10:54 PM, *Wallace said:


LMAO Yesss the VH1 ANTM marathons were the best and I would watch those so often too. :dead: That's why I'm so familiar with and saw these earlier cycles so much. :haha: 



Anywho..... loving and finding these Alex write-ups so much fun to read through! 😄 


- Eva was such a true star of this cycle. :wub:  Love all of your comments on her!

- I love Tocarra as a person/personality but can get how she was frustrating as a model.

- Yaya was maybe someone not too big/involved in the drama but agree that she was always so righteous. I was always often on her side.

- Lol I don't know why but I often forget how much drama Amanda was apart of. But it's coming back to me in these write-ups.

- I was #TeamCassie over #TeamAnn on the brownie gate. Cassie wasn't completely innocent/in the right but Ann really annoyed me in that situation. I felt she got too personal regarding Cassie. So yeah that's pretty much our only disagreement.

- I wasn't big on Kelle but agree she was such a sweetheart and likable person. And her treatment was really  rough so that made me feel bad for her. :( Sadly didn't like her modeling.

- omgg I LOVE the episodic Nicole sightings in the write-ups and those parts seriously crack me up! :dead: 

I love that we all watched them :dead: :wub:


Thanks 😄


-Yay glad you love and appreciate Eva as much I do :wub:

-Yeah, it's a shame her stunning face never could quite deliver in most of her photos :(

-I agree, I was often on her side as well.

-I definitely respect being #TeamCassie there, and I certainly agree that Ann crossed the line. I just ~got~ where Ann was coming from with her frustrations of Cassie not keeping up so I was able to be on her side more.

-Yeah I feel bad for how Kelle was treated :(. I think there was some potential as a model. And while I do think they were out of their way too screw with her, she wasn't delivering top-tier photos anyway.



On 6/26/2021 at 11:27 PM, 1234567890 said:

This cycle is just so iconic. :wub:



On 6/27/2021 at 9:20 PM, FrogLenzen said:

Off topic: Cycle 3 is legendary for many reasons, but I always considered Cycle 4 to be the magnum opus of reality TV ANTM with the return of Tiffany, Rebecca fainting, Lluvy photo, skin infection scare, BE QUIET TIFFANY, Kahlen's friend passing, crocodile, etc. And then Cycle 6 has the best single episode of all time with the CoverGirl commercial.


On topic: Cycle 3 has amazing characters but wtf were they thinking with Leah, Kristi, Cassie, Jennipher... the interchangeable blondes who I always forget the order they leave in... 


We get this line so f*cking often in reality TV. "omg that's not something you see every day in my small town hahaha" :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: Furonda is Iconic : ANTM

That's an intersting theory that I'll have to wait to comment on until I rewatch. When I remembered originally watching it, I wasn't AS high on, it considering it was following 3, and I really only cared at Brittany and Keenyah in the endgame tbh.


While I'd agree C3 is top heavy, the boot order is flawless enough that we got rid of all the irrelevance first and the entire top 9 DELIVERED whether you like them or not (besides Nicole lol, but I'd argue she's iconic FOR her irrelevance). Meanwhile in C4, Tiffany & Brandy were getting robbed in favor of whoever the hell Christina & Tatiana are.


Lol yeah it comes up a lot from these ~country girls~ and I'm just like I really don't care.

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Cycle 3 - Episode 8 - The Girl Who Is Panic Stricken


Omgggg why don't I remember this overly scripted scene of Tyra crying to her mom about not being able to help Cassie and feeling bad for eliminating her :dead:. This is cringe.


F*CK YOUUUUUUUUUUU (oops I'm getting ahead of myself)


Rebecca: When I look at these things, they look very cheap

Amanda: ....well I'm very poor :/


"If you go into a toothpaste commercial, are you gonna go in a dashiki?"



Toccara & Yaya talking shit about the stylist after she left :wub:


Tyra relating to Toccara at dinner over the struggles they have to go through as minorities entering the final industry. I appreciate Tyra not sugarcoating it that the unfortunate truth is that Toccara can't be just as good as the skinny white models, she has to be better than them.


Lol Ann & Eva making Nicole makeup Tyra Mail.



The other girls weren't as amused about the fake Tyra Mail about going to Europe :giggle:


"I took my conversation with Rebecca as just that, a conversation. I can be successful without compromising who I am" ❤️❤️❤️


Lol Norelle naming Yaya as the girl she doesn't get along with when no one else is giving names :dead:


Everyone: I can't believe they thought we would fall for naming someone we don't get along with.

Norelle: Yaya I said you name in mine 👁️👄👁️


Yaya winning her third challenge in a row :wub: (to Eva & Ann's anger :wub:)



Yaya & Norelle hashing out their issues over dinner and understanding each other more.


For the photoshoot, the girls are posing with tarantulas!


Nicole sighting! (To talk shit about Eva not being as badass)


My girl is not doing well :(


She looks like she's having an out-of-body experience omg


"As hardass as Eva comes off to be, I was pretty surprised she was crying so much about the spider" Girl weren't you sobbing in Eva's lap for having to fly in a plane :kissbye:


Omg Ann walking into judging with a dirty shirt 🙈


Nole: Yaya, you're half-African, half-cowgirl it looks like you're about to ride a giraffe


"You have this intensity to prove your Africaness and I think sometimes it's overbearing" This woman is #cancelled, right? Her ass better not still be around styling celebs :kissbye:


Tyra looks as ready to #drag as I am


"In response to trying to prove myself as an African, that's just where I come from it's very natural to me. I did not choose the African hat for the very specific reason that it's very cliche, the FABRIC that it's made from is very artificial, very cheap fake kente"

Soooooo insanely proud of Yaya for standing up for herself here when it's a competition and it would've been so much easier for her to just shut her mouth and listen to the judges. This is why Yaya's still a success today.


I was ready for Tyra to #drag the racist ass judge, but instead she's dragging Yaya :/


Yaya having to apologize for being defensive 😭 ugh I hate it


Ughhhh that wasn't enough and now Tyra's making her apologize to the f*cking fake kente hat. Remember when I was praising C3 Tyra? Ignore that 🙂


Not Ann surviving her THIRD bottom two appearance!


Goodbye Queen 😭


And then there were 6...

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Cast Ranking:


So obviously this was a very frustrating episode. It's funny, I think this episode was supposed to be a lesson on "how to behave" and "fit in". I took it as a lesson on the evils of the modeling industry. It's WILD how Yaya was supposed to be the villain of the episode when that couldn't be further from the truth. It's wild how we're supposed to accept Toccara's struggles and that's just the way it is. This episode was ugly, but also extremely honest in its portrayal of the fashion industry in the world. While this episode had me heated for almost the entire runtime, I'll also take it any day over a boring episode.


1. Yaya - This woman is sooooooo ahead of her time it's not even funny. In episode one, Yaya says she's here to represent a beauty that is Black and represent her African roots. The show is determined to make her conform, but Yaya stay true to herself for about 38 minutes of the episode and that takes so much bravery. One of my favorite episodes for any girl in ANTM history. I love her so much :wub:

2. Eva - Eva faced off against the tarantula and she won :wub:. I enjoyed seeing Eva's more vulnerable side and I love how she behaved at the shoot. She didn't make herself the victim or throw a tantrum. Yes she cried, but she was facing her biggest fear so that's normal. The other bitches must be scurred that Eva still slayed while facing her biggest fear :wub:

3. Norelle - Lol Norelle's such a mess ❤️. I love how she accidentally spilled a name during the interviewing challenge unlike everyone else :dead:. But I also appreciate how she and Yaya talked about their differences and learned to respect them.

4. Toccara - Ugh I'll miss her so much. While I do think her energy was waaaaaay deflated this episode, it's hard to blame her when she kept getting shot down and kept being told she'll never make it in the industry. She was forced into challenges with no clothes that fit her. She never stood a chance, it's hard to not get defeated under those circumstances.

5. Amanda - Amanda the villain unfortunately seems dead, but she's still kinda UTR bitchy which I enjoy.

6. Nicole - Her only content is hating on Eva, girl bye :kissbye:

7. Ann - Though I'm an Ann defender, I wasn't feeling her this episode. I found her really fake talking about Eva in the confessionals, especially considering she sobbed like a baby over having to fly in a plane or sleep in a different room from Eva. I'm also a bit salty that she beat Toccara though lowkey I get the judge's decision


Photo Ranking:


My favorite shoot of the season so far :wub:. It's a beauty shot with a big of an edge thanks to the tarantulas. Some of the girls delivered shots that are amongst my favorites of the cycle. I just really enjoyed it a lot!


1. Eva - I'm not gonna lie, I think knowing the circumstances behind the photo certainly helps my opinion of it. The fact that she was so terrified and still managed to deliver this gorgeous and confident photo. That's nothing short of amazing.

2. Yaya - Despite being a beauty shot, Yaya knows how to deliver the most beautiful poses. This photo is regal and she's doing an amazing job selling the diamonds.

3. Nicole - This photo continues to grow on me. It's extremely flirty and daring. She's also conveying so much power with her eyes. Absolutely love it!

4. Amanda - Huuuuuge gap between my top three and bottom four. It's fine, but nothing all that special.

5. Norelle - Same as Amanda. It's an okay shot, but nothing I'll remember.

6. Ann - This shot barely looks like Ann. She's such a gorgeous girl, I don't know how she photographs like that. So disappointing.

7. Toccara - Ugh, she's giving me nothing with her eyes :(. We know Toccara has the goods based on her post-show work. It kills me that her portfolio on the show is as disappointing as it is.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 3 - Episode 8)
1 hour ago, Alex95 said:

"You have this intensity to prove your Africaness and I think sometimes it's overbearing" This woman is #cancelled, right? Her ass better not still be around styling celebs :kissbye:


Yikes 😬


And Yaya got eliminated after that too? 😐


ETA: Nevermind, I just noticed they were all wearing the same hat. :duh: 

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Cycle 3 - Episode 9 - The Girls Meet Taye Diggs


Nicole Sighting in the first two minutes of the episode (so you know she's screwed lol)


My company when they originally wanted me to go into the office at the beginning of the pandemic.


Lol Amanda being the only one to sob at the acting exercises, this is not C2 at all :dead:


Eva losing her mind over meeting Taye Diggs :wub:


"We strolled down the park" :dead:


Amanda accidentally moving her head after she was supposed to "die" :dead:


Lol oop they "forgot" to give Nicole a critique


Yaya, queen of winning her fourth challenge in a row :wub:


The girls are going to Tokyo!


Eva, Ann, and Norelle are excited the three of them have stayed together this whole time. I'm sure nothing will go wrong overseas 🙈


Yaya & Amanda enjoying their luxury class after Yaya won the challenge ❤️


The other girls: Getting immersed in the culture

Norelle: I'm so excited there's Hello Kitty here, which is my favorite 😄


It's commercial time and the girls are doing it in Japanese :dead:


Eva trying so hard not to offend as she's butchering the Japanese ❤️




"So who would that be, me or Norelle? :kissbye:"


Eva & Ann having a role reversal where Ann killed it and Eva is spiraling because she bombed ❤️


Nicole's on her, like, 7th confessional of the episode, which likely doubles the amount of confessionals she's had up to this point :dead:


Welp Eva, Ann, and Norelle didn't stay together for long once they go to Tokyo ❤️


"There's one person eliminated every single time and that one person should not be me and if it is...I need to have a talk with the judges" Queen of knowing her worth ❤️


Umm hello to Yoshie's translator 👀





The girls are loving the umeboshi at the judging test :dead:




Yaya spitting out the umeboshi 🙈. I know she gets a loooooot of flack for this, but it was just an immediate visceral reaction, you can't control that. As someone who used to be a very picky eater and has a bit of a gag reflex, I don't blame her.


Lol Norelle watching her awful commercial :dead:


Uh oh, in a totally Not Scripted Moment, Tyra "forgot" Nicole


Eva SHOCKED over getting called safe second :wub:


Tyra: "Yaya, I suggest you go to the nearest bakery in Japan, and order up a slice of some humble pie" She needs to save a piece for you Miss Tyra :kissbye:


Lol poor Nicole totally got rigged out (but also #slay at the producers knowing the final five had some juicy storylines coming up and they needed to stick around ❤️)


And then there were 5...

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Cast Ranking:


It was a decent episode! One of the worser ones by C3's standards, but I still enjoyed myself watching it. It was lowkey chaotic with everyone flopping which was fun. And lot's of set up for the amazing endgame here and the death of a bffmance.


1. Yaya - I'm just super defensive of Yaya in general and I feel like people were waiting for Yaya to fall. Was spitting out the umeboshi the most respectful thing in the world to do? Of course not. But she was apologetic and I never saw her do it with malice, or like Tyra said, "thinking she was above the product". I think they just wanted to punish her more for last episode. I still love Yaya and thought she was great here!

2. Eva - As much as I've loved Eva's morph into the hero of the season, I did kinda love seeing the villain we all fell in love with at the start of the season reappear. Eva f*cking off the competition and completely spiraling and pray for her friends' downfall was kinda amazing :haha:.

3. Norelle - Norelle in Tokyo :wub:. She deals with the culture shock the worst and I love every second of it lol.

4. Ann - Say what you want about Ann, but I legit don't think I've ever seen her talk shit about someone behind their back and not say it to their face. I kinda loved seeing Ann call Eva out for being fake. Ann does have a mind of her own it seems!

5. Amanda - Amanda rolling her head after "dying" in the acting challenge and having to die again made me alol.

6. Nicole - I almost didn't want to put her last because her elimination was so iconic. Obviously I hate the boring girls, but Nicole was so boring, they made that her storyline and it cycles back to being entertaining. Nicole is the Purple Kelly of ANTM and I love it. But obviously I'm thrilled with them rigging her out here and saving the five superior girls.


Commercial Ranking:


I looooove when they make the girls do commercials in foreign languages :wub:. It always yields such messy and hilarious results. Obviously they all sucked, but it was amazing to watch!


1. Ann - The best of the worst. Y'know what, she pronounced the Japanese really well and her delivery wasn't horrible. So FCO it is!

2. Amanda - Painfully average, as Amanda's been the past two weeks. But still better than the others.

3. Yaya - While she nailed the Japanese, her delivery was so stilted and weird. We all know she's the best actress of the bunch though ❤️. Queen of f*cking Mark Ruffalo in The Kids Are All Right :wub:

4. Nicole - As the judges said, really forgettable and boring. While they rigged her out, her performance at the commercial didn't make it impossible.

5. Eva - Yeah she struggled through that whole thing. She looked good though and showed some personality!

6. Norelle - As far as entertainment goes, this is easily at the top. But yeah, as far as actual performance goes it's an easy last place :dead:

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 3 - Episode 9)
22 hours ago, Deeee said:

We have now arrived at the iconic F5-F4 episode stretch. :wub:

Ugh I'm so ready :wub: after a brief recap episode I believe


12 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

"Oh, there you are.. behind Yaya..."


That's a quote I encourage everyone to use in their everyday life.

Lol idk how you can throw that into everyday conversation, but I support you :wub:

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Cycle 2 - Episode 10 - The Girl Who Goes Ballistic


Recap time! We learn Magdalena felt uncomfortable in her bathing suit.


Lol I'm very curious what Kelle has in her hand that's getting censored.


Bonus scene of Yaya & Toccara judging Ann for her meltdown about not getting to room with Eva ❤️


Toccara admits she's done some ~exotic dancing~


Toccara: Her eyes are too blue and her hair...it's scary. I don't wanna be around her at nighttime and she's walking down the hallway :dead:


Amanda's on garbage duty and wants to trade jobs because she's blind and doesn't wanna be walking around at night, but no one wants to trade ❤️.


Yaya finally decides to switch with her "It didn't seem that dark outside to me... :rolleyes:"


Omg Cassie admitting to her mom she was a stripper. How did this not make the show 😮


We're at #crystalgate again and apparently Yaya was involved in this, and she was talking shit to Eva of course :giggle:


Miss J giving Toccara her own private runway lessons ❤️. Queen really had some of these judges eating out of the palm of her hand :wub:


Lol I forgot the girls had a trainer, they haven't shown him since, like, the second episode. That's why we need my Man from C1 back :wub:


Yaya & Eva getting into it after browniegate :wub:

Yaya: I don't feel negativity towards you, I just don't feel anything 🙂


Toccara cackling and agreeing with Eva that Yaya's a cold person :dead:


Janice being Janice at panel ❤️ (I feel like I need to rewatch CBB16 to get the full Janice experience again, and because that's an iconic season ❤️)


Eva & Ann doing Janice impressions ❤️


Oh wow, so Nicole made them change her outfit at the alter ego shoot because she didn't feel comfortable wearing fur. Good for her ❤️.


Miss J cheering Toccara up after she got bullied by the wardrobe lady at the alter ego shoot ❤️


Toccara: Is it my fault she had to work extra hard?

Ms J: It's your fault because you're fat bitch :kissbye: Put her fat ass in some clothes and feed her some more fried chicken and macaroni & cheese.


"You got all these bony bitches, you gotta deal with. I say take these bony bitches and knock them in the head"

While MANY things about ANTM don't age well, I'm glad Miss J is as amazing as I remember her :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:. Genuinely one of my fave judges in rtv history.


At dinner, Yaya is calling the girls out for making fun of Savvas the trainer's accent :wub: (very passive aggressively of course, the only way she knows how :wub:)


Distressed, Yaya called her sister about the fight at panel over the hat.


"Sorry one second 🙂...I CAN'T HEAR I'M ON THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!"





All the girls being horny after their acting lesson with Taye Diggs :wub:


Tomorrow we get to the dramatic ass endgame :wub:

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While I'm not doing rankings for the recap, I gotta say this was a really fun episode! There was A LOT of never before seen scenes, which is what the recap should be about. And it revealed to me that Yaya was ALWAYS a star and always getting into drama and we got robbed the first half of the season :wub:

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 3 - Episode 10)
12 hours ago, 1234567890 said:

Tyra “forgetting” Nicole. :dead: :wub:

Tyra queen of giving us a messy final 5 :wub: :wub:


10 hours ago, 1234567890 said:

Thinking of Janice at this time. ♥️♥️♥️

Ugh I forgot that Janice was one of his victims :(. Hope she's finding some sort of peace somewhere at this time.

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Cycle 3 - Episode 11 - The Girl the Lionesses Are Hunting


Yaya (rightfully) frustrated her critiques are about character instead of performance


Ann is saying her opinion of Eva has changed drastically and she's surprised by it.


"Amanda and I ~emulate" the Japanese style


"I do not understand Japanese food...I do not eat Japanese food! If I do I eat, like...panda express?" :dead:


"Opening a sliding door in Japan seriously takes like five minutes" :dead:


"I travel the world all the time and people tell me how respectful I am and how humble of a person I am 🙂"


Eva: I had a great respect for learning their rituals. I definitely wasn't as deep as Amanda who CRIED


Norelle making like 10 mistakes during the tea ceremony :wub:


Queen Yaya winning her 5th challenge in a row :wub: :wub:


Out at dinner, Eva is noticing the separation between her and the other four girls.


"I used to do 20-25 fashion shows in Paris each season" We know Tyra


Ann lowkey throwing Eva under the bus and telling Tyra about how she's starting to see ~different sides to people~


The girls having it out at Eva for "being fake" and for the situation where she rooted against Norelle last week. From where I'm sitting, Eva's the only one who remembered this is a competition first and foremost :kissbye:


"You've said some shit Ann so DON'T EVEN!"


Eva calling Ann out for talking about Norelle's weight behind her back. "I mean she has a bigger midsection, that is something that is factual to me 🤨"


"Oh my God! My one friend wants me to go home, my one friend thinks I'm fat!"


"You really wanna make me study psychology more 🙂" Yaya is too much sometimes :dead:


Lol Norelle is spilling all the tea about last night's dinner and Tyra's just like everyone talks shit about everyone :dead:


Eva apologizing again and saying she was rooting against her from her own insecurities and Norelle still loves Eva to death :wub:


Eva showing everyone up at the photoshoot :wub:


Eva breaking down at panel as she's beginning to feel drained :(


Pink positivity is finally getting split up :(


How on EARTH did Ann survive her fourth bottom two appearance?! Especially vs. Norelle on her first when they really liked her picture?!


And then there were 4...

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Cast Ranking:


Another amazing episode courtesy of C3 :wub:. I love when the show takes its international location seriously and I love how they examined and taught the audience about Japanese culture. But of course we're all here for the death of Eva & Ann's friendship. Their fight is the climax of the season. One of the first scenes of the cycle was Ann & Eva toasting to final two. Now, Ann can barely be in the same room as Eva. Definitely heartbreaking to see their friendship disintegrate like this.


1. Eva - Finally Eva reclaims the top spot, and it's extremely well-deserved. At the start of the season, Eva was pushing everyone away due to her insecurities. However, she let her guard down and brought people in, forming some very genuine bonds throughout the season, and being a likable member of the household. Unfortunately, she let her insecurities win again and put her walls back up, pushing her friends away and finding herself alone once again :(. So sad to watch. I don't blame Eva though. It is a competition and some of the girls have forgotten that. Eva hasn't. She wants to win badly. When Eva broke down at panel, I could see how it was just from pure exhaustion of the emotional turmoil she's gone through throughout the competition. I appreciated Eva's apology to Norelle and I was glad to see them mend fences before she left.

2. Norelle - This episode was everything I love about Norelle. First of all, she was HILARIOUS at the tea ceremony. I could see how some may find her disrespectful, but I always viewed it as Norelle making fun of herself and how she couldn't understand it, not making fun of the culture. While Norelle sucked, it didn't seem intentionally disrespectful. Norelle in the middle of the Ann & Eva fight was also pretty fun. She's just a sweetheart and one of my favorite supporting characters in ANTM history. (Her liberal use of the r-word is a painful reminder of how problematic early 2000's reality tv is though)

3. Yaya - As the number one Yaya defender, I will admit she was a bit Much this episode. I don't see any reason why she needed to insert herself in the Eva, Ann, and Norelle drama just to randomly #drag Eva. I mean, it was very in character for Yaya, but while I usually defend Yaya's arguments while sometimes questioning her execution, I don't really have a defense for Yaya here. Having said that, it's not like she was doing anything Bad, just sticking her nose where it didn't belong. I was still thoroughly entertained with Yaya as always.

4. Amanda - Definitely the most pointless person in the episode. I almost ranked her last, but Ann did actively annoy me this episode and I enjoyed Amanda spending the entire episode attempting not to sob. She also got some strong narrator content and she was doing a pretty good job, considering she's competing against Eva & Yaya for the role who are confessional queens.

5. Ann - Where I am #TeamAnn is her issue with Eva's comments about Norelle last episode and rooting against her friend. While I don't blame Eva since it is a competition, I do completely get Ann & Norelle being upset from a human standpoint. However, Ann looked like boo boo the fool when Eva brought up the comments Ann made about Norelle's weight behind her back. Ann should've been able to forgive Eva if Norelle was able to, since Eva's comments were directed at Norelle and not Ann. This is all about Ann's insecurities about now much better Eva is better than her at this. Eva's mature enough to realize her issues are coming from her insecurities, while Ann is not able to realize this about herself and is instead blaming it all on Eva. Very interesting stuff. I really should've put Amanda last because Ann is certainly delivering...but whatevs.


Photo Ranking:


I'm not sure about the posing in kimonos...I'll let other people more intelligent than I make that decision. I didn't really get the photoshoot though. What's the correlation between kimonos and T-Mobile phones? Jay was spewing some bullshit about modern meets the past, but I wasn't buying it. I also found the lighting to be horrific during the shoot, which really hurt some of the girls.


1. Eva - An iconic shot! This is Eva's winning shot imo. She's selling the kimono, she's selling the phone, she's showing off her body. This photo is extremely deliberate and proves Eva just has the It Factor. She understands her body and she understands what a good photo looks like. This isn't one of those shots you stumble into and it turns out to be fabulous. Eva created this because she is good at her job! Amazing!

2. Amanda - This photo grows has significantly grown on me throughout the years. I used to hate how Amanda had her back to the camera, but now I love it. She's showing appreciation for the kimono and really showing it off. Meanwhile, she found the light flawlessly in this shot and her face is as strong as always. Easily my favorite shot of Amanda for a few weeks now.

3. Norelle - I think the face reads a little confused, but it's not a bad shot. Like Amanda, I've also come to appreciate her turning her back to the camera to show off the kimono. Norelle's elimination is really weird to me. I guess the producers just needed more Ann, but this shot doesn't justify her elimination. I'm actually surprised by how much more I liked Norelle's portfolio than I remembered. It's not one of the best ever obviously, but I remembered her as more of a character than a model, but she's got some great photos in there!

4. Yaya - By far her worst photo of the competition. It doesn't look like a model selling a cellphone. It looks like an old person trying to figure out how to work their cellphone lol. Yaya's profile is gorgeous, but this pose is doing nothing for her.

5. Ann - I feel like I should've put Yaya last...but this photo sucks too. Ann did not find her light at all and the pose is just so uncomfortable. There's absolutely no grace, she really should've been eliminated here (well objectively she should've been eliminated before lol, but I'm also fine with getting one more episode out of Ann & Eva).

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 3 - Episode 11)

Cycle 3 - Episode 12 - The Girl Who Didn't Hug Goodbye


Ann & Eva are noticing there's still distance between them.


Lol the girls "attempts" at recreating Japanese street fashions.


"This is funny 🙂 This is so f*cking funny 🙂" Amanda attempting to navigate Tokyo and read street signs while blind ❤️


Eva is completely lost :dead:


Ann & Eva bffing up again after running into each other and working together to find the stores :wub:


Amanda just went to one store and called it a day so she wouldn't get lost :dead:


Yaya going to get a kimono even though she only has 10 mins left in the challenge ❤️


Ugh Yaya can't find where to go and now she's late :(


Eva wins the challenge :wub:


"My strategy was find things that don't go together and look really stupid and you'll win. How dumb...do I look" :dead:


Eva picking Ann to join her on the reward despite the drama because there's no one else she'd rather spend the day with ❤️


"I kinda did the girls a favor because my non-presence there gave someone else the chance to win 🙂" :dead:


Eva & Ann winning fancy expensive necklaces for winning the reward.


Mr. Jay is such an unprofessional ASS


Ann's confidence is down going into the photoshoot thanks to Jay's "joke" :(


"CANYOUHOLDONASECONDPLEASE 🙂" Yaya struggling with the photographer going way too fast :dead:


Ann is breaking down at the photoshoot feeling like she doesn't deserve to be there


Eva is still struggling with building herself up without having to tear other people down.


Eva hoping Ann had a good picture because she doesn't want to see her go ❤️


Ann breaking down at panel against as the judges tear her to shreds.


Ann pissed after panel and calling out Eva for sucking up to the judges, which she isn't willing to do.


Eva is tired of being Ann's punching bag, even though she prays for her and roots for her so much :(


Tyra scolding the girls that they ALL need to step it up because no one's blowing the judges away.


Ann hugging Yaya & Amanda goodbye...


"Bananas :(" :broken: #Justice4Eva


Ann defending not hugging Eva and saying if she takes it personally, then they're not meant to be friends.


And then there were 3...

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Cast Ranking:


Following last week's episode was definitely a tough act to follow. This episode was an amazing conclusion to the Ann & Eva saga and I found the reward challenge to be very TAR-esque with the girls running around the streets of Tokyo completely lost (in a fun way). It feels like not all that much happened...but we've gone from 14 girls down to 4. Not much can happen I suppose.


1. Eva - I didn't expect this going into the rewatch, but Eva is making a case for herself to be an all-time fave rtv star. She is soooooo good this cycle! I love hearing Eva openly talk about her vulnerabilities and insecurities and struggle with building herself up and becoming a better person. It's hard to remember that she's only 19 here, she's still so young. That girl loved Ann to death and my heart literally broke when she let out the meek "Banana :(" when Ann passed over her for a hug goodbye.

2. Ann - When the episode ended I thought I was gonna put her last because I was so mad about how she kept doing Eva so dirty and using her as a punching bag whenever she was feeling insecure. But she put up with so much shit from the judges and Mr. Jay...I just felt bad for her too. I think she probably regrets the way she lashed out on Eva. Ann was still one of the stars of this episode and one of the stars of the season.

3. Yaya - Yaya continued to be in peak form tonight ❤️. While I enjoy laughing at Yaya's antics, I do feel bad for the way the judges are attempting to portray her. No one's putting words in Yaya's mouth, obviously she is a bit high and mighty at times, but I think the show is just a little too gleeful in portraying a proud and educated Black woman as arrogant. Ever since the incident with the hat, the show has been pretty intent on destroying her and that's sad. Knowing Yaya has won at life is making it easier though :wub:

4. Amanda - She had some fun background moments this episode, but obviously she couldn't even come close to comparing to the other three girls at this point.


Photo Ranking:


I hate this shoot. I think it was borderline(?) offensive and really gave some of the strongest models their worst shots. I think there were so many way to honor the culture of Tokyo this season during the overseas portion and they really missed the mark.


1. Amanda - Easy number one. This shot is far and away a million times better than the rest. Amanda's personal style and look suited the shoot really well. While I hate the placement of her arms, other than that it's perfect.

2. Eva - Her worst shot since the start of the competition. I don't hate the closeup actually, but I don't love anything about it either.

3. Ann - Another shot of her resting on pretty. It's not one of Ann's worst shots, but it's not that good either.

4. Yaya - Easily her worst photo of the competition. Her face is terrible here with her mouth open and her tongue kinda sticking out. I hate her one arm in the air...I like her legs though...? I HIGHLY doubt this was her best shot, they were just bussing her here at the end.

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