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Alex Rewatched ANTM


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20 hours ago, Deeee said:



I really felt so strange for such a long time because I never understood the Naima love from the fans. So glad that over time we can be honest and admit her portfolio is genuinely terrible outside of a few strong moments. I am also happy we can admit she is such a fake individual to the point of low-key hilarity. :dead:

I think overseas is where Naima shines the most, and I guess I'll see if that still holds true.


20 hours ago, Deeee said:


Totally. I think that my love for the cycle has certainly faded over time, but I think there are so many big moments and lovable stars that keep me hanging on. I think it is sandwiched in between two much better cycles, which definitely makes it pale by comparison.



20 hours ago, Deeee said:

At least the iconicity great Lubriderm shoot is about to happen. Five incredible shots + Keenyah as the elephant. :wub:

I'm so excited for Keenyah's overseas breakthrough :dead:


10 hours ago, Solaris said:

Kahlens episode 8 <3.  One of my favorite top model photos of all time. 

It truly is amazing.

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Cycle 4 - Episode 9 - The Girls the Lionesses Are Hunting


Brittany is excited because the Tyra Mail asks who was "born to be wild"


Keenyah admits that carbs are both her enemy and her friend :giggle:


The girls are learning to pose like animals lol


Brittany feeds the bear :wub:




In what world does Christina think this looks good :dead:


Modelesque queen!


And Brittany wins the challenge for her ridiculous faces :wub:


Tyra tells the girls they'll be posing with the animals (even though they're currently stalking them lol :wub:)


But instead of that, the girls find out they're going to South Africa!


The girls are getting frustrated with Brittany & Keenyah just joking around 24/7.


The girls are thrown into a culture dance and join them.


Safari guide: The hippos weigh about 1.5 tons!

Kahlen: Some amount as Keenyah!

:dead: :dead: :dead:


Lol poor Yoanna and this flashback to her back fat.


Everyone glaring at Brittany as they approach the lions because they're warned not to make any noises ❤️


Of course Brittany is chatting this entire time and the lions start moving :dead:


And we get a commercial cliffhanger as if the girls are actually about to get slaughtered on national television lol



Kahlen, Naima, and Michelle find out they have to build their tent and sleep outside for losing the posing challenge and not getting picked by Brittany :haha:


"Thank God I watch Survivor!" Queen of foreshadowing her marriage with Jonny Fairpaly!


The winning girls get to stay in luxurious accommodations!


The jacuzzi is overrun by bugs though :dead:


As are the beds!


Meanwhile the girls outside are sleeping comfortably :giggle:


Keenyah is filling up on breakfast, despite finding out she's gained 12 pounds since the competition started.


Mr. Jay tells the girls they'll be posing as different animals today!


Keenyah finds out she's the elephant :dead:


"Everyone else gets these cute sexy animals, I get to be the fat elephant" (Following up being Gluttony last week :giggle:)


And they get to pose with a crocodile :wub:


Closeup shots of Keenyah's belly as the elephant :dead:


Kahlen falls on the crocodile and runs away :dead:


No one:

Naima in the middle of dinner for no reason at all: Michelle, do you feel alienated? 🙂


Brittany's frustrated with Michelle and is tired of trying to make an effort to include her.


Christina giving us anger!


Christina giving us passion!


Tyra & Janice pretty much yelling at Keenyah to stop getting fat 🙈



Janice & Tyra teaching the girls passion :giggle:


F*ck off Nigel.


Lol Tyra telling Naima she forgot about her when she was driving to judging and thinking about the girls.


Michelle is devastated about being eliminated, but she's happy she's become more confident and has finally felt beautiful.


And then there were 5...

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Cast Ranking:


Nice to finally have a lowstakes episode again. Between childhood friends dying, Tyra snapping, deadly bacterial diseases, I'll take an episode where the girls get chased by lions to be one of the easier viewing experiences of the season. The Keenyah is fat storyline has started, and while it's problematic as f*ck, God help me I love it (and it's unfortunately true to the fashion industry). The change of scenery was nice too so yeah...I liked the episode!


1. Keenyah - Keenyah getting gluttony and then the elephant two weeks in a row is still so fndjsklfnasjldkfnajlk. Keep eating gurl! Good for you!

2. Kahlen - I think I may have been trying to resist letting Kahlen into my heard a tad bit...but yeah she's won me over 🙈

3. Michelle - Her edit literally made no sense. One episode she's too confident and the next she has no confidence. It was always something new with Michelle and I'm gonna miss her.

4. Brittany - We're seeing hints of her becoming the endgame villain of the season and I'm excited.

5. Christina - Christina's lack of emotions is actually funny.

6. Naima - How has (spoiler alert) the eventual winner literally not had a single storyline this entire season??? Nothing!


Photo Ranking:


One of the best shoots in ANTM history? Idk if it's necessarily the best shoot, but certainly one of the best results of a shoot. Legit every single girl DELIVERED here and each produced one of the best shots in their portfolios. It was impossible to rank because I genuinely loved them all. And I did enjoy the concept as well, even with the crocodile randomly thrown in there.


1. Christina - Idk if this is an unpopular opinion, but I LOVE this shot. Christina's pose is flawless to me. Every single intricacy of her pose works for me, even the pinky up. She's also positioned the Lubriderm perfectly to sell it. Easily my favorite Christina shot and one of my favorite shots of the season.

2. Kahlen - Ugh I kept going back and forth between her and Brittany and I'm still not confident with it. But Kahlen really became her animal like no one else. Her mannerisms, her face, her pose. It's an amazing acting job while still remaining EXTREMELY modelesque and selling the product. Love it!

3. Brittany - Brittany's back! What an amazing picture from her. She's got soooooo much length here, I love Brittany's height! I think she had a lot of tough elements she had to deal with and she's really working it. Probably her most high fashion face too. Flawless.

4. Naima - Yeah this is where Naima's really starting to breakthrough (even though I ranked her 4th lol). I guess to nitpick she's a bit too scrunched up for my liking. But like Kahlen, she really embodied the spirit of the animal. And I love her positioning of the Lubriderm! Great shot!

5. Keenyah - This shot is so underrated. While it's ridiculous Keenyah had to be the elephant, she still looks sexy! She also looks really strong and confident as well, which is tough given that she has to be an elephant as well lol. I think the pose is a bit safe and I wish she played with her angles a bit more, but this is also the strongest Keenyah's face has been in weeks.

6. Michelle - Ugh, I love this shot too and I hate putting it last. It's really sexy and really one of Michelle's best (in a quite strong portfolio). I guess my complaint is I hate how she put the Lubriderm on her butt. I just don't think it's flattering when she's trying to sell it. Still love the shot, like all of them!

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 4 - Episode 9)

So happy you are warming up to Kahlen upon rewatch and absolutely agree that this is one of the best ANTM shots in history.


My personal ranking of the shots:


1. Kahlen

2. Brittany

3. Christina - Very underrated shot and very flawless IMO.

4. Naima

5. Michelle

6. Keenyah

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13 hours ago, 1234567890 said:

I echo everyone else’s statements. This rewatch along with you is shedding light on Naima’s weak portfolio and personality. She really shouldn’t have won. :haha:


FINALLY. Remember when you were mad at me targeting Naima in the ANTM Rankdown?



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21 hours ago, Solaris said:

Naima is one of my least fav winners ever and these posts are reminding me of it.

I've still got a million more seasons to go, but she's EASILY my least favorite of the first four seasons so far.


16 hours ago, Deeee said:

So happy you are warming up to Kahlen upon rewatch and absolutely agree that this is one of the best ANTM shots in history.


My personal ranking of the shots:


1. Kahlen

2. Brittany

3. Christina - Very underrated shot and very flawless IMO.

4. Naima

5. Michelle

6. Keenyah

Don't get your hopes up for Joanie though :kissbye: :giggle:


Definitely a fair ranking. Really, it could've gone a million ways for me!


14 hours ago, 1234567890 said:

Cheering Rooting GIF
The most iconic moment in ANTM history. 👏

in RTV history! 👏


14 hours ago, 1234567890 said:

I echo everyone else’s statements. This rewatch along with you is shedding light on Naima’s weak portfolio and personality. She really shouldn’t have won. :haha:

Tiffany should've won, we been knew!


5 hours ago, Zoey said:

I actually can’t still believe Christina, Naima and Kahlen all outlasted Michelle. smh

I wouldn't minded having seen Michelle beat all of them 🤷‍♂️


5 hours ago, 1234567890 said:

Michelle’s skin eating bacteria. :dead:

Iconic :dead:


15 minutes ago, Deeee said:

@Alex95 can I petition to have you do like a final photo ranking for each season during your wrap-up posts? :wub:

Do you think I have that kind of time :dead:. Maybe I'd do like top 10 photos (but I also gotta keep some cards close to my chest since I'm doing an ANTM photos rankdown :dead:)

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16 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Don't get your hopes up for Joanie though :kissbye: :giggle:


Do you think I have that kind of time :dead:. Maybe I'd do like top 10 photos (but I also gotta keep some cards close to my chest since I'm doing an ANTM photos rankdown :dead:)


Your mind will change on Joanie. :wub:


I didn't mean every photo - I just meant like your top 10. LOL. But there is the issue of the rankdown, though I don't think anybody will be particularly vindictive? IDK. :dead:

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Better yet, no need to rank your photos so that you don't show all of your cards. But you could do a running season ranking! Really curious to see how these early, iconic seasons rank for you in comparison to one another.

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On 5/26/2021 at 8:54 PM, Alex95 said:

"Giselle annoys me the most, but I'm not willing to alienate Giselle because she's the only one in Tokyo with a straightening iron" :dead:


Truly one of the funniest things ever said on television. Elyse is the GOAT.

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Cycle 4 - Episode 10 - The Girl who Flops in the Mud


Wow, Tyra jumping on Kahlen's bed to wake her up, isn't she so ~relatable~


Naima opening up about her past about how she got into some Bad Things after her parents divorced.


Christina talking about how she doesn't want to be seen as the cold or reserved girl (I've got some bad news...)


Keenyah going for seconds at dinner the second Tyra left :dead:


It's time for go-sees!


Christina's pretty much doubled the amount of confessionals she's had all season within in the first 8 minutes of this episode. If I was unspoiled...I'd be very worried for her :dead:


Kahlen can't figure out how to open the door at one of her go-sees!


Keenyah & Naima get to a go-see at the same time and it's off to the races!


Lol Keenyah did That :wub:


"I have stairs like this in my apartment 🙂 *hits head*"



Christina being the life of the party as per usual!


Keenyah goes to war again at a go-see :wub: This time against Kahlen!


Kahlen decides to leave because she doesn't have time for this lol


Naima said f*ck the time limit, she's going to her go-sees :dead:


Everyone has made it back in time except Naima!


She's still trying to get into these go-sees even though they're all closed :dead:


Naima finally shows up 45 mins late!


Keenyah wins the go-sees!



They're salty!


The boring girls are glad all the fun is gone...I guess?


This is the crew I'd like to hang with tyvm!


Brittany is the life of the fancy industry party ofc :wub:


Keenyah regretting picking Brittany as she's stealing the spotlight :giggle:


Brittany clearly hungover af at the photoshoot :giggle:


The girls have to go kloofing to get to their photoshoot location!


The girls have to use the Earth to make their costume!


Brittany decides to just jump straight into the mud for her outfit :wub:


Kahlen's a mess at this photoshoot!


The girls are gonna judge each other's pictures at panel today :wub:


Keenyah dragging literally everyone's pictures :wub:


"I dunno what to say 😄"


Keenyah: I see dirty in her underwear :dead:


Oop Christina getting destroy with most of the girls saying she has the least amount of top model potential!


Oof I feel bad for Christina, getting DESTROYED at panel.




Idc that Brittany f*cked up the judging test, Brittany being in the bottom two after this picture is CRIMINAL.


Christina reassuring us she's not a cold and reserved person :(


And then there were 4...

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Cast Ranking:


I loved this episode! It's funny the episodes with the Big Moments, I'm finding boring outside of those moments (and simultaneously being entertained by The Moments and hating them). This episode was drama-filled because it was about the girls in the heat of the battle, not Tyra stealing the spotlight. Go-sees are always fun, and Keenyah ready to physically fight some bitches for them was amazing. And I always like when the girls have to critique each other at panel. It's the perfect way to stir the pot. It makes sense within the show as a modeling competition, and it's always gonna cause drama :wub:.


1. Keenyah - The #draggings she was doing at panel :wub: :wub:. Calling Naima dirty underwear? I died :dead:. Also winning go-sees after physically fighting two girls? A star!

2. Brittany - Brittany was effervescent at that industry dinner as she effortlessly stole the spotlight. And her horrific judging comments. "Idk it was good ^_^". Literally me judging these pictures sometimes lol.

3. Christina - I kinda love a girl they send home for being so boring :giggle:. Idk it's just so manipulative and funny because it's something I would do if I was a judge on a reality show. I felt bad for Christina because she was trying so hard to breakthrough and she just couldn't.

4. Naima - Naima saying f*ck this show and wandering into every go-see after they've already closed jknfjadlknfaskf. I love when a girl openly does not care about what the show tells them to do (and then wins anyway :giggle:)

5. Kahlen - Oop not me coming around on Kahlen and then putting her last 🙈. This episode reminded me why I do have issues with Kahlen sometimes, and it's when she acts so morally superior to the other girls. You're all on Tyra Banks dumbass reality show, none of you are better than each other! Don't worry I'm not turning anti-Kahlen, I just preferred everyone else this episode more.


Photo Ranking:


This shoot needs some redemption because it had potential to be one of my all-time favorites. I love the creativity behind it. It was such a cool and unique photoshoot that gave the girls a lot of freedom. It's a shame most of the photos sucked because I wanted to love it so much.


1. Brittany - Easiest number one ever and probably one of my all-time favorite ANTM photos. This isn't just a picture, it's a work of art. I would've just sent everyone else home and given Brittany the win right there for this picture.

2. Keenyah - Frankly I don't like the rest of the pictures, but this is the best of the worst. Keenyah looks really powerful here and I like that. Covering up her leg with the leaves was an incredibly dumb stylistic decision by her though, not sure what she was going for.

3. Kahlen - I used to hate this photo, but now I've warmed up to lukewarm on it. The deer in the headlights face kiiiiiiinda works for me, but not completely. I just think the pose is very uncomfortable and all wrong.

4. Christina - This photo almost works in spite of whatever the hell Christina's doing. The backdrop is gorgeous and I like the little headpiece she made. The pose is absolutely horrific though and just looks so lazy. Possibly my least favorite photo from Christina since her first one.

5. Naima - What is dis honey??? FCO? Idts. I hate literally everything about this picture. Her face, her pose, her styling (or lack thereof). Everything.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 4 - Episode 10)
  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatched ANTM

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