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Who was robbed tonight



53 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was robbed

    • Pia
    • Dana (this)
    • Cory
    • Gihanna
    • None

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Based on tonight? No one, but Gihanna was the better option

Based on last night? Everyone except Corey (sorry)

Based on their whole run? Lowkey everyone


Ftr I didn’t think Jordan was an undeserving save, my issues mostly come from the PVs like I said in another thread

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Dana and Gihanna deserved the PV this week (both Dana and Rachel were worse than last week, but Dana was better this week) and Gihanna has been very consistent since her KO.


Pia was interesting, but around the same level as Victor in general, and I really liked Corey, but he struggled this week (and Gihanna is on his team)

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Statistically, Gihanna.


For me, a contestant who was "robbed" ended up getting eliminated sooner than expected. I don't say a contestant was robbed if I liked them and they lost, because that's just an excuse to be angry about it.


Gihanna actually had a very strong IS performance and was the last to perform. That should have gotten her the win. Nothing more need to be said. 

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Gihanna❗😖  And, oh look, what a surprise, most of US feel the same, yet the votes don't agree...weird that it doesn't jibe.

Best voice doesn't win (the IS)... makes SO much sense 😕

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