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The Voice 20 ● Live Finale Part 2 - Winner is Chosen ● Discussion


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Just now, CaptainOggy6320 said:

Can Kelly just audition for The Voice, pick herself, and win already 😩

I mean it's not like we haven't had past idol contestants, or past contestants with a previous record deal

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19 minutes ago, Dany said:

Kelsea :wub:


Kenzie got a 1 line part :haha:


19 minutes ago, Anonnymoose said:

Kenzie in his perfect role as a background singer

Lmaoooo that was really such a waste to include Kenzie in that performance. :dead:  

19 minutes ago, mercfan3 said:

Kelly’s sound is the winner. 🤣

LOL Yes! (!) 

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Just now, Beyoncheyyy said:

Why do Kelly and Blake always get trapped into doing the dumbest skits 🤣 

John`s skit will probably be about his Welcome to Team Legend serenade, so it`s bound to be worse lol.

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