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The Voice 20 ● Live Finale Part 2 - Winner is Chosen ● Discussion


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13 minutes ago, Harmat said:

Not Bieber in piggy tails. Lol🤣


11 minutes ago, B-B said:

Justin’s haircut 🤮🤮

LMAO I am not sure what that boy is doing with his hair these days. :dead: 

10 minutes ago, pauwis said:

Peaches is my guilty pleasure

Mine too. :haha: 

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5 minutes ago, CaptainOggy6320 said:

First coach duet - Rachel

Second coach duet - Victor


I'm noticing a pattern 


2 minutes ago, Misirlou said:

Kenzie and Kelly are the next coach duet.

skskskskskk CaptainOggy if u a psychic....i swear to god

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Just now, TeamAudra said:

Has Cam made an appearance yet?

Not that I know of, I think they're gonna do a two-in-one Blake duet deal where he sings with one of his artists before he transitions to the other song.

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