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The Voice 20 ● Live Finale Part 1 ● Discussion


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Just now, FloorWax said:

That was Kenzie's best since his KO, imo. Credit where credit is due.

Agree. Not a winning performance by any means, but this is the best he`s sounded in the lives.

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Just now, holinessss said:

just listened to a snippet of victor's second song...it's gonna be interesting live for sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

is this victors awakening or is he gonna bore like usual

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12 minutes ago, pauwis said:

The way Cam looks at John. The way Kenzie smiles when he looks at Blake.

Tonight has me in tears

LMAOO yeah there are some major contestant/coach mistaken match ups this season. :lmao: 

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1 minute ago, Dalton Eduardo said:

Give Rachel the award for the "most improved artist" of the season. 

I agree based on blind -> later performances, but I think she was always this good, but she was just nervous for her blind, leading to pitchiness and overuse of vibrato.

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