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The Voice 20 ● Live Finale Part 1 ● Discussion


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Just now, rainbowconnection said:

How would things be different if Kenzie was on Blake’s team and Cam was on John’s team? 

If blocks didn’t exist, would the finale actually have king Corey?! 

Yepp but I think Gihanna might have gotten the PV just based on semifinal performances

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14 minutes ago, jus.vshn said:

Cam is freaking winning this show.

He better! 😢 

14 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

Cam giving a winner performance :wub:

He sure did! :omg: 

13 minutes ago, kclarkson1323 said:

They really don't hes on a different level

He really is. :haha: 

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Oooh wow I actually liked and enjoyed that Kenzie performance. One of my favorites from him. Liked that he showed more range in that too.


Still nothing compared to Cam.... but I'll give him his props.

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Just now, Harmat said:

Why's the stream so dead today? I only read during the commercials and usually I'm never caught up.🤣

cause Gih, Corey, Dana, and Pia were eliminated :haha:

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