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The Voice 20 ● Live Finale Part 1 ● Discussion


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Blake's a good singer, his songs just tend to be mediocre. I'm surprised they didn't do a thing for Blake tomorrow night, but it's nice of them to acknowledge it...and I loved seeing all those people again. 

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6 minutes ago, QueenCami said:

Is this the guy that covered Rose Short's "God Country?" He sounds better on this, he couldn't compare to Queen Rose on her hit! 



I loved Rose's version of that song. :wub: 

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Just now, Misirlou said:

They are definitely gonna pimp Cam now. They want their OG coach to win the 10th year anniversary season.


Yeah, we got our answer on what storyline they are going with. And then they are sticking Kenzie up first in the second round. 


Also, they keep calling him cowboy..and if you know Cam's songs...(And Jordan is a backup plan..😆)

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