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Caleb Kennedy officially no longer in the competition (will not be replaced)

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On 5/12/2021 at 10:14 AM, mytake1 said:


If they do bring someone back (which I doubt they will), the fairest way would be the person who had the next highest vote.


I don't think you meant it, but It's not smart to dog a contestant who is person of color, especially under the circumstances of why this conversation is happening.  He could be the next highest vote.




That poster never said anything about Arthur’s skin color? 

I think a lot of people were annoyed they let him come back when he already had his chance last year. I know I was. 



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11 hours ago, mrsvaledictorian2017 said:

Assuming there is still going to be a next season, I think an important lesson has been learned. The creators and producers of American Idol need to do a thorough background check on all of the contestants auditioning for American Idol next season to make sure they are actually interested in the show and  are not hiding anything that the public would not be happy about (Hannah Everhart, Cecil Ray Baker, and Caleb Kennedy). We should also try to prevent contestants from dropping out again like (Benson Boone and Wyatt Pike).

What happened with Cecil? I never heard that one.

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1 hour ago, holinessss said:

from his notes app apology (however sincere it may be) even caleb KNOWS how bad the optics were, so you (an adult *questionable*) can stop defending him

I’m actually not defending the behavior and the optics are clear. 

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I listened to his EP today. It's flying up the Itunes chart.  If you would have told me someone like Luke Combs wrote those songs and performed them I'd of believed it cause they are that good! This kid has mad skills. I think a Nashville label will pick him up eventually once everything blows over from this. His voice and writing are so above what so many signed artists are putting out today.

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