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AI 19 ● Live Grand Finale ● Discussion


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2 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Still not over S8 not ending with a Koryn/India/Kimberly Nichole top three like we deserved. :/

Ugh that would have been iconic! 😢 💔


1 minute ago, 1234567890 said:

I think people would prefer Chayce won on here. I know I do. :haha:

Exclude me from that narrative. 😘 

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Just now, Elliott said:

Vonzell, Syesha, Angie, sweeties… I’m sorry.

I’m sure they’d be more than thrilled to be grouped with someone with a #1 hit song, but maybe that’s just me 

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8 minutes ago, miss denise said:

Some of the songs performed by the guests are such random and old choices. :dead: 

Lmaoo yeah I feel like we've gone back to 2013/2014 with these guest performances. :haha: 

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