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15 minutes ago, David68 said:

Arcade by Laurence Duncan


It won eurovision

Aww thank you!

14 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Here for both 😍

omgg I had a feeling you would like Corey. But YAYY because he's one of my faves too. 😄 :haha:  

14 minutes ago, VintageVoice said:

To each their own, though you’re quite gutsy to say that on here.

Lol it's Elliott. He's full of gutsy and unpopular opinions. :haha: 

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Everyone this season has been really solid and super talented (probably one of the most talented group of artists in recent memory for this show), but I’m really missing that Desz “Don’t Let Go” style performance that makes me want to rewatch it a thousand times. 

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