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Anyone going to the Julia/Wyatt/Louis and Brielle Von Hougel Show June 6th in Staten Island


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17 minutes ago, jetsrule128 said:

I went yesterday it was a great show but Julia really screwed up making people pay for photos with her


Louie Wyatt and Cassandra Coleman were doing pictures for free 

Ooh, Julia wants to make some money. 😮

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Once, I went to a concert where after an opening act performed, I asked for a pic with her and she said it was only for "people who paid ahead of time"(Apparently it as raining and some people missed her pre show m&g but this was out in public in the lobby). She said I could get something signed though(aka a piece of paper in my purse). Then after the show, she had changed her shirt/took off her hat  and was taking pics with everybody. I thought that was totally weird..... She was very talented and that turned me off. There wasn't even a lot of people in that line. Never had an issue like that again at a show with an opener or headliner(and I've seen dozens and dozens of concerts at that one venue alone)


Shame on Julia.. Louis is from my neck of the woods and he seems like a real nice guy . Can't wait to see him hopefully soon. Also still confused on the whole Wyatt thing on Idol,lol

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