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Which Season from 18-20 had the best Top 20?


Which Season from 18-20 had the best Top 20  

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  1. 1. Which Season from season 18-season 20 had the best Top 20?

    • Season 18
    • Season 19
    • Season 20

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Season 18: Allegra Miles, Roderick Chambers, Nelson Cade, Samantha Howell, Micheal Williams, Todd Micheal Hall, Thunderstorm Artis, Arei Moon, Megan Danielle, Micah Iverson, Mandi Thomas, Cedrice, Mike Jerel, Zan Fiskum, Mandi Castillo, CamWess, Toneisha Harris, Todd Tighman, Joanna Serenko, Joei Fulco. 

Season 19: Taryn Papa, Larriah Jackson, Julia Cooper, Ryan Gallagher, Desz, Tanner Gomes, Madeline Conseour, Cami Clune, Carter Rubin, Ben Allen, Joseph Soul, Payge Turner,  Worth The Wait, Sid Kingsley, Jim Ranger, Ian Flannigan, Tamara Jade, John Holiday, Chloe Hogan, Bailey Rae. 


Season 20: Savanna Woods, Emma Caroline, Devan Blake Jones, Carolina Rial, Kenzie Wheeler, Gihanna Zoe, Corey Ward, Zae Romeo, Zania Alake, Pia Renee, Victor Solomon, Ryleigh Modig, Anna Grace, Cam Anthony, Pete Mroz, Jordan Matthew Young, Rachel Mac, Jose Figeoura Jr., Dana Monique, Andrew Marshall.

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I feel like we still need to wait for the lives this season to judge this, but I like this season's set of contestants the best. S18's Top 20 > S19's Top 20, but Sid Kingsley is my favorite contestant in the past three seasons despite feeling others have stronger performances.

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This season easily has the strongest Top 20 we've had since the new format in S18. While I'm not necessarily a fan of everyone in the live shows, I honestly can't say there are any genuine "weak links" outside of Emma and Devan. Everyone else I either like (i.e., Cam, Victor, Zania, Corey) or don't really care for but think they have some serious agency in their voting pool (i.e., Pete, Jordan, Rachel). I genuinely don't think there was a single genuine robbery in the knockouts.


S18 definitely didn't have a Top 20 to scoff at, mind you. Aside from Team Blake having the strongest live show team he's had in years, there was a lot of power, as long you didn't look at Team Kelly. S19, on the other hand, kinda fell apart during the Playoffs. Not a good round for that season at all.

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I gotta go with Season 20 on this one, i mean, i love or at least enjoy 15 artists out of the Top 20. (Yes, including the country guy, which is kind of a first, for me) 


This is probably the season i have enjoyed the most since Season 17, and, while i'm sure i will be dissapointed with some of the results in the lives, i'm glad that everyone on this talented cast got their chance to shine and show everyone their talent, and i will still follow a lot of them in the future

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