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If season 18 did trio performances in the top 9 what would they be?

Sachin Jain

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^ I would've loved to hear them sing together 




^ All three of them have cool, raspy tones




^ Leftover pairing, but I could see it

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Top 9

Allegra Miles // Joanna Serenko // Zan Fiskum (their VIBES and the slayage)

Todd Tilghman // Megan Danielle / Micah Iverson (country-pop)

Thunderstorm Artis // CammWess // Toneisha Harris (remaining trio, pop-rnb)



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R&B/R&B-adjacent: Toneisha/Cam/Joanna (Toneisha and Cam both have strong gospel/R&B influences and covered songs that fit in the R&B box, and Joanna is indie but the jazzier/R&B influences are evident in her stylistic choices)

Country/folk/singer-songwriter: Todd/Thunderstorm/Megan (all of them have voices with texture, with Megan having a lot of power where Thunderstorm is softer and Todd's in the middle between them)

Indie/Alternative/Pop: Zan/Allegra/Micah (Micah's preferred alt-rock lane fits better here than with the other options, Allegra's tone and song choices straddle the lines between alternative and pop, and while Zan could also work with Todd/Thunderstorm/Megan none of those three would really work with Allegra's vocals as easily as I can see Zan's voice)


That said, Joanna/Zan/Allegra together would have been 🔥

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