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Just now, Ptones2010 said:

This was another bad song choice to sing tonight...Victor is good enough to probably be safe, but this song isn't doing him any favors.

It reminds me of John Holiday. 

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Just now, Daillon said:

If there’s something I have learned from this season’s 4WKO is that Victor has the PV in lock.

that was a very insightful surprise of a win

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Just now, TeamAudra said:


Ryleigh my actually get the PV!




 perfect song choice and excellent performance


Something minivan will never ever vote for


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FYI in case y'all care which I dunno if you do, but Carolina seems to be doing okay! I usually worry for how the younger contestants do following elimination but she seems to be faring pretty well based on her post and she has a great perspective on everything.

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