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The Voice 20 ● The Road to Lives -- 10th Anniversary ● Discussion


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1 minute ago, Hamza Tufail said:

Not watching live but can anyone tell me what they have done thus far? Thanks in advance.

It’s the normal recap of each coach’s team, but with reminiscing about past seasons. For example, each coach talked about their first chair turn or team member.

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Just now, QueenCami said:

does anyone know where the thread is for the s19 road to lives? i'm trying to find it so i can figure out whether the order in which they air the people on here is correlated w anything for playoff results lmaooo

here is 18, can't find 19 



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1 - Dana

2 - Rachel

3 - Jose

4 - Andrew


(Notably, Carson said after two artists that they were halfway through Nick's team, though they'll likely address the 4WKO at the end, separately. We can keep an eye out for how they deal w the 4WKO members in this episode, though.)

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