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AI 19 ● Coldplay Songbook & Mother's Day Dedication ● Discussion


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Just now, Elliott said:



It's literally the most successful song from the second highest-selling (non-soundtrack) album by a female artist of all time. :dead:


Alanis is very popular with the primary Idol demographic.



A popular song is not necessarily a popular song on Idol.


What I meant by song that Idol viewers vote for are normally power ballads or songs that showcase their vocal and Ironic is neither.






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4 minutes ago, sublymonal said:

Perfect song choice for her. I still think she’s in danger but I think she would have been regardless. But I loved that.

I hope not. She's one of only two girls. Flashbacks of Just Sam. :dead:

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Just now, *Wallace said:

Wow Casey really loooked like a young Alanis. 😮 

I've been saying this all season.


This was the season of Alanis's legacy ❤️

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14 minutes ago, Solaris said:




He also gave us this



Ooh yess I loved this song. :wub: 

9 minutes ago, Solaris said:

Alanis and Casey, is Elliott alive?

LMAO I was wondering the same thing. :dead: 

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