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AI 19 ● Coldplay Songbook & Mother's Day Dedication ● Discussion


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Just now, QueenCami said:

Casey: A-

Chayce: B+

Willie: A

Caleb: A-

Arthur: B+ (ngl I high key wasn't listening though)

Hunter: B-

if not for the thin high notes + voice crack, this would be higher.

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13 minutes ago, Solaris said:

I will give her one thing, I am glad she showed restraint.  She could have completely oversung it, and I am really appreciated that she didn't. 

Yeah I agree. I think this was a performance she needed and a side she really needed to show.

12 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

Same. It was just below Willie for me. :yes:


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Caleb - Mediocre.

Chayce - Meh.

Hunter - Meh.

Casey - Not a good pick.

Grace - So boring.

Willie - Terrible.

Arthur - Whatever's worse than terrible.


Please never do Coldplay songs again, Idol.

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10 minutes ago, Elliott said:

See also: Adam's Ring of Fire and the ensuring war over whether or not it was a good performance. :dead:

LMAO The most polarizing performance in American Idol history. :dead: Curious what we're gonna do with that in the Season 8 rankdown  game. :haha: 

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Posted (edited)

Casey Bishop - Paradise (A-)

Chayce Beckham - Magic (B)

Willie Spence - Yellow (B-)

Caleb Kennedy - Violet Hill (C+)

Arthur Gunn - In My Place (F)

Grace Kinstler - Fix You (A-)

Hunter Metts - Everglow (B+)

Edited by sublymonal
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Wasn't a fan of some of Hunters higher notes but besides that he delivered a really nice performance. :yes: He was my 3rd fave behind Willie & Grace that Coldplay round.

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Just now, Solaris said:

They could have given us OneRepublic instead of Cold Play.  Ryan Tedder is worthy of my tv screen. 

Ryan did help write and produce Turning Tables and Rumour Has It with Adele. :wub:

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