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AI 19 ● Coldplay Songbook & Mother's Day Dedication ● Discussion


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Just now, Sept390 said:

He completely changes the song in a weird way


Shame, it's my favourite Coldplay song 🙄

Not a big Coldplay fan so I'm not familiar with all of their songbook. He sounded soulful? Like what more do you folks want...

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1 minute ago, idol_angst said:

I was wish Nicki Minaj was back JUST to critique that mess. "I don't know what that was or what I just heard ...GO, get off the stage!" lol 

Or literally any of the pre-ABC judges.

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10 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

One of Caleb’s best. I don’t think the producers want him here anymore because the judges piled him with criticism. 

Ooh I won't mind this.

10 minutes ago, idol_angst said:


LITERALLY the first time I've enjoyed him. lol. Oh well, I still won't miss him he goes...

Samee. :haha: 

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