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AI 19 ● Comeback Results ~ Disney Night ● Discussion


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1 minute ago, joe14 said:

I think this is it for Deshawn...it's been the same thing for weeks now and he's not among those that can get away with it. 

Yeah I feel certain he's going. :( I'm pleased he made it this far as I wasn't expecting him to get this far.

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1 minute ago, 1234567890 said:

If Arthur goes last. 🙂

angry beauty and the beast GIF

I think it's the order of the number...so 7. I actually think the two or so spots before the last are the best with this voting method. Grace is last

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24 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Why do the contestants pick the same songs every Disney week, jfc

Ugh same.... it's so annoying. Thats' a reason why I wasn't really looking forward to  tonight as I felt the song choices would all be the same usual ones. :yawn:

27 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

Caleb would sing a song from Cars. :dead:

disney pixar cars GIF by Disney

I'm crying at this. :dead:  

25 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Honestly this is live footage of me all day knowing that Arthur was returning, it was Disney night (when I hate 98% of the Disney songs) and one of the contestants I don't like was singing my favourite Disney song:


:dead: @ all of htis.


I'm curious what this contestant/Disney song is. Let me know when they show up with that song. :haha:  

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