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1 minute ago, idol_angst said:


I actually don't mind any of them, but we DON'T NEED ALL THREE OF THEM n the top 7. yikes 

For real! :haha: I can tolerate Chayce and Arthur.... but I'd rather have all of the 6 contestants eliminated tonight and 2 weeks ago lol.

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Just now, hazuki said:

the countrymen lol

There were actual decent country singers on this season!


...I think. Everyone else here hated Hannah who I liked, and Cecil was legitimately worse than Caleb, and Wyatt wasn't really country plus he withdrew so we can't blame the voters.

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Seriously, what Arthur did to "Remember Me" was a crime. He should've been expelled from the competion right away. I was going to say it was borderline disrespectful, but there was nothing borderline about it. Says he didn't watch the movie and proceeds to destroy the song and its meaning. "Coco" is probably the single best Pixar movie of all time, and it didn't deserve that.

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Just now, Elliott said:

Hilary Duff Laughing GIF by YoungerTV

Not sure what's funny lmao. I didn't mean talent wise, just the fact that season 10 was a slaughter fest for the women at first, but then two girls were able to make the top 3.

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10 minutes ago, Elliott said:

lol I don't dislike her :dead: And I can admit when a performance is good!

This is like when you give Jessica Sanchez props. ❤️ I cherish these moments!


9 minutes ago, miss denise said:

Oh show.

Lol what was this about?

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Just now, kamil24 said:

both Grace & Casey deserve Top 3. Hope they can both manage to squeeze in like Lauren & Haley

I could see Grace falling short. I actually think Casey has built enough momentum, but let me not jinx it. 

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10 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

I mean we all knew they would save Arthur for last. :haha:

Lol yeah same. 


I knew Grace and Arthur were the last two safe - so I knew DeShawn/Alyssa/Cassandra were all done by then.

10 minutes ago, ShortstopVM said:

Alyssa and Deshawn are both out. WELP. :broken:

So sad for them. :( 

10 minutes ago, idol_angst said:

Idol has an endless appetite for rasping behind a guitar 

They sure do.

9 minutes ago, Brick said:

America really is the WORST. I mean, what an amazing season that has just been turned into a boring WGWG snoozefest.

This happens every season. :haha: :yawn: 

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