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Just now, idol_angst said:

I wish Hunter had a longer season to work with it; he would be so much stronger with more confidence on stage. 

Nah I'm good lmao. A longer season would expose him tbh. He benefits from a shorter season cause he's shown his entire hand basically. This isn't much more he can do imo.

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Okay wow. I'm happy that Hunter decided to turn it into a ballad instead of trying to imitate the original (which Dimitri was amazing on; totally robbed getting sent home for that.). That was the best I've heard him and...possibly the best of the night? It's hard to say, though, because this night's been so stacked that "the ending that never should have been" might actually make DeShawn deserving of his trip home. Depends on how Grace does.


Well, except for John Baptiste, but he's just a guest star so thankfully we're guaranteed to send him home. :dead:

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1 minute ago, idol_angst said:

I'm not even a huge Grace fan but I'm gonna be annoyed if they saved all their critiques for again tonight 

UGH I would not be surprised. :rolleyes: They'll probably hate on her singing one of the newer Disney songs rather than going with a classic. :yawn: 

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