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Drag Race Down Under


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3 minutes ago, *Lily said:

Also I did not know of Rhys prior to the show but I thought he was a really great judge and good contribution to this season!

We can stop Ru & Michelle, but I hope he sticks around.


Anita, Kita and Rhys as judges with Elektra offering the funny side commentary >>>>>

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1 minute ago, Solaris said:


this poor show T_T 

Ru is mad he didn’t get his ~reformed racist~ storyline with Skkkarlet so he’s trying it again.

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Early thoughts based on promo shots and the Meet the Queens:


1. Spankie Jackzon - the names this season kill me.  I found her intro funny, and my favorite name.

2. Faux Fur - thought her MTQ was enjoyable.

3. Minnie Cooper - seems pretty likable.  I hope for a Charlie Hides moment.

4. Yuri Guaii - i liked their MTQ!

5. Kween Kong - another fantastic name.  I am interested to see what she gives us, I really liked her MTQ look.

6. Aubrey Haive - fine

7. Beverly Kills - Fine

8. Molly Poppins - Fine

9. Pomara Fifth - didn't really like what I saw.

10. Hannah Conda - Hilarious name, but reminds me of Baga Chipz for some reason.

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5 hours ago, *Lily said:

I actually thought this was a promising premiere! Team Kween Kong (who out of drag.. oh my god)

OH MY GOD.... I am in love!

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Pomara wasn't bottom 2?  My least favorite look of the week. Molly and Yurii were my favorite looks of the week.  


The title of the episode should have been Black Panties Gate.


I am obsessed with Yurii, Kween and Spankie. I also like Minnie.  I am sad Faux is out already, as I didn't think she should have been in the bottom 2. I had high hopes for her but Spankie needed to stay.

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  1. Minnie Cooper : Icon. Charlie Hides could never! The way she has no shame in speaking her mind >>>. 
  2. Spankie Jackson : I am obsessed with Spankie. She had a terrible week but I just know she will WOW us as the season progressed. 
  3. Molly Poppinz : Didn't think I was going to enjoy her but she ends being in my top of the week. Gorgeous look, also proving Beverly Kills wrong by winning ❤️ 
  4. Kween Kong Obviously. Also, I thought the judges were a bit too hard on Kween ; I have a feeling that she won't be judged accordingly. 
  5. Yuri Guail: Kinda like that she's a bit quiet compare to the other young queens. Also she had one of my favourite entrance look plus amazing runway look. 
  6. Hannah Conda I know there's controversy regarding some past comments but I really enjoyed this look. Plus Beverly Kills thought it was shit and the fact it was in the top ? Amazing. 
  7. Beverly Kills No denying that they're killing it in drag and out of drag. But the personality ?  Already that we need to deal with Miss Fiercialicious, and now we need to deal with you ? No ma'am. 
  8. Faux Fur: She seemed fun and I think she could have surprised so sad to see her but as Sola said, what needed to happen happened aka the Reign of Spankie Jackson. 
  9. Aubrey Haive: Yes, we get it that you only been doing drag for a year. But you better respect Minnie like Spankie said. Also Minnie was right that her garment wasn't that great and ill fitted. Next! 
  10. Pomara Fifth Who? 
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I am stanning so hard over Lucy Lawless.  I love her so much ❤️



1. Spankie Jackzon - so glad she survived last week, so she could give us the only great performance of this awful challenge.

2. Minnie Cooper - She looked amazing tonight.  That outfit feels like a BenDeLaCreme creation. She did a a decent job in the challenge.  Which is enough to warrent this placement. Go after Pomara though <3. 

3. Hannah Conda - good job, and second favorite outfit on the runway.

4. Yurii Guaii - rough, but her runway reminded me of a better version of Shea's three-in-one from AS5, with worse make-up. 

5. Pomara Fifth - I dlslike her so much (so this is going to be a reoccuring thing i feel), but I liked the prison guard.

6. Molly Poppins - meh

7. Beverley Kills - meh

8. Kween Kong - did she do the worst in the challenge?  Probably, but I am hopeful she can turn it around. Fun runway and killed that lipsync. Lipsyncing and the dancing was seamless.  Also got to own a classic Australian song.

9. Aubrey Haive - Just not ready yet in my opinion.


I am really enjoying this season so far, even though this challenge was rubbish.

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