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S20 Contestants that you 100% trust to deliver in the lives


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4 minutes ago, QueenCami said:

Cam, Kenzie, Dana, Zania, and Pia. Pia is in terms of pitch, whether or not her performance is as well-liked here depends on the style/song/genre she goes for.


3 minutes ago, AliXRose said:







For everyone else it's gonna come down to song choice and/or nerves.

Literally the same lists :haha:. Granted this one isn't disputed much by IDF


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I´ll say Kenzie, Cam, Dana and Zania. I loved Pia´s KO, and she could nail it if she gets a song like that again, but she didn´t fare well in her battle, so hopefully they don´t push her into that lane. 

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Kenzie, Corey, Savanna // Pia, Zania, Victor // Dana // Cam, Pete. 

They will do well and be solid vocally. If we like or not their song options is another question. In these people I trust 100%

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Dana, Zania, Pete, and Cam are all experienced performers I expect to deliver live. Kenzie isn't as experienced I say, but he's proved himself to be a terrific vocalist, so I'm counting him as well.


Honorable mentions to Victor, Pia, and Savanna (if she makes it)

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Corey Ward

Ryleigh Modig

Jordan Matthew Young

Pia Renee

Dana Monique

Victor Solomon

Andrew Marshall

Pete Mroz

Rachel Mac

Zae Romeo

Kenzie Wheeler

Zania Alake

Cam Anthony

Jose Figueroa Jr.

Anna Grace

Gihanna Zoe

Emma Caroline

Devan Blake Jones

Carolina Rial
Savanna Woods



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In seriousness:

Experience helps a lot and yall have been pointing out Cam and Kenzie, which is obvious so I'll just:


Zania and Savanna I believe can deliver if performing live, they are confident and don't let nerves overtake them. 

I love my girls Anna and Ryleigh, but Indie vocalists can struggle live, as seen in the past. Holding up hope they can slay though.

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By team in order from most to least confident (I'm hoping I'm wrong on some of them, and mostly the ones towards the lower end of the list could go either way rather than flat-out tanking):



Kenzie = Savanna > Corey > Zae > Gihanna 


Kenzie has several live videos floating around the Internet where he was just fine, and Savanna seems allergic to nerves. The others I mostly just based off age/experience pre-show with a dash of who might let nerves get to them.



Victor = Zania = Pia > Ryleigh > Carolina

The three at the top of this list all have strong performing backgrounds and are comfortable on stage under pressure; the other two I think would likely be fine, but I don't see that as being as much of a "sure thing" as the others.



Dana > Jose = Andrew > Devan > Rachel


Dana is self-explanatory. Of the others, I think Jose is less likely to deal with nerves while Andrew is less likely to be pitchy, but I'm not confident on either of those. Devan's falsetto is cool, but he could get overshadowed by others in a similar lane. Rachel's had a good growth arc, but she's young enough that nerves could get in the way + impact her sense of pitch.



Cam > Pete = Jordan = Anna > Emma


Cam, like Dana, is self explanatory. Pete and Jordan both have lots of experience and good senses of what their voices can do, so it's really going to come down to song choice. Anna is in the same vein, just with less experience (but that's expected given she's 15+ years younger than both). Emma's tone is pretty, but she's the most likely to have nerves do her in on Team Blake.

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3 minutes ago, TeamAudra said:

I wonder if anyone will do a “mostly likely to be exposed” thread. 

Someone already did, and I’m honestly not a fan. There’s no need to have that negative energy on here. 

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