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Flop Predictions S20


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Just now, QueenCami said:

... and snatches the PV from Dana, who sings "God Bless The USA," securing Rachel's spot in the finale while eliminating Dana from the competition!

Not gonna lie, Dana would probably still slay that...

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5 hours ago, KimberlyxKyla said:

i really wrote an entire NOVEL...


to begin the show, Emma, Devan, Carolina, and Savanna all stand on stage with Carson, awaiting the results of the 4WKO. after asking each contestant a question, Carson announces that the producers have decided, since 4WKO winners only have roughly a .003% chance of advancing to the next round, that the 4WKO is being scrapped. Carson then tells the contestants to leave the studio immediately and have safe flights home.


Team Blake:

before Team Blake’s results, Carson announces that both Jordan and Pete have quit the competition! Jordan realizes that he actually has not even the slightest desire to be on The Voice anymore, so he doesn’t even bother attending the results show. Pete was forced to choose between Body by Megan Thee Stallion or Judas by Lady Gaga for his PO performance, so he chose to leave the competition, refusing to give TPTB the satisfaction of bussing him again.

PV: Cam Anthony - after his performance, Blake stands up and balls like a baby. this sends a clear signal to his army, encouraging them to vote for Cam!

CS: Anna Grace Felton - queen advances by default! who’s doing it like her?!?!


Team Nick:

PV: Dana Monique - the old whites on Facebook TREMBLE with fear as Dana performs. they cry out “SCREAMER” and burst out in tears, overwhelmed by the utter slayage Dana Monique is serving. these minivan-driving disasters are so disoriented after her performance that they accidentally vote for her on the app! thus, Dana secures the PV through the help of Team Minivan. i love this for me!

CS: Rachel Mac - due to his questionable decision-making this season, TPTB decide to punish Nick, taking away his save and giving it to Blake instead. Blake saves Rachel, due to the presentation she made about him back in 5th grade.


Team Legend:

PV: Zania Alaké - no joke for this one. just manifestation😌

CS: No one - when John begins to reveal who he will be saving, he starts singing his world famous song, singing “you know i have to save ya!...” before he can finish, the contestants groan loudly. “we’re SICK of this dumb song” Pia says, as she, Victor, and Ryleigh run off stage in exasperation.


Team Kelly:

before Team Kelly’s results are revealed, Carson announces a SHOCKER sure to shake up the competition... Kenzie has quit the show! he is absolutely FED UP with idolforums referring to him as Jenzie Wheels, and he quits the show in a form of protest!

PV: Gihanna Zoë - queen comes out and annihilates a Beyoncé song! the coaches are on their feet, and the virtual audience is SHAKING behind their computer screens! before any of the judges can speak, Gihanna, remembering idolforums’ criticism of her blind audition and battle, looks dead into the camera and sarcastically asks “happy now, idolforums?”

CS: Zae Romeo - Kelly, secretly resenting Corey for absolutely eating up her song and spitting it back out during his KO, refuses to save him. Carson begins to ask “Kelly, which artist are you sa-,” and before he can finish, Kelly interrupts, quickly saying “i choose to save Zae.”

It's official, you're the king of making flop predictions because I am deceased 💀

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